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Hill-Mail 7-18-14

Jul 18, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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They Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Send more knowledge and. And on your schedule -- W say -- I also wanted to mention a guy today's cool -- segment. There is only 750. Or older. I believe it or they are it will elect and really regret that I can pay an annual -- Well you will put everybody you know. Are open. Or go to our management got. You come out and got out of Portland -- know. How would not remember. How are determined that there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the guys that and a genius Wellington bothered housing and Alaska you know. Interesting that when Eric Holder. Was the deputy attorney general he booted alien and Gonzalez out of the country. Seeing -- using using using the US military ranks number that poor -- -- the photo the photo the photo -- -- -- -- -- on the active they have like -- riot gear on their end of the -- the soldiers -- his house forcing them back to cool buff. Now things have changed have they changed yet. I guess may be Eric Holder had a change of heart or Clinton or something -- I'm new -- you know value exit process I guess now is on the charge now yeah. There's only. 58 AM. I would pick our. Top order. Aren't you know wouldn't come out at all. -- am -- up up up. But is that this for a grateful and -- yeah. Well there aren't important. That the -- Ruggiero. And I don't implement. And operate the government would. Want. And that a correction about -- isn't that low income -- it's no income doesn't know not to build yeah so where do I find that a I'm comes everywhere leg I'd like to get in on that you make too much money out. You know you know where you find that you marry a rich chick like LB did yes I thought I. It did it I can't -- interview I am going to come and drop and got -- -- at a time when Leo. There's only 409. PM. I get so helpful and -- it's summer and -- -- TV news LB on the other hand. -- heart attacks scared. Every medical procedure done on that it sonic the spectator operation and -- one letter to coverage. It's just not fair LP. Is not there. And appreciate this board -- my humble man in the Bill Russell unbelievable that you guy. I'd just say you know one -- it's funny because I when I heard the news is it me I always. Whenever you mentioned Bill Russell I always hear myself I never. Think of him enough. You know we have like superstar. Athlete. Hawks. First -- Number one guy off anybody's time should be Bill Russell. I'll look bad and the what was it eleven or -- a lot and he only played thirteen years pro -- He won a -- Jeff from different sides amazing. That's insane now but it bats in the game but does that -- does the does that Iraq now. May make a difference does it well why what I caught. Beyond earth we have less play left there he is greater bay -- in -- Babe Ruth now. Quote of the day after -- got better -- we better -- Ruthie and stats than Babe Ruth. Like it since I mean so if if I get it goes hand in hand with three season. But when he -- Giving more people people people on knowledge him because he's abuse or black superstar now I don't of course you're united if you drilling of course. What would you say he's the greatest Celtic -- fun he's great result these -- MBA player -- he's the greatest basketball player greater than Larry Bird yes. Real anyone. -- greatest basketball players ever played on this point better than -- history of the game better than Jordan eleven championships in a thirteen year career. Byrd was more loved because him and magic and -- revival. Yeah basketball figured it -- began back yet. Maybe my -- can -- you can't try to play here that era you what it's all relative you can't just like always the only. In -- say we have visas sketches you can't compare eras in the in nineteen you can't say. At a defense in 1950 is better than Zdeno Chara had a better slot Sharpton Zdeno -- in 1950 they use wood sticks with gulf fiberglass. OK but if you took charm -- back in 1950. That guy in fifteen. It did -- relative VG ticked at every day guy now is probably better not -- 1950. This -- an average player now you put back in 1950 he -- you be that average -- But I just don't think he gets the respect like I I just. It just made me think today now because you know maybe because we're we're getting close to -- eighty. Now we may -- you know I don't wanna jinx it oh my god he just thinks -- got -- I go in the limelight you know he's got a little bit of -- didn't I yeah I said -- and I said my sports he's not going down -- -- nine by you know way he needs again and scare us you know it obviously it's changed a lot the last fifteen or twenty years he's really got a lot a lot of respect yeah yes you