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Hill-Mail 7-21-14

Jul 21, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the weekend.

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Yeah they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'll its online and on your schedule at WAS. Oh are also wanted to mention the guy now. Each unit to iron to talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazil and skilled man up. On WAA. Staff Phil well. Props to you today by the city of lasting credit union choose the city of busting patty and for all your lending needs including mortgages home improvement loans and home equity loans. Just visit their website city of Boston CU dot com. That city of Boston CU dot com and am outlast number 403469. Equal housing lender. And here are the very best hill mail messages of the previous couple of days. Fighting more than good morning he had. How are going out why that's. Why they act. And the industry. We should do it may be considered playing in the of slapcast Friday messages on Friday and what is it about half a I mean I don't give a false sense of Wednesday it is no I mean or while that might be this little irony best day to play those. Saturday 1101. AM. I Kate Kate yeah numbers aren't it's a good thing that happened to reconsider. I thought I think for normal day you'll keep your feet Democrat they read it couldn't sell. And this message listen there's only one person who does the case you aren't you know but yeah public that. His body is missing missing taken from the ward. Probably probably the life has slowly raised Kenya and writes yeah outlining the cowboys in life and in depth yeah. It just mock images suggest that we talked about it the reason why. You don't wanna it'll. People fighting over your money you need people fighting over who's in possession of your body. We're in honor of that guy we're gonna play bodies right now by downing whose veteran people let the bodies on the floor about. I mean it's just really. A coming up next. Funeral for a friend but I Elton John I can't have a funeral because my break and body is not in the morgue anymore I had gacy case of I'm married gay and top priority areas of them did reach for the stars keep keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars and I had Casey case of where's my freaking body. Can I get and I'm Ballmer over airlock. Support guy right here and excited. Yet cremate her racquet did you read all the people can't go way. And they narrowed 22 AM. They've been ordered ordered got a broad spectrum I attention mug. Would in the bucket truck well okay it's unbearable Luke OK well here or not they don't count up. And that's not a rational fear that audio. The hot air balloon hitting the power lines and Clinton now is terrified yet it's that the band he's mentally. And hotter and care now why would anybody going one now there's been four deaths in them since may. Where people hit things when they're they clearly can't can control of things you know. And is shown and show me your hot air balloon pilots license. Well LB I think you have to be I what is their does it affect my service to our certification and England I think you have probably have to be licensed. And you know. It's. Probably night hollow. And up nonaligned. All right yeah Abbott column and one. You know. Is not the right here. Holy Moly. Call 911 I'm filming bright red I'm a backup thanks for caring it. Caloric. But I get this on video you you you you and to call for language I don't want a that's Sosa people here's. All law every morning you're here let's apply. A little creepy. And brought it issued an irritant America. How. Bart it bears today giving it a. No they re. They replay the old ones it's not like when Casey started today to get ill they say in hey can you put out and he worked it worked. What are. It yeah no he's they replay the old ones. Pretty good job of that jam in the guide basically he basically invented. The creative tease you know if you listen to on. He's always like coming out. I signed by a woman who came over on the boat from the era in 1927. And got the idea for the sun. Based on what any animal did or on the boat and not knocking listen to every single commercial I'm now on when you when you get back cavities right yeah. Yeah you like once that's actually not that I'm now you can meet the find out what that song is the case she showed why he's come back. Unbelievable. And they can hit before and. What was I don't know I thought it in Lubbock and blue that good and I got recruitment both. It's aimed at being looked and I don't know I know. And that message through. This is WA AF and WAA FHD one less robust than WK AA FN WK FHD one bra that Boston. So what I mean what are the Rask he's what are the rust he's trying to do are they trying to start war world three years they just. That is don't care towards some flex some muscle couldn't just does whatever you want to send a rocket launcher over there to take. Random planes now wouldn't get that thing back there at. I mean I mean the families of the people or on the