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7-16 Chick Flick Disussion

Jul 16, 2014|

Greg opened up about his sensitive side and the chick flick movies he enjoys

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your -- -- WK ask. Here's the text through says could you create a quick list. Of Chick Flicks that it's okay to watch. And and and remain in -- I. I mean is that the next feature on the main news outlets getting the. He gets that it is going to be up there I mean I have your friends call you a policy about. But how do you mean the notebook. -- is still is the story of love and romance so it was dirty dancing and -- so what's wrong with what's probably don't doctor about it what -- Can't relate to him what's wrong with a grown ass man. Being able to be in touch me in touch with his sensitive side now doing a movie like that few hours every event here live -- -- I'm not -- in the if it if -- eight. If are like -- mean other any other flick like it listeners techsters callers. To readers. Are there films that it's. That as a man. That you appreciate that that might be known to others as that chick flick. Here's the text who says I love -- absolutely love goes are being dead. They'll -- deal like tell us what does what it is illegal is the thing is I guess it's you know -- -- 617 tax what about pretty woman I'll come on a couple of at all by god the guy who you voted you get a little bit there recite every line in a movie without. And here is you are you know. Jacket on all the -- Titanic one of those techsters are saying Titanic -- What about legal grown is that the of their own is actually yeah. -- after comedy about crazy stupid love and -- and -- thing you look like your Photoshop and sweet home Alabama that's a pretty good movie hasn't had any reason whether the other Reese Witherspoon Johnson and rattle that off. Oh yeah. Didn't hear back in the day -- like -- in recent -- -- -- like she was years ago Brasilia or -- let us. I mean you'd think he's creepy now of the stuff he says the office. I wasn't breezy but is yelling please discuss that -- she's beautiful on over very edges of the very beautiful woman. He -- -- could hope for blatantly does have a decent over -- what about the the lake house. Ultimately not done -- didn't. 51 dates that's pretty funny movie that is pretty funny Adam Sandler now now. The -- anymore mr. program -- -- 751 days and why it. And I think another round we thought well when you think three you know like Israel -- swimmer movie -- you mean I'm thinking of 300 days of summer -- -- -- in the baseball. No. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How about the event how about officer and a gentleman. Great movie is that we have -- -- they're OK I got in that there as a good guys step in there. I don't think that's it was a totally opposing Q and asks yeah greets. This Greece -- -- -- -- -- unless you're out a gimme a break to viewers if you're eighteen and seventeen and under. Yeah. Let's see you're talking about Reese Witherspoon -- didn't you get arrested for breaking in and stealing Jennifer Love -- panties at one point yes but I don't talk about that at the I was I was at a I was obsessive or to have access was LH. I was on JOH early when she was on party side if you choose -- -- -- -- I was on that -- I was. I was doing some talent development at that point I was a scouts at that point yeah on -- on -- you -- Jennifer Love Hewitt fellow Kyle. Yeah hey. I'm on -- book notebook -- total ban on movie breach of atoms which are sure well west side. Right I -- Out of that one -- excuse easy three hours out right here at love announced his era is opening up the -- it was around them. That Tom Cruise album. In which produced a draft none then the eighties flick ya went. -- -- -- can and I don't know it yet you come in phone now I just had a lot to do that long ago what about fried green to Maine announcer I act everybody had gotten. And there's a bunch of those they have like three of them and. A bomb when Harry met him and as that I think every -- that is the outlet that -- now it. I don't -- I can't believe that you haven't watched dirty dancing in the -- would like you saying I don't look at secluded lake. None the. Eighties every movie I think. -- they don't that's when they really made family movies you know got back what some -- Given the comedies nowadays you know some of the comedies and adults can't watch of the kids isn't so -- young but. I remember when I was counselor can't throw like I had the kids work up -- routine 21 in the dirty dancing Sox. It's definitely hate it we did it lets you look at it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- McKie you know the there -- yeah. You know the moon. Oh you are -- yeah lovers love -- strange about beaches. Why are we value every -- throughout the ages of -- Yeah very sad movie. Reese Witherspoon and JLH both have weird mouse Greg. According to the 617 literally have to look at Jennifer love -- and his love you the chance of weird now small man if he she has its. She -- phenomenal breasts. -- that's why not seen her mouth and she also. The jazz rules as we learn and I don't she's given that you don't think she is an hour. This is Steve hello Steve. -- -- going on guys on -- -- -- thing that I think three a lot of and all these will be and there are women movie that we capsules well. How one of my favorite. Is clueless is back in the day when I was teenager. He's so strong like to grow the current record and some catch which. We mentioned that. Freddie -- and also I'd just have to deal runner aren't our Brian -- -- just or he can't kick out of me a couple of -- Now is summer catch the wind where they they live next to each other and they look look in that there are -- Contacting each other in the windows at night no. I think that's American Beauty so much that you are pretty straight in the -- we -- -- -- the pitcher and that Jessica -- and making he was electric -- bomb and she would go to -- rich girl. Good solid all. Yeah. You know. I think Steve that these women in these movies also. There if they're they're all very nice there they'd they'd they really loved the guy I mean every isn't every man. Seeking -- You're majority. That you would want -- -- only. And I think he's actually. Pigs. It's exactly. That as long as it doesn't have Owen Wilson and his obnoxious nose and I'm Wendell that's an there's this. Listen if you get later after the movie now geologic asleep during the movie sure all the power to write this. Men united in there -- I'm a 38 male and I still use nobody puts baby in the corner once a week at -- this. Later that -- your office. And that guy. But. For the love of the game the baseball movie. Is that what was Clint Eastwood that just a little -- -- is that trouble with the curve out -- -- quicker you know. -- in concert Kelly Preston. He also sent extra last -- this can relax a great movie ha ha -- well that is the only it is. Yes it is they yeah they got back together at the end of the big anon he hasn't really needs it. That's a good idea it was it was it was called the -- Major League as the -- -- good movie what about tin cup. I again and I know that -- that's a chicklet -- terms of endearment great movie night Jack Nicholson makes that -- that's not -- -- I mean she dies but what does. Does dying indicated -- yeah let's oh like a dramatic finale sucked -- -- failure heart yeah yeah.