know hello Jim. What's up -- I believe. Bill Russell. -- around the world there's built chamber yeah out yeah yeah everybody on well wolf there's so cute the mail. Well we'll look as little pad. When -- hundred points in the game yeah area. 30000 women he -- 30000 plus women etc. now without him though as well. That's more than king almost as much as king for hot spot by -- Tonga fat guy who had 34000. Women have to. But it opened the Bill Russell LB was surrounded by a nonstop cast of hall of famers that's why he. Eleven championships according to this text message here her -- -- Well. Larry Bird was the ugly -- NBA player -- -- I think that's the benefit. Do evidence case. People do you know we. I -- -- the taxes says hey LB winded Michael Jordan turned white if racism was part of the issue then nobody would say that my -- short. He's a great basketball player -- -- -- behavior do each -- to -- they did decades until Russell played different today to remember now I mean people know about and they know who he is now oh really so all of a sudden we're pretending there is racism anymore. Well we're trying to we're talking about OK so you saw the same people. There were racist towards Bill Russell back in the days that are bill Russell's agent on now they're not racist I don't know are those people probably your arm while but yeah. -- able okay so we're debating but you can't expect you can't expect had a fifteen year old. If those people tell their grandchildren about how great Bill Russell was the grandchildren don't now so then all they know is Michael Jordan all they know is. You've -- Rajon Rondo. Carries on now from cooking -- so lawyers saying this is Donald Sterling as well he hasn't done enough tell you about how great Bill Russell. -- -- But did Jerry Lewis and you know enough for not to and every kid in the planet knows Bobby you're the moment they're born orders to be fourteen or 225. Who's better or Gretzky. Bjork -- the I don't -- -- maybe -- black Ingles and I guess him. There's only 4:40. Am Greg. Joseph Carter directly to a number of older children covered where senator all the crap over country surgical error. I call all under going to be picked up and. The equipment the equipment the real concern I guess the -- -- F are you afraid battery. All joking aside irrational fear Liza are you afraid that there's all kinds of new diseases that had been or all diseases that. Had been eradicated here in the United States and we're allowing all kinds of people disease carriers. Outpatient -- into the country without any kind of medical checks -- I think it's a huge public health concern really yes area I think it's a massive massive problem that it blocked at. Now it's kind of like all little bit here and there and then all of a sudden eke out one thing that starts to spread out through people and and you get the people here. Well one of Saxony their kids because whenever their feelings about doing and and and realist and I don't get angry and of people in these kids grow up. And they get these chronic health issues that it's like well back in the day they rescued this and then in the mid -- and -- the mid when he tends to -- global these things came back and you know announcing that a whole other. You know you could give -- these drug resistant. Bacteria and viruses. McCain colors that -- in -- so it's just I think it's a massive massive issue that we need to control immediately. -- sound pretty paranoid about it. At the doctor's office last night we took a bunch of extra face masks -- that they have there for a like you know people who. Are coughing and sneezing really they have these units that wearing one when you lose you know instead of our Paramount in my pocket and. Scared. There is only seven and 21 PM. I -- not enough. They wanted to complete game -- during a little -- pick up a passenger plain and simple that's the number one Malaysia. With -- political violence in. We gonna do -- pick -- up what the right. And when they light up the world met with their thirties and the right down and you blow them into a movie. And it looked like. Don't know medical practice those guys that smoke into the crowd that could put that. How rich man's very act as a veteran agrees dark now listen this Dexter is outraged -- They say that your argument on Bill Russell. Totally invalidates. Your argument about the great number four -- war why it. Because Gretzky has some war Stanley Cup championships than Bobby ordinance that's fine. Does settle at. I love you why don't -- -- rescued revolutionize the again. The game of hockey as we know it when Gretzky wouldn't have 300 points of Bobby York didn't do what he did because Paul Coffey had a 120 points feeding going rescue for the 300 because Bobby York. Change the way defenseman cross the Red Line and -- used to actually. Now become offensive. Basically a