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7-22- 14 Is It Fact Or Schmact

Jul 22, 2014|

We Learned There are No Kids Named Baywatch But There Children name ESPN And Lb talked About Reptiles Hummping

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now. They Hill Man Morning Show invites you detest your wits. Again still leads when I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watch that development capability. Well we don't know the chair was a whole period of Batman real students safe to eat diet full of facts she Max. The back smacks it. You win today you will receive a pair of fifth row tickets. Boyd WWE. Lives pool at TD garden on September 14. Hopefully no Malaysian airliner. Story lines like the one that is being criticized after the other night yeah America the way teachers yes I WWE tickets on sale right now at Ticketmaster dot com. And Jake is up first this morning hello Jake. Carlo yeah it helped a lot yeah. I'm good at it where you from. I'm from beautiful outward okay nice Jake there are. You know Jack. The beautiful lovely incredibly sexy Tracy Bingham is going to be in here in a minute. Portrait portrait. Yeah she's fantastic. Day there there are twenty do you children in America. That are named Baywatch. Fact or she map to object. Lou how America is or what's that ma. You know I let it. Sure you know it's not buddy. A huge huge do you believe there's 22 sets apparent senator tapped. I think it certainly has agreed I mean are wary when we we learned firsthand here in WA AF people name their kid any doubt that's I there are no way ram what do you think I had a 100% of you kitten in the name your kids. Apple blooms. In Orange. It's back on it is finish Mac I I could believe I would I believe that however there is less however where there are 22 children in America named ESPN. Now I'm gonna I don't. And I guess there are what jobs there are 22 children in the United States America currently named ESPN wears us and parziale. Hasn't been back and ask them get in here and aloe aloe Aaron. Yeah you're sorry Aaron. There where do you come from. They're caught Gloucester. And down there till it's about time for the NBA and yelled don't get excited when I say this up. The greased pole then twelve. Last month okay yeah I remember you are fit as advocates are. Aaron alligators. Have a permanently erect penis. Factors smacked. So. It's like Iran LB yeah yeah yeah yeah news. Geragos back some hour. Well I held I would just say yes for an and it periphery Al lizard here have been you know whatever type of animal their reptiles to sit around for millions and millions of years yes you have to go around I'll bet everything they do certain that if McCain knows that the biggest thing on a night on the planet on the field. Back and little the it is the fact. Not a bad problem and I have a problem hello Steve. Or. Where you from Stevens I already. The average person swallows. Eight spiders eight years the fact or she masked. I'll. Go low. I a rational fear a secret time he says she Mac pretty vague gelding why I know that we've talked about oral. In game we've talked about. The fact that you. Humans consume a certain amount of bugs yes per year right not specifically spiders graph that we eat you know bite when it is now leading a couple of pounds. A buzz between dance in parts and no life no veggies. All acts I'm. I'm gonna go on to go should Mac yes but anybody it but we do need a boat load into. Smack of you know is actually rule is that was actually an urban legend that was started by a guy making fun of bird like Carolina and yet the actual average this is comforting the average person will eat about zero spiders a Wally Wally flawlessly ordered during our during their lifetime. So that's good news.