planet I mean it. Would you would you grab a downtrend go to Russia it's issued shoot to close out now I'm out of plans nineties and now that they don't ever get outside some to be dead into circular. I thought about it and as they couldn't get the bodies back they're finally getting the bodies back now evident is that the Ukraine their values are gonna release the body and it rotted for three days than like jammed animal haphazardly into body bags and Truman of refrigerated train are battling and god only knows at what temperature it's refrigerate it's probably like the food danger zone now it's just I mean nightmare commitment. You know and then the black boxes that we're gonna release those. I mean. You know house somebody needs that we need to apply some pressure yeah you know idea. He's weak it's always America could someone else please step up are they are allies with China you know. I'm Russians yeah of course there. I know who I mean they don't like Kelly yeah is that there. They don't necessarily love each other but they're both Communist nations I mean you know there's I anger leg obese and somebody else that we can't do it. But who what other superpower is there aren't any others. There are. I mean you know it's I thought the silos in it's bring back the warheads it's up to odds. Or glue sticks to land. Hundreds prospector kind. I thank you drop a problem aren't where we can how these. I'm Rick and I don't think that Eric MP tactic start wreck I'm Mary. And that message. Another big day for market basket the employees are always texting in and want us to mention that they want their CEO back yeah. And so today they're gonna have another protest another protest suited and now they're calling for a boycott of market that NASA press yes the outlawed state reps it's the charges led by air now theory Feingold would Berry is in what is there amateurs from where you want with what they would it would meaning he's leading the charge. Broad to they drafted up AE an open letter to market baskets. Management's over the weekend lot of legislators are signing onto it happened Saturday that one immediate boycott and market basket supermarkets. They stand in solidarity with the employees who are. You know supporting our strategic Melissa after his firing. They say that you know it's sixes corporate greed is not a good thing. The statement did not urge any specific actions by market basket management but Barry said we want shareholders of market basket to listen to their employees. Or willing to lose their jobs to stand up for what's right. Well honestly I'm not sure what rule. Did government plays an excellent way it would what is. It will run business right is that this yeah and certainly the board voted tomorrow yup it is the other members of the board that's family right now some are. Here's the deal the guy is that Arthur ass who got voted out. And a ours are keepers is yes Arthur T. I think our Turkey. Everybody loves again right clearly equally. Clearly like myself a great boss that people of that I work force so the other guy and is you know it is that they don't want them. But but but I don't believe the rule of Barry Feingold and government is to force that accompanied. Did the right to do what they want right because there in government right I guess I get I get the employees for him and credible that's great people. RV yeah at Daniel Robin I wanna sit down after Russia and that's an idea guy and his idea. That do you obese or this amendment on that case I'm not sure I and I got a call. Feel free to I mean feel free to tell me if you feel differently but I'm not sure that seventeen. Of our elected officials on a bill calling for a boycott on anybody's business. I don't know. I you know I know buries a listener of the show and now. And he's pretty good guy but I don't know that that's the right role for government to be playing. Team AM. I read up that. What I came this city rural Kenya are growing yeah. You don't want to let us or does it does suck this here we go here's LB telling you they're going to be and frankly I look at the city's second in the US after a grandmother that's been there ever a decent here. Thanks 23 and warm. And when there's nothing exciting ever happened to Clinton out Albania crowd. And that's connected to the Clinton good spot it is a great citizen to eight great place to visit. Their attitude yeah. Great did you ever notice that this tightly if you don't call right mark one calmer more and seek to have the open the phone still in its. There right now you can easily. The Eric I learned it themselves. Don't get to. It's you don't know how much sir videos and anywhere that I have toll sink into the generals out there right yeah. This is WAA have been WAA FHD one last robots then. WJ AF and WK AF Ph.D. one Brockton Boston. Here's a Texas says Garrett is just concerned that this market basket thing is going to interfere with the sale. Of the market baskets. The move was pizza though that is considered by many to be the best that there is spot at bats like in the Mac advance that at that. And I am Hispanic