forward. Right so that it -- so he changed a whole and tired of only average hockey changed because. One man can only get out war who has them movie Bobby join the big bad Bruins -- At the end of that they give some great stats about like. Just the you know how we joked with World Cup taking on and kids will start playing soccer national liken it but they were -- actual stats of light. Hockey in the US after -- Deanna and Jesse I. Idol I will give Wayne Gretzky is do it again and I made this argument -- there like I always say. There -- that group of upper Echelon. Superstars and then there are all stars in the and that's the -- yeah. You know Gretzky -- you know. Whether it's one and one B or one name and two -- one and two. Listening Gretzky did for America what Bobby or did for -- I -- occurred in the world he left an incredible situation. You know I don't know if he'd ever admitted by you know he left powerhouse would war which was the Edmonton Oilers. After four Stanley cups. You know I think. As a favor to the NHL commissioner. And accepted a trade to do LA kings I salute you saw that hockey would be flourish in a warm city in a -- states via which basically ended up where it. How many teams we have now six or seven teams that are Leno. In southern southern the United States so aggressive you know I'm not -- you're saying -- he's a child current use. Amazing and and Bachmann who hit it I'd been on the base with a way to go yeah -- -- -- -- around me and I went to the best mark and that's what. They came there. What's up Jack I'll wanted to -- -- yeah. Like people don't think that that's been looked out there are any dispute the typical white out here at the white dot org are at it like this paper been excused people are using are. -- steer it toward immigrants elegant -- you to bring their nation Gartner group countries that have the -- -- back. Yeah while I'm on now I -- -- right you have the pull out all right Johnny Holliday is six nations run for the border by yourself your five honestly I thought they had not nothing ever been to another country but I didn't start. All its not true. You're you're you're you're you're you know I -- -- feeling -- being -- -- look. Read all of you being anyway we'll have this -- any leaving us not to do you keep -- books -- travel -- I'd been to South America -- been. -- he's gotten diseases and many countries there's yes he's actually I've been I've been to the Far -- are big Third World countries kids are getting vaccinated. Maybe if you you're you're dead it's ridiculous act that's ignorant. Campaign to wipe out does all our -- In Pakistan right now like that there's certain part especially if you win a couple of is he's left a couple partly interior Africa but. Thousands and America know and you can be directly is that we get. So that's -- threatening Iran right now we're talking about that -- the daily through it would be a legitimate concern. Would be -- like smallpox like. Like he later are equally communicable on minimal. Paula -- you know they'd be explode or to contact explosion. Yeah -- Running around. Carter meant just so -- you sound. Pretty educated on this huge are you a doctor you would what do you what do I'm not a doctor my brother works in public health -- it crashed on that issue. Okay and so. I am curious because it it's I mean if you anything you read even from like this CDC. And others say that there that they are very concerned. About some of these diseases. Coming back to the country that your viewers eighties and -- it they're almost healed themselves of anthrax. And the other week. All right -- somebody call. Our great -- everybody has Carner. Turner it was Saturday and I can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If the parents want to send them to this country and not to come back. Why would you send anything that has any kind of identifying information. With Stuart what do we get to redact the name. Like how -- People will think Carter Brothers and now because I respect that it's still condoms he says Obama. A text -- says. They worry about fruits and plants. Coming to write that article yeah yeah yeah orange back from now well advocates the race. -- got a -- -- flower back from -- west Antarctica. And have you been Antarctica. And I swam I I am right now I'm actually went for an -- -- of the Poehler well I don't yeah well. You're right and I think -- it's a crew as you go there yeah I needed to jump in the water -- eight seconds with the penguins of course it's can you name a bar in Antarctica. There has always in the Asia Europe and treatment if you can in the barn door and we did not get off to get what you -- we -- -- -- dig it up and an ice glacier thing for a little bit and yet there is no -- that there was no I -- Antarctic Tiki bar that would lead -- -- -- Lenders flying for so you don't have to go get