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7-22- 14 Is It Fact Or Schmact

Tue, 22 Jul 2014|

We Learned There are No Kids Named Baywatch But There Children name ESPN And Lb talked About Reptiles Hummping

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. -- on your schedule -- WA AF dot com. And now. But -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your -- Again still leaves when I was in Bangkok Thailand and I -- that development capability. Well we don't know the chair was a hold period of Batman real students say it's dying to have facts she Max. -- Baxter Max if you win today you will receive a pair of fifth row tickets. -- WWE. Lives pool at TD garden on September 14. Hopefully no Malaysian airliner. Story lines like the one that is being criticized after the other night yeah America the -- teachers yes -- WWE tickets on sale right now at Ticketmaster dot com. And Jake is up first this morning hello Jake. Hello yeah it helped a lot yeah. Where you from. I'm from beautiful corporate okay nice. You know Jack. The beautiful lovely incredibly sexy Tracy Bingham is going to be in here in a minute. -- Yeah she's fantastic. Day there there are 22 children in America. That are named Baywatch. Back or she map to object. -- how America is or plus. You know I let it. Sure you know it's not buddy -- do you do you believe there's 22 sets apparent senator tapped. I think -- certainly has agreed I mean are -- when we we learned firsthand here at WA -- people name their -- any doubt that's I there are no way -- what do you think I had a 100% of you kitten bit invading your kids. Apple blooms. In Orange. It's back on it it is an issue -- I I -- believe I -- I believe that however there is less however there there are 22 children in America named ESPN. Now I'm gonna end up getting their I guess there are what jobs there are 22 children in the United States America currently named ESPN -- -- and -- Parziale. Hasn't been that and I think I'm getting in here and aloe -- Aaron. You are important sorry Aaron. There where do you come from. It caught -- And there -- it's about time for the NBA and yelled don't get excited when I say this up. The greased pole -- while. -- without doubt about last month OK yeah right right but you are fit as advocates are. Right Aaron alligators. Have a permanently erect penis. Factors smacked. So. -- -- -- -- -- LB yeah yeah yeah unions. Geragos sacked from our. Well I held I don't just say yes for and at -- very -- -- here have been you know whatever type of animal their reptiles to -- around for millions and millions of years yes you have to go around I'll -- everything isn't certain that if McCain knows that the biggest thing on an -- on the planet on the field. Back lol yeah it is the fact. Not a bad problem and I have a problem hello Steve. Or. Where you from Steven are all. The average person swallows. Eight spiders a year's Steve act or should act. -- Pro. I a rational fear I consider time he says she Mac pretty -- -- -- why I know that we've talked about oral. In game we've talked about. The fact that you. Humans consume a certain amount of bugs yes per year right not specifically spiders graph that we eat you know -- when it does not need to a couple of pounds. Buzz between man and parts of life no strategies -- all that so I'm. I'm gonna go on to go should Mac yes -- -- it but we do need a boat load into. Smack of you know is actually -- -- -- that was actually an urban legend that was started by a guy making fun of urban -- it and -- the actual average this is comforting the average person will -- about zero spiders are wildly wildly -- -- -- -- during -- during their -- So that's good news.