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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 7-21-14

Mon, 21 Jul 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with the help of relationship guru Lydon Byers.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. And on your schedule that's WA AF. -- -- a guy will spend an awesome weekend with me and then I don't hear from them all week until the weekend again. Is sex only good on the weekend. What do you what went went one it's not what is what is the time. So I don't wanna break it to you it's a -- Mary is that why a day there's what there's one thing -- you know the big guys in the mariner got a girlfriend yeah. War. -- to travel. So you know it's it's -- you know weekdays -- -- if she lives like an hour and a half away. And -- that travel back and forth it's such is no way you can do you know I mean -- where you give out awards you know -- com. J. J. Hardy -- close to an -- to some I'd love died in many are banged on an hour nap taker -- -- idea of -- -- -- -- and that's like 2 in the morning. You gotta be at a bail on the alarming and on its necessity you feel like. Crap. But the stock but it -- it just I enjoy the weekend and just enjoy it not only the fact that he's got a job done and get -- don't know paint which taking out on the answer. On Newport. Do however. However. I have begun to notice that he has the annoying habit. -- -- haggling for everything. It doesn't matter what it is spot -- -- oil change nose at the mall. He always asks for a discount and I'm embarrassed by. That is not the worst in Dayton achieved prayer. They're all day every day he's the -- Senator Kerry we always got to get some gas that -- 37 he only three for the I 365. In -- and I don't get gas here put your money honey we'll make it -- trying to get sent a carpenter -- -- going to be pushed for a camping down the road so good she changed him. In and Manning yeah. Can't change -- -- a chance to know about her life changed your life. No real idea and you know what's great is cheap guys trying masquerade and yeah you know and get out there -- -- -- -- -- is that more couples -- for dinner and there everybody chips in and name and then he and his idea about being generous -- you know. Other south out of my current -- object cache and then. I know I promise I I'm not definitely the 3030% to. Sign the card -- -- Why does my boyfriend by me boring gives for my birthday he just brought me a car apart from my bird well. Would you rather ride the bike to work from Atlanta spirit guy right but you tell it well you know what what should -- all it. That's a dear you know which one I love you trying to -- nice for the Little League. Get her kitchen appliance now. You know yeah EU move into new -- -- condos no dishwasher Lindsay come home with a brand new 600 dollar Dali -- do you locks dish washing blames it on it'll give you an orgasm what do you do really feel really this is what you got me for my birthday. And might just be yourself a -- what I would do it just go jury that -- gambling guys within that would've -- might get who cares -- -- executed at the my fiance always checks his phone right after we have sex. It is the most insensitive thing. I would like to hold each other he finishes gets up and checks his -- I feel like gulf war why men do that. Don't feel like a war -- as you'll you'll you all are in the OK but we respect act. In the bedroom it's always OK no you know you know what the phone thing now is is it phones -- an addiction. And you know you know -- people people are addicted to the phone you know it -- would you rather re arm and fire the button. But -- I remember causes those daisy on the guy lights up to cigarettes and perhaps one little area. A good session you one of the big fan engagement ring he's probably chicken working emails got to work I don't -- equally as the -- please. I hooked up -- -- random Saturday night. And after. After we had sacks. He got up and got fully dressed in sweats and a T shirt and came back to bed to sleep. I would like it if you would sleep naked -- why would he do that I don't know I can't sleep with clothes on -- yeah. Armey RKE wanna be a glass half full that was he does have sex with schools aren't as arguably maybe he's not happy with the way it looks naked. I just think I think if they don't -- keep lectured on during -- I don't know what this is guy's guy needs its it's a habit it's that it's how you feel like I have to be -- conducts makes me feel the most comfortable to fall asleep Eaton. In I don't you know -- I don't even get how people can like -- having all populated throughout. Heidi when eighties he -- all jammed up there and didn't recognize it and wanna you wanna relax just -- flow. We are going. Inside the simple -- mind if you're a woman. And you don't understand how the brain of the mail works text your question right now. Who 97107. That's the WA AF -- motor group text line. I LB why is that every time I try something new and bad my boyfriend wants to know where I learned. Support this I think the idol I've never understood guys needing care you know I mean how great is that there then -- the -- You start out you have the strategies like Jack hey. -- well let's try this summer all MI side pin my foot up against the headboard -- -- -- comeback kid about the apparent but I heard it on day after some of the signage. So is that my buddies Jack. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Jim Jones gave up America or not. I made out with a guy Friday night at the legal Booth to call my house. The great spot wall we were kissing he'd worked in my mouth who does this. That their -- We have you know that's the -- -- are OK okay beggars can't choose but there. -- -- make -- question you know come down try to hold it back and then you seriously it it's there you do -- turn away Afghans. Living in a game and you you can't beggars can't be -- Hewitt for dinner at a nice -- You know -- -- lobster Mac and cheese with the seafood tower and the -- Mac and and or some -- I think this. The last couple little -- that went up there I'll hook up with a dude with candidate yeah. Exactly while -- and then there's not announces it's gonna food bird there's not the wars in -- and he'll burn off while I do a couple of guys you know that the shots there. 