our race is chip. Great from underneath yeah. Here's -- Texas is my brother's a mechanic but I can't fix your car down on us. Yeah Dallas and Leslie Carter's big blessing Curtis slipped it on AMR's look at -- Yes -- is out of line follow Jeremy. What my group but yeah. About you guys are all on its. But it. I'll results corporation all everybody come over here -- -- a slap in the big. Wet -- shingles. Try to get it legally now you're. A citizen yeah yeah anyway. Also -- Ayatollah Ali had sort of gave it -- true yes. The guys I'm well. Thank -- -- Jimmy Carter. There were. Earlier security and credit to -- -- there and all her lunch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I mean have you ever seen scar face there. Do you think that -- -- here. Member -- was in the camp underneath the bridge -- And with the other guy who is the lawyer would go the white suit on it was running around nervously and the courts that's exactly what happened this is. Call all. -- -- guide what's. Your great guard it. And I wanted to respond to that 08 -- you'd be. Obviously. You guys not -- the -- Not my people I think it would. -- -- whatever our points out that by. No way to guard unit -- -- -- from El Salvador. Guatemala. And countries if you have. All these people were pretty you know what pull back and you gotta be it. You can play -- are you trying to convince you you know noise that -- in schools on -- -- they have the corrales -- containers outside in every class -- -- -- watched it and that they went to answer the Kobe Bryant. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right if you so passive about the prospect. Why did and he -- it under his wing written about it these people out of this outfit Berkshire. I wanna see him to step forward they aren't gonna make an effort. You know given all of my background and all that I wanna I wanna make it work got to take -- -- By the way that man's name with the weights in on yet Amelio -- I'm not. Attacking -- -- I got many and our rob -- and Iraq. There's only 11:47. PM. Erect at the -- and waited on -- crippled. One out. Back then no one -- whatever you wanted to date and. Aircraft in the -- -- sounds gross Iraq. The Boston wedgie sound like a pretty good drinking -- -- own our own. -- -- -- And I laughed -- a lot of consideration I figured out what we're going to do without these recent illegal thing and I -- I think. Thank you hang -- dignitaries and the -- They're going to do is. We're going to board at record it. I don't see people. Happy and constipation preventing that. Only to protect it from housing to military truck. Yeah. Yeah. What did he say uninvited special -- editors and -- -- there -- other children visitors but the and don't forget the words shelter shelter we must shelter must shelter them in place yes shelter them. 618. And older. And to regulate -- go out waterlogged. Money needed you know what a great. Today. Clinic nobody yet it ain't -- yeah. He works he was labor's endorsement deal and did get his first I zone I guess is that I street cereal gap. And I am not -- guys. She did a pretty good job. Q why would they do your job of gay kids honestly believe that it between puts a tag -- as I don't know on the and I remember him the have a spot rob. That is because why would brace you can look them up. It would -- -- it was him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ends of the business that's -- that's an upside to you know -- -- -- bartender yeah eighteen. -- bartender. You find it's probably understand zone. You can play later -- find out why I have some I'm not sure I am and at the preview do you want to go and play as it is it is only one there's only one spot of tea cup and its. Greg Hill and I'm here with my son reads like -- bad when I'm looking to get my kids out of the house for some awesome healthy fun I take -- -- on in west agrees yes it's -- is huge it has kind of fun stuff to the. Again that's -- laid -- both in -- literally bounce off the walls and I think the three parties are always get -- So if you want your kid to get off the couch take him over this guy's own on route nine in west broke for some awesome healthy fun -- -- guys -- Reuniting last breath we can go to bounce around. Glad -- -- -- -- a couple of I can't -- it generally not happy vagina and I in on a little bomb finally it at the thought that should have been better. Now you used the yes yeah. Got his -- man let -- -- the -- spot yeah. -- you -- be the next one out and Google next on it and then I mean it could be allowed to. And Larry you know you can intern and a lot of rumba but next one needs to be like. Hey it's free -- I know you guys hear my dad Greg I kicked his ass yeah these dual. Rich guys don't panic. It's been gossip my dad to replace. -- income somehow generalize you know less than was run over right in the driveway. Liberals