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7-21 Daddy Beat Down 911 Call

Jul 21, 2014|

Audio Of The 911 Call from A Man Who Comes Home And Found His Son's Baby Sitter Wide Eye and To Quite

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. This guy took matters into his own hands. When it comes to an awful thing that he observed the he had a baby sitter at his house came home. And the baby sitter the is a guy and his pants off mystery number one on at his pants down around his ankles and was apparently trying to do things out illegal and inappropriate nature. To this guy's kid yeah a lot thankfully he gets into the man town hall of fame because he. Beat the pulp Natalie. And it absolutely dead yet the babysitters eighteen years old his name is Raymond pro Lander that is in Florida Florida. Well part of Florida Daytona Beach she thank the the dad came home found Raymond trying to rape his eleven year old son. Beat the guy's face into a complete bloody message is he your mug shot it's crazy out throwing up her base the Canadian couple minutes. These have broken jaw one night totally shot is like lips are all messed his neck looks like brag Chara out dragged baby sitter admitted everything so dad's not going to be charged with any crime. You're allowed to beat the crap out of somebody I didn't get you are Erica here's the 911 call the father made after a cat sick beaten up again. Now 11 I just look at our record in the western. And our god given a bloody part of what you right now officer corps. It won't go case there okay saint Sabina must wouldn't electing not walk into it and how he had. Can't build a bit cricket captain what question sir I look if you love that you. A series a case to understand is viewed on an Alley oh absolutely not here and I knocked out on the floor or got drug and an illiterate. It's okay side. Okay. Safe right now get. Out of overloading your goal. They are out on a way to change it personal assault he's he's not he's. You must use all the gap and a lot of agony and didn't. He's going to be what when he visit our market in my court. Okay no I don't know at any point at anybody. Absolutely out there were six planes just what you got not so intense well. I just know what I walked in thinking grow quiet back had a great Marc Rocco and a walk in the bracket the look office space that's Sutton and wrong. Whoever it was going on in he stood up and pesto are the political and nothing else you'd be set when I saw it. I knew what was going on and it didn't have had a right to expect and didn't tell him what they're lucky boy but I love my daughter. Out of. What is it official Charles his that it is made staying conscious eaten or. Yes. I don't hear me and Patti what a great group of certain that I am. Not. Are off super polite if you can't think I was just seeing exists there and using shock. But just Chinese title now to help me if you can relate to that he had a nice taco you bring home from the Taco Bell river and Bryant's attorney is now. Analysts tomorrow. Eloquent and says bring up come on over and scrape them out. I proceeded he's trying to pocket police thought and I proceeded to then beat the crap out of but I. It for a day and it and a berth is Florida so nothing happens to the guy if it was here in Massachusetts the got to be charged with light you know. On on willfully harming a person who's society had driven by who committed. Carol acts because of bullying and young age that would be. Now appear to be more protected than the target exactly. Here's the text that says although it's a disturbing it's a circumstance quite possibly the best 911 audio out there yes. Here's a 508 taxed. I didn't bother asking any more questions is such a bad ass line that guy is my hero youth send the paddy wagon that person loves that the battle line. Other guy gets on some. It lines are you guys is that he's at a critical I don't like he's an icon but not a doubt upload Obama. But does that look pants still around and then the best noises via our. Every guy you think Texas is he still knocked out Medicaid I love when he takes it to second he goes into every artery or desert. Hold on let me check this text there is correct. When they refer to Linden in myself they say that taco would have never made it home never to have you here you know been gone in the car who come or even you can't lower. I scored it one time not right exactly I don't want yeah fox as I sat down my box of dark red box that tock of my one remaining six branches since October thought a that is does your grade I give my hundred million and I are not current idea. In my guess I would kill I would of killed again yeah you right. You know and he can hear you can hear the seniors in his voice you know he's I love my daughter too much you know in a huge problem wouldn't and a million million pounds. I'm Perth vitally text delights the line recess I hit cards that are yes when I finished third he's using scare is very polite respectful is a very polite followed days. Derek Greg yeah so that's sort of you who I yesterday and oh. There are currently have the police chief down Matt what his opinion what they'll all saying you know what would you don't know what it says don't. That that which you are the volumes are but yeah I was finally picked up on it. The guy won't he won't do it again a ban. The public attacks or likes when he says they might wanna bring an ambulance yes and an ambulance he's gonna need it. He's given me wondering this and now. Arizona jail last night against him. He is gonna have a tough state. And the law the it's been tested a lot of dollars and blocked and now they're back yeah yeah who. Eight. It is seven and 27. On the Hill Man Morning Show. If you wanna be on this morning years the number or call 6179311. AA. You wanna text the WAA. Ira motor group tax line is 97107. And can you can you guys weed out or post that audio on FaceBook. Yeah yeah we can what can I guess I'm reminded that I guess I do ya get hit again until the next break sop it up and nine outlet the old weeded out a letter this text relates when he said. That there were no weapons involved yes that's stretching and let's there's a built as the great. There's been put it caught up loans and. This. Is Jolie yellow jelly. More thought went dubbed jelly. However reiterate what thirty witnesses are yet mr. Hamdan mr. BC yeah well I have a couple holes. Well it's he's Sergio.