the best that you can GAAP follows the rule. I wanted to. Or the employee I doubt politician. Trying to Graham Democrat greed and been going on or eight Berry are timed and import not got any sports car. We want. Until bury you go yeah I understand that you know. No actually you don't ever want to reelect him but. If you're not if you want. I am in boy. They thought they talked about how they EO. Both good and we don't eat it. Because we are stronger than any other Iranian. We don't need politicians. Don't we stick together. Are. Our powers but the fact that we're right and well will do right there are. I mean. There aren't you know I don't know why everyone thinks the cart simply stupid you all very Smart people in development jobs are. And one we understand put out into prewar yes and they also note that you know I she. Is no doubt about it wants to grow the are perhaps. Well a lot and I shall you. Eddie Eddie you know they're out a lot of property. The only way to catch the outlook as well I'd up the rock solid property rights. But Steve I think it's you know first of all government should not be. Yielding their power. To settle a dispute in business say the government should not pick sides and something like that. Well I I agree 100%. You know it it it's really an issue it's an issue over. The direction that the business is going to take one guy wants to keep expanding the business and is a great guy and wants to take care of employees the other guy. Or do you guys as he just alluded to you on they wanna take more profit out give it to. Gambling it's etc. that's essentially how that's my understanding of the situation. And sell. I don't necessarily think that is the that it's that I imagine if you're on the other side of things though in your business. And all the sudden the government comes out and says yeah completely right into the bogus bit you know bogus now. Six. 44 and again. Hey you know they have. Why compromise under beatle argue. My job back now have come to panic. The treatment of order the order on. Great. And at that nuts spaz is having a girl Danielle went to the gender revealed yeah many people think that's justice. After beach creeping and are you smarter than that they shift there and are you owe you lie and you know a lot of them they don't it's they think it's fate that he had a daughter you know I mean. I you know I love the little man and I hope everything works out perfectly but. I know the little man and a and I and execute some sort of weird crush on me in my life what we've seen lately because I'm the masks and the myth than memory in front of his face fried anytime he's not falling you know I mean multiple wives multiple kids it's not going nowhere OK I can apply for asking me the I. Ask you probably get one of the bachelor your face. She's crazy idea in mind that could. Every patient who exactly judge she nudges you mentioned that Al he's done. I have an I have somebody that I might be your eyes fixed I'm hoping it died seriously ankle. I think she fears are alarmed draw on usable but there's none from none of those the first thinks that the athletes you any when I watch anything case again I haven't and the Kennedys and the most emotionally. Yet they'll get beat up the scarlet Knight gonna nose down million and a list of oil and that'll be that would be enough Pomona. You have your lights get kicked and hit it in the coming up. We're gonna go inside the simple mail mind some great questions today if you're a woman. And you don't understand the guy that your wins or the guy that you liked the guy the EU's the width one ever. Just text your questions to the WA AF Ira motor group tax line it's 971 on seven and LB eight. We'll help you out he will answer on behalf of all men. Where it's simple brains so that is coming up in just a couple minutes of great questions. Today. I am now or excuse is your wife has been used yet. Did spend that it is tomorrow actually go out there aren't the beginning. But the point to earth we were. Talking about a man who came up with the spread sheet that listed every excuse his wife could use that to get out of sex. I'm too full aid to my project I drunk I don't settle do I need a shell where if I she's tired I have to watch this show I have to watch this movie front idea. Though. Pretty smooth move by that guy. Pretty smooth move. 705. AM. After hearing your mother of the year story I think you should know that statistically. 52%. Of women have used vibrator. Yes than the other 48% have you. And. Now that I have to I mean imminent a confident. More than 20 PM. Electric every I would really back. We got back to bitter and ugly dog apparently can't won't let that appropriate. Indefinitely as a. 726. And warm. So you know bill. I didn't really watch I come in not where it went and got an odd pairing that correction my time. And it's a that is that audio from that woman. Was there a link on our FaceBook page or there is a link on our region and I have a whole article in multiple YouTube videos as you missed it earlier there's a woman. Who was tired of men capped call winner.