don't like she was actually alive before along with the -- of a. Looking at 18 AM. I. Can't. And it. They act. How about why do you look or really ordered that. No air water right Ali area one well oh and -- not act. Court. I can't stretch my god. -- It was. Here's the Texas says I love how LB is trying to turn Greg's can into a drawn by suggesting that reports that the -- are. Why are. Shut out for you our -- greatest job ever eighteen to 26 and moneymaker. Yankee manager -- client tags driving a race car. A little -- do that anyway have your own apartment. Cheers chicks. At below or here's that. Here's the text that. Says how is is bad as when he -- having departments -- right now. A couple of but that but. And so we can't. Let. It in the and -- You know what's funny you know -- -- for all of you know it's funny good lines you know it's funny jinx that you work. There and Greg -- are all politics. All right throughout the vehicle about what edited out. So we've talked about many other things share. And many other things there are people who. If your. Talking about their guy. The guy that they voted for yet they don't wanna hear you talk about it. But appeared to argue about somebody that they don't like a problem they love to hear -- -- -- kind of weird wait a minute. 23 week old. Art critic the air boat. Are. On the. -- event that in fact it. And twenty or older. Kids are all on him at. I don't think it double it or. Not done. Yeah. Thumbs up and -- -- -- highly paid -- to ask you mode gee we're already where are those things are far I don't know where they are. They're only gonna veto the -- when -- -- -- to tax lower left hand corner thinking to the left to the space bar. It should be like a little thing to toggle she'd like a little globe you may not have installed because if you haven't actually gone into your fonts. Are you keyboards rather into enabling you don't like accessibility I think a lot of numbers. Yeah you get to go into the settings menu and and you go into generally think accessibility and then keyboards and then you can select -- and it will load it. I remember I've never used one. Meaning there -- Moment keyboard you're on your game you want your keyboard that's a short skirts on normalization of a correction check spelling and maps and work. Just look up among OG and in Nigeria I think continues in the rain and you don't have memories. On my way they can you imagine if cam was driving to work right now and again I'm happy face the most G -- -- now they didn't get a streak of postseason like after you sit on your phone at. -- Vigorous. You would put an appearance on -- each marker. You did what BBN. And that's just not dialing an elegant authorized and a wife buys them. And -- -- I -- let me PA and so I think he would never did OK everyone in the corporate world distract I don't mind. Both periods. -- Hearings to get it ain't hearing and it's you have to download the out of Texas and I don't remember I don't for the MOG plus for an iPhone now for android you do not for -- reduce motion. Now when you're. When you were demanding that your boyfriend to send you apologies did you oddity did you have the -- It the -- Doug was easing a bit I mean this started back you know when we both -- -- blackberries something that kind of transitioned into them turning into the -- and though -- from the -- on on their own. -- What was they'll be calling him earlier and budget on a -- and maybe that's why can't find it can't really put that in more -- -- -- -- it kind of almost like you are remote thing. -- brush off -- got on the terror card don't help them. You know Kabila album that -- technologically. Inadequate. He can't figure out how to do at most. Any kind of technological communication device have you figured out how to get emoticons. On not to let yourself. I want -- there's so much fun stuff that I wanna find out that they're tenured justice -- and you -- so start toggle as early last year after alerts now he's only that it's still at large fires going off in your return any text you -- -- my -- motion you know what's gonna happen Monday when LB doesn't show -- we think we're gonna get a frowned and -- kinda -- yeah. I don't. Get out of it get out of accessibility and just go back into generally should be you -- -- -- what's its voice however I wanted to it's. I'll play you evade doing everything yeah. -- speak Cantonese pitch change and -- sound effects. No they don't sound settings general keyboard keyboard remote gee I guess the rail third rail cruel. Can't expect. -- Overland my phone. Or other this -- -- languages and dialects saw speak. -- it and if I call you albeit on YouTube and English -- comes through your form and -- are exceptional not I'm not even our intimate like his. Until -- is yeah regalia is an auto translate feature and then on the phone calls now on iPhone.