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7-17 Is It Fact Or Schmact

Jul 17, 2014|

State Of Liberty On The US Postal Stamp/ Zin Yoo Man Can Blow Him Self/ Parts Of i phone $1.48 In 1991/Man Had Sex With 37,800 Women

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Denmark I'm always online and on your schedule at WA AF dot com. And now. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your -- Again is still weeks when I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watched that he now particularly. Well we don't know the chair was a hold period of Batman -- students -- -- to type of facts she Max. Several techsters are amazed that that -- didn't have a quicksand story and know how he escaped adequate stand now I ever and Bangkok Thailand or some I have I have never encountered legit quicksand is there I -- there is real quick so yeah it exists it's not just cartoons. Not just cannot Tarzan now and the that it. I if you win Baxter Max this morning you get a pair of tickets for another WA AF show this is hailstorm. At the palladium. Coming up on November 29 tickets are available right now and show when you go to palladium dot net that's palladium got many polo -- Everybody and -- to nick how are -- now onto the greater good that actually where Islam I -- -- all right what do you do. -- -- A guy. Nick. The statue of liberty. That appears on the US Postal Service stamp. Is that not the actual statue of liberty that is located in New York factors to -- -- Talk or how -- stage act. Or -- Our our security and I'm not sure -- -- particular it would be. Applicable out about one dollar bill. So on the court at all or pay option yeah. Enough for -- the idea elicit that that that was bought aren't done and I'm -- agree with the the WA AF. Student yes the image Mac it's merit it is indeed smack. Actually -- these statue of liberty outside the New York, New York casino in Las Vegas. All I'm sure whether it was an error or that was a better picture it's not a pretty you lose the total of the statue of liberty from the Air Force One fly by no luck as they committed. A licensing rights. We all did what I think. There -- different -- -- -- have to pay endorsement did not have drifted to the French -- they gave to us than half they immediately royalties for Kashmir. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How are you Jacqui. Larry I like that name Jackie Jackie where you from. OK I got Italian. This is a perfect question for you it's an odd line and I have to figure a way to say it in in the Stanley manner are you ready. I only one man in 400. In the world. Is flexible enough. 202. Two oral himself Jackie factor smacked the I don't know pleases you do -- I would expect -- beyond. I mean I don't -- I would it. I'm not sure you ought to be honest sounds fairly reasonable -- think about the average size of a guy guys. Unit. While and he relayed that we do. Guys that you know he added fat guys -- so that those guys are out -- the right right yeah had Nancy got to be a skinny -- got to be flexible guy you're down to like your third indicted. What 1015%. Of man that's bright guys got -- got to be shorter it's probably just the -- -- like why I have to be here to tabulate probably five beaten under 57 -- so I -- about revise its -- are -- back. You're. Absolutely correct. Is it indeed a fact that during facts smacked solo in my why you would wanna do that yeah. -- comprehension. That last year Ron Jeremy and lord give it a minute -- -- minute. Hello Mike. How are you might. It well there are doing pretty well. If you wanted to buy all of the parts in an iPhone back in 1991. It would have cost you one dollar and 48 cents back -- she Mac. -- smacked on that. Our guys I mean that's that's it's a great practice mark's question but I think it's a trick question I don't believe it's barking -- I think gets you you were going to be amazed. And how cheap it would be. So by the party the your iPhone you -- is -- I think it's I think each Mac yeah I think -- -- -- this is a teacher that law cheaper either don't we wish you really get ripped off. I get a -- of if you in 1991. If you had wanted to buy all of the parts in an iPhone. It would have cost 3.5. Six million followers around -- the pillow and uncaring and I. Things really get her right there yeah yeah yes 3.5 six million dollars alone a shot. What's up John where you're from. We're all a lot like a little about lol -- all right John listen to this guy's. Record when it comes to women king thought -- -- Haiti of Tonga. Had sex with 37800. Women. From 17721784. That is seven a day backed -- act. -- -- -- -- chocolate I just simply -- please behind wake up and smell the county guys don't you bet that's in the morning shot a -- I think it was just say 34 -- you were talking about the country they -- the biggest Phoenix's. Yeah that's a mechanical that was on -- well it I think a lot easier if I'm not know the golf Congo gonna -- well it got me there they only see it yet but I'm not -- don't want -- but if you talk about that. Those countries and that there's nothing -- -- you're the leader of those countries you have like 171880. -- Eighty wives of graphic sex all they are an -- data sets of back their respective to be more. It is the fact they'll be here absolutely correct. And hi 53 king Fatah -- he just stick around I'm going to drink yeah I'm not a fast growing. But I obviously -- food. And those who live but I -- it there guys you started on 37800. Women. During his marina.