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7-18 Nerds in the news/ Are you smarter than Larry The Comic Guy

Jul 18, 2014|

Talk On The New Black Captain America / Game: Callers vs Larry the Comic Guy

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. -- I also wanted to do mention the guy. We have breaking nerd news this morning which will leads to are you smarter than a comic book narrative so let's get to nerds in the news. Right now here on the Hill Man Morning Show. And now they Hill Man Morning Show presents a great great dollars jeans -- imagine. -- in the news. Sounds gay but it's. Not. So the new Captain America. Is going to be African American. Captain African American really I don't know how that's -- source even coal baron west seal Elson AKA the falcon is taking over for Steve Rogers in the comics they announced it. Last night on the cold beer poured if you would like chewed we have not wanna hear the I don't wanna play the game so why are they doing when it comes to diversity. Why -- why is every. He's superhero changing appealed to different people. Eyes by these these -- matter I guess that does -- Jack what does he grew up with Captain America I'm Noah oh yeah I guess that the rest it doesn't. Free winning many -- -- -- Jay Garner character though when and why does that could be an RD existing Iranian like. Can -- be a whole new Captain America Thor are captain North America bigger gas in our world. Captain African American or -- yeah a different a whole different entity in itself. Yeah I was a got to change just like for like the -- or woman now short candy just be like lady or the world's only release so our. But as a woman that -- six toy stores a woman -- she's gay. Captain America's black. Well it's I mean I guess we -- out. You know I guess doesn't expect mature -- tomatoes are cashing in on my mind my comic collection may or may -- may -- Oh yeah I'm not -- not that I'm -- in a brilliant protest but but -- but I'm selling my I'm selling my collection in protest. Of the black. Captain America. Well an expert on plants in America but what actual audio video black in America -- it. Lacked in America. Yes an expert on this is our pal Larry. He's the -- comic book -- and Larry this is like three days in a row area. The bigger picture spectacular. Water court -- and there hasn't been this much attention paid to comic books in four decades. Well you know what it -- guy. But the movie are you reading this stuff into our society and what our culture and now the publishers can track that is such as. All very white guy you know in the -- truck were reading this is it discovering that there -- people who. A visiting their web site where a man in people of diversity of trying to appeal to them. I say. What about captain Central America when that that may be that would that text it wants to know we can have that soon enough. It would work that I can't size so all of the mighty dollar and American man. You know if you make Captain America black and here on CNN that's the publishers are -- -- I -- and I yeah. All publicity or we're going to be get through it Down syndrome Hulk we're going to be. The electorate as a child and we should. I and Larry I have to get our own -- Like I mean what about we need we're talking about this the other day but we really do need some kind of a super fat superheroes so right so that the that people feel good there. I think that's what they showed should start doing great we should start campaigning that we need to be represented out -- when -- click change from where we're a week. Where we represented in the publishing world yeah no I agree this does virtually I want to meet your com. Yeah. I was wondering if we could do a brief. Are you smarter than the overcome a partner -- Larry this never would be. And hectic but you know what I'm at a disadvantage and Greg like Iraq and I had a couple of open averages -- you did it. Collins okay I'm sure automatic. I'm sure he'll do fine let me let me get -- on -- -- -- -- aligned correctly ignited a direct result and outcome of orchestrating yeah Richie Rich he used to be known as rich kid from stoke. And now we're -- child that is -- a. I'm. That -- that that's what is it Larry that's diversity diversity it is it is it is diversity. Our golf lectures on the phone hey Fletcher. And it Flatts take Fletcher Captain America. Made his first appearance in what comic book. That the others. Larry. Captain America number -- 1940. Captain America comics number one Iraq. Larry how could it actually. What are soldier and the punish Serb bold and Captain America already. Let me do what I thought and uncorrected and that ultimate Spiderman is -- Hispanic NEA. -- -- -- Yeah yeah. Now wait a minute what's that I missed the -- is Spiderman -- also. Or is -- -- he's Hispanic. He's he's -- here is this is Greg hello Greg. Laurie Greg. Our guys what does captain America's secret identity. Correct. Larry. Where after a brief period during the 1970s. AA disillusioned by US politics Captain America changed his name to what. It demolition man. I -- Jack -- grow and knowledge and seven intonations -- Captain America. Okay he chose on name it was he'd chosen a new name. It was these something. Demand democratic demolition it. I'm Eric the answer I have is the nomad which would know exactly Jackman enrolled -- no. I'll -- OK Jack Monroe the nomad and a man without a country is that basically yeah. Greg Greg can hang on because. Greg I think he may of that out outdone Larry for once again -- I think you did hello Mike. -- what's up Michael. And -- Captain America comics number 66. -- was wounded in combat. And Captain America recruited Betsy Ross a former FBI agent that he worked within the past to -- is new partner. What was the name that he gave her. -- -- -- What would go negative Larry you know that when it -- Internet liberty or are. -- Larry Iraq it's the -- -- -- -- golden girl called you're beautiful you lose and whatever alert whenever I am on camera. I'll let him guilty of Dallas and don't learn about it well this makes you listen just makes you wanna -- you know you know perfectly normal -- Larry who played that -- who played the title role in the 1979. TV movie Captain America. I don't know but I if you picture over the Internet and pretty. -- Okay my you're a little law I think I -- I'm. I think monologue I think mama want a new tagline once you go up you never go. All right OC Larry -- have the new Captain America. Until September so come on out in September but corrupted and I we still got it got so much here. The victory in all Massachusetts. You're a member of that selling the depth of energy. Great and you guys and it got there yeah you know I'm sure. Are the old mother the old ones more valuable now than Archie is dead. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Stay there as Larry the comic book -- Here here on the Hill Man Morning Show. -- what's up what people think that being in kind of a bitter mood today just got a tweet from Bob beyond the who's who said probably one of the most of racist comments you guys have -- in a wild. UNLV should think before you spout but I don't know I want trying to get clarification from Bob it. On wood on what he's referring omni -- from putting knives that I mean we're talking about Captain America. -- rule will now be black I don't know if as if there seems to be big news today on an obvious. If that's simply is it races is simply bring up a news story now and here in the United States of America I don't know that is our Captain America I don't I don't know why I don't know it. Captain African America Latin. America may be carried a guy that was rob I think that man that -- that ran great races are now back. Now that had to show them off and maybe that's what it was. -- you know. I'm Bob please clarify he can do so on Twitter if you want. My Twitter feed Greg -- WA AF if you would like to communicate in that way. It's gonna be a beautiful day today sunny.