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7-16 Frank Grillo

Jul 16, 2014|

Frank called to talk about his new movie The Purge: Anarchy

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule -- WA AF. Frank -- -- joins us right now. -- of course from Captain America we are also talking about comic books Alaska. But that Frankie there. Howard frank continues to anything that. Total. Could ever devalue ticker at the end healthier or bought it. We were we were we -- week. We were talking earlier about. Is people were mocking me because I said the notebook was a good movie in the and I said the same about dirty dancing. Have you ever been have yet. It's fabulous yeah. Have you ever been in a chick flick. However -- in the chick but yeah Mel south and north I have no idea I have no desire to do romantic about it. I mean -- romantic at home my life. Things I'd change it -- -- that's not the guy like when it's more overtly political. All right do this right now ask -- ask her what her favorite movie is. -- -- -- Walt the other -- is from Boston. Is all of -- all of us. -- -- all of -- stuff out of and ask you has good rhetoric two favorite movies it. Come -- it is to -- some favorite triplets. The unbearable -- -- see that future and that's it's it's the unbearable lightness of the UO zero dark thirty. Whatever they are. What's a guy that's a romantic move from what you guys as. I love zero dark thirty by the way I -- -- terminal to regulatory and affirmative -- -- -- -- hold. Maybe -- put it out but yeah it was a great it is that particular. Such agreement and now she's a -- in my man -- to I have a reason for asking this. She's from Fall River there and she's in her thirties forties like what what how old. I like yeah yeah she looks like you know it's -- which is effective -- okay can you ask her right now if she knows who we've -- buyers news. Honey you. I. She's shaking your head and we wish you Bruins fan it's tough guy for the blue through and now she's an onslaught. Bobby your yeah. Your school zones violate the rules I love that she ever hang out at the -- in there and Fall River ever hang out in the Neptune Neptune and forward. Now what did you it would. I mean she's a nice girl. Frank did you two meet after you famous or before. Well and I'm not -- what is the deal. My wife and I bet on the soap opera almost twenty years ago -- -- the first yeah the first day we met. I had to crawl the window which I believe sides -- notion that was I was crawling into her apartment and on the scene of this set and sit him trying to point B we've made out who says so that's. And I went so I'm just isn't there was called a Guiding Light -- LB was well aware began. Yeah I had not not to not to show on the guiding -- awesome but I was a big days I was you have David get this kid if you look to have -- -- No I really. I think -- -- it really is you know who is is the local guys is your wife is from here is Chris Evans who -- how. The united that's so we didn't you know -- to Boston New York. You know -- -- the whole -- to go down. Yes. Now listen we were talking about many drivers so I think you you wanna plug a conspiracy on Jekyll island correct. Yeah I mean you know that's -- -- VA did awhile ago. And I don't really know the status civic center director. -- have Rappaport is still cutting. You later. So you know I just tend to get a little bit -- -- directors to -- to let him maltego. So I don't know what's going on with the but I think it does mean we had. We that we put some great people together so and this year's address on my example was great for. Q and at -- it's a good cast ensemble to themselves. And I do know you wanna talk about the purge anarchy -- yeah -- and now this is gonna make Daniel nervous because any movie with a title like that she's. Urging me I'm all about twelve hours and let's do it anyway I'm saying I don't let -- I don't know -- Certain to get the. That I actually you know what I like myself together so it's not close so -- Body shop movies that -- glory real -- or as some bullets it's silent. But it's. It's kind of like if it's like it's from New York like -- you know politically. Inspired thriller and it's really intent. But it is not you know -- It's pretty cool because. You know when you think about the concept of like OK let's let everybody go crazy for twelve hours and then the rest of the year everybody's -- I mean that's according. It's a pretty cool gone there yet and in l.s right there is a list of people. I believe in the -- but I tell you. You guys how to purge the idea of its current form now. So to Monaco James Michael Wright director his wife is a doctor she's lovely woman. Seems to carry passes and they were driving down the highway and they got cut off really about it and as possible like they were really. Jarred by this and she looked over -- -- goes to its budget and now I would hope that -- Yeah that fit well yeah I think innately we all have -- courses that they -- towards justice and man -- can get away with it. Now we'll look at the incidence of fast food rage along I mean I sit on on a mask like everybody -- few you guys. A divided grenade launcher right now and I'm willing to listen here. All right well. Is frank did you mention -- is the purge -- coming out this week. The person comes out on Friday July this Friday July. Across some excellent. And it's you know it's been everybody should go see it could really needs. Yeah. Little honesty. They -- -- did you did you -- last night did you shed a tear fitted to -- the big number two. Jeter action. I did it costs but you know untenable. If you're over Jeter. More certainty held Cleveland LeBron -- back as we were there shouldn't have America. Nothing but disdain for the disinterested and go back and -- albeit -- two years but once you. All right we'll going to be a lot of I never said that I don't know how we had a good the advance. It will frank grill low end his life. On the show this big bite bite or indeed. -- I'm doing this sick listeners. Who listen the show involved in the Google -- Your life and their own if they're giving -- a lot of news or. As things she's very she does look to speak from all of America reality or is now the south coast Florida executed a quick -- reminiscent of back. That's I think this. I frank thanks man. Ecstatic about it. That's Franken grew allow. Who you may have seen in Captain America or gangster squad. We he was also in homefront -- recite them I didn't -- good movie. Great movie -- -- Arnold -- eye sockets you talked about it it's good -- loved it it's what was once you think might it might be not good yeah it's it's it's awesome. I used and why is it anyway I like the -- to bad mouth yeah the complete opposite if anything like that notebook -- bird -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now few spots it's simply so it's a pretty good movie I got -- half the recommended to do.