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Hill-Man Sandcastle News Story 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

We listen and discuss the Maine news story on the annual 4th of July Sandcastle Contest Greg competes in. This story features who else but Greg's son.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. So really 153 TV market in the country is the kind of -- local news report that you produce about a sand castle builder confidence is -- -- -- -- up there and I mean don't me a hater I -- to. Shelby and I can -- though we've got into pressed on the dollar happy W hey there. And what my -- so -- -- let me guess a little late night last night here. Moving around Twitter and -- Assad the local news report from Portland Maine yes I did OK yeah. Very exciting I loved local news reports is nothing better than a local news report -- him. I have to thank I don't know who sent me negative it was a woman I think who sent it to -- But it I mean look it's proof that we won the sand -- Cabrera back you know people were mocking me or items relentlessly on the show now. About the same castle contest is here in the -- here you have. Absolute proof. That they hill family -- If you'd like to roll a little bit of the local news report on channel six. In Portland Maine we can go ahead and do that you are you ready deacon down. OK you Leo. Yeah that's great. The scene and that ocean park used to the summer crap I came guy who once a year that they can time goes from. It's very Syria and I sent her thank. This is the 28 annual sand sculpture competition when you are the immensely -- -- -- to take no let's end it Eddie -- For three years in a row they'd -- ocean park their summer destination. -- sticks straight in the sculpture competition of family tradition. It's terrifying but it's also you want away. I racked up the theme this year it's summer -- it treats its of the hills decided to go with the trees. That -- began you know like somewhere popsicle for rocket you know. If you've got to kind of goes with being a mistake and I knew that as they work the way on the run. There was this culture once fought over in into the details that represents main food pretty well. While we talked about it we that we Emeka last and that means that we can make -- nice being sent is that dynamic well. Lobsters were common theme that ocean park LS like airlines up for the won the Victoria and her -- the manual and Elijah sculpted. It was difficult not to let their imaginations wander at because. I mean he's been pretty creative. Repeatedly definitely. You weren't alone in that category good -- -- get that icy -- every one of the -- my competitors made an appointment and -- outside the box. For the -- beat the gambling that meant a replica of their favorite ice cream parlor. The ocean park so that. It's coming together very very nicely where five generations of family members had visited almost every. -- that -- reminisce about when we were younger and so it. It's family and kids that -- about as the group worked on their finishing -- Guess I'll write it and it at all the judges walked the beach to mark down their school or Clinton I think my god -- god. But after some tough deliberation purse prize went to the rocket off built by Brees and his family. A sweet sweet victory not nearly as satisfying. It's time spent building yet. The bonding would like your family your friends and that's fine if you don't win. You have kind of you know. There were a long sweets and treats that being worked on. But when you cut through the fog of competition it was clear that the real summer theme here was being what it is and I think. Hello -- thank god I can't. Serious -- yeah I it got bad guys submitting that continue to his. He's really a BC nightly news yeah he's an anatomy got god you don't have to watch the main. The news. Well we just did did they cut off the teaser goes enough met a -- crossed the road I'm -- Like this that the that the earthquake yeah I have been cut. I think I was any good news is kind of a joke you know back in about next week Cuba -- up a revolutionary new idea and run flat. By the way if you're playing along at home whether -- drinking game every time he says the red light duty that. A really likes her own thoughts of the -- like. I could stick it to life here is that texted sent and they wonder why there's bullying. I that it was a pretty good. Here's somebody says it sounds like the local news reporter eats the rocket pop a long way and I. I got -- doing on there I thought it was pretty good over the top -- but the guy did a pretty good report that was the lead story on them on the main news. It's pelicans that was like the that guy out on the street night. The word out here he was lucky could you know almost -- another 48 like in Austin being mean. And nude beach I view him and I mean Gunter got there god forbid someone scans and other human being America have to cover it -- he's a bullet that there is the real bill. It is. News at Texas as I'd like to kick that reporters square in the nuts. -- This is now hello Matt. I have five ward Greg. Be worse news or. I don't -- not only did -- guy sound completely not interested in your optical and like. You know just so drawn out they would -- illegal politely at all they had to report that debt with a. But you're talking about -- what else there's one guy who got drunk on like got copy. You know -- copy Brandi where any number one drink is and he had there's another guy who had five. Vehicles up on blocks in the yard that they have to remove -- that violated the of the vehicles on blocks of our law if you're on the elephant talk. I don't mean to be give people we've got to put down outline. Got on the on the dark baseball that does that is gonna go out viral -- there that -- Now imagine seeing -- at -- and they are out escalators. And now scope in the scene board Baird number one news story that technologies -- them together. When I know you're you're you're right it is featured stock -- the that he's photogenic pal. Other routers and have a good looking kids and they just -- a couple good looking kids. News reporters seek them out for the story for the police -- human interest -- else don't know unnamed analyst believes there was no idea who is that they've Likud represented me hill group that everybody was there amidst this Ella -- who mixes and the body on me. Audio a good job Johnny. That could slop yeah. And older and haggard handled it's somebody I did a good job that was I. Isn't it good jobs that you don't get like different -- to -- -- went into it that it's not about this in capsule that's about the gambling you know appear for a couple weeks you know hot war -- I'm a couple. Jails and we -- born here is that Texas says that report made chronicle looking dress that you can't. Now I thought I dare you attack chronicle but bully chronicle hello Mike. -- -- what's up a good thing about that one. -- -- airport the Olympic partner on the true what is separating different radio voice. Well listen I mean I heard it was you -- and they -- -- -- to get there leading voice came naturally and I don't crank any breaches and is very graphic -- statistical aren't just stick on there and talent to -- -- -- -- -- and walk away you know you know they Arab free at 88 -- I'm not in the video that was like five. Absolute banality. -- Arizona's -- that points look a little bill who wouldn't let. You guys what's ability. Notice everybody they'd been you know but he satellite built from Maine. -- Well of course -- there -- battles you know at all. They are all -- notes pretty actually I was well -- China Lincoln and yes -- -- zealously belies a little red -- accomplished assaulted Limbaugh but I'm not a company did and a well I. Until I had eleven and tackled the problem of red solo -- On me and -- our seagulls are dying from eating ribs below out because they can't. Are you going to protect our -- Specialties you don't. -- -- Ancient wildlife officials investigated the case of this golf. I've Birmingham beach go and it was later found the -- that consumed at red Solo Cup ticket would absolutely not yet and with -- this -- --