617 taxed. LB my boyfriend wants to have a threesome if I do one time forum will he wants to still keep doing it or will that be enough to get it out of business now if you want to when it's hot topics. -- -- Why would you know what you should have quit because you might like it more -- I can do it she also wants to know will his feelings change about me and our relief. That is the one thing that always happens with the threesome in either there's no middle ground it out you don't ever say -- allows you that was okay then it's either -- yet you love it or he snaps and he gets jealous -- -- that. Guys think they wanna threesome and then when they're watching you know and year actually being pleasure better than he's ever pleasure you big problem in the guy's ego man you know just also all the bad -- -- problem Eagles soft can't -- back documented again and again he's older and crime and -- -- corner of the -- all you guys. -- That's good I just found out by accident that my husband bought himself a Rolex. He said it was a gift from work but a friend of his accidentally said something about it. I'm really bothered that use our money for a big purchase and didn't discuss it with if. Well what do what do you want it. What's on your -- -- what do you mean if you want a new car yeah you wanna be what you wanna do on a cruise. It done one guru are inclusive down. Kitty a guilty to guilty went into -- gathered there for ten G10 -- watch but I mean she watched. If he's working hard making his money does he have to approve every single perch here is -- -- -- Mair editor that said boyfriend out no argument as -- Well yeah I'm if they're saving towards Simpson and you know if any -- -- -- in the world that I don't think you can't obviously their finances -- and I didn't want to percentage going to be -- 1% and accurate otherwise you know he's got -- when you're right we don't know yet to take the pain. We're going inside the simple -- mind as we always do on Mondays at this time answering every question the ladies have about men. Why does my boyfriend asked me wall we're doing it am -- the best -- what happens if I sacrificing. Know -- Q I have a lot it's awkward when you you just lie you little -- but that's okay weren't given -- our -- and there you better attack me on the back I don't care how it feels. Being married you want you you want bigger battery gets some on the side and don't talent the guys seems kind of insecurities asking all the -- not -- are you guys always do that how was it how in my column -- -- -- -- and coming from the biggest Tommy and the best you need to throw my husband refuses to hold my hand or hug or kiss in public. -- -- why don't PDA for reasons why don't men want to show publicly that they love their life that's not the point that you don't want cares I just I view that's one of my favorite things. What woman on the planet things when they're walking down Newbury Street that it did you at bottom hold your hand everybody on the -- McGraw. -- Couple we've looked so there are still in love you could just. Jeff how we want to remind you that's what's you name is solid yeah well I'm sorry I certainly golden -- -- 6000 dollar bet amazed how you connect your hand right down this area well kind of I have to I don't. Over -- -- I -- marriages later handed out pocket run it down. Are you have to hold my boyfriend 52 times that it doesn't do anything for me when he does something to mine near Apple's past. I'm not sensitive there. Yet he continues to waste time on number one. Me likes it yeah I think it's not bothering you the look. It's fun and I let it -- -- -- and actually I'm just glad -- only get it -- it's that physically uncomfortable -- -- -- one -- it veto if it doesn't do any thinking in London. And it got a funny. A blast a looked at my boyfriend always pacts with his college ex girlfriend he says they are friends and I should stop being so jealous -- think they're just friends LB. -- it's do again against aren't a lot of alive these people had these ladies always get it in on their -- every other room Monday or so -- you can't let the black. The black book -- -- because -- proof is in the putting more than 50% of relationships and up. Not in relationships. And that what am I can do when your car I specified gas piped all my might. Previous checks -- weren't quite gotta I gotta I gotta start clean with a -- and on and beyond when I was -- parent I was corny tune -- 32. I guess trying to get back in the game right pain in the ass via the black book. -- In an emergency. What's a good food item that can be used -- -- Are you really who doesn't who doesn't know that. At the end doesn't know about it. -- -- -- -- The you know the warmer it gets everywhere the more Lumia eight -- and sorry that don't know it's great he's another guy sugar and I. Sugar area in and each hour in him. You may get a pivotal natural shining thing now after yeah bill do you do do a limited engagement there. What you're allergic what are -- my allergy. It. You I was used frequently with. It. Why do boy least think I want to their gross saliva all over my ears and neck while we're making love plot because those stupid sex books in Americus. -- that it would would demand the mademoiselle magazine. Taking a dump Reid and told me that you guys get aroused by second your clubs -- -- acute knack -- -- -- most arms was to give you a little bit of a scratchy scratch in the bat him. Everybody's minds before -- kitchen. Alan -- everybody's -- and olive oil. Lower coconut and out not gotten again despite being what well if you can finally play on a sex life and who see their debts with teeth seem every time. There is -- little PR and jam revealed strawberry bloodied. And ocean and the -- maybe some. Robberies costly substance or every some whipped cream. On the -- this canister every whipped cream. I didn't. I think I say good I think they say the best for last this morning. A guy I dated for three years and was super attracted to just reached out on FaceBook and asked me if he could have a pair of my underwear for -- keepsake. Do you think actions that have. -- outside the box and have some politics is battle in the National League trip and wrote this is your sense. Know that rose -- it to -- and everything. Melissa -- I don't know I don't know some in the sell her underwear to -- online suite and on the money don't know if you or is it brings me I was -- older are due to her DNA on a piece of fabric. No. No Colin yeah wants one for his collection highlighted how worried that you feel you -- -- you gotta get a guy you gotta keep minute bit east of each. McCain yeah. I'm thinking what he's graduated he might be -- amendment Manama. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah that's pretty eagle with a little cereal or anything bad my cockpit -- out. It's what the name bottom hookup that it championship agent after every every -- -- Omaha.