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Hill-Mail 7-16-14

Jul 16, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. 726. -- -- And that is providing at -- what was that. Ordering -- debt -- got a great editor here. Order -- yeah. There's Newton and the control are there any creamy and warm. So potent that it road. Into the spot and -- boy and a legal sense out there and into the spot and covered well in -- -- -- that I -- taxes. Go to supporting them he let it -- -- -- -- turn them back. It's announced that it. Insensitive credit it's a success just a little insensitive. Tuesday 920. Older. Let's go to like -- respected until I. I could be look -- -- a lot. He goes to doc letters yeah it's done. It and I let it go and you know struck the way. I put it and has a one and a little bit and it moved -- the -- -- great. And so. Guys reinventing himself and he's fifty not a problem I'm just gonna live life -- from fifty to the end zone as hard as I lived it from eighteen to fifty right. -- sorry to do that. With smoltz -- checks -- and rich people -- you have to look the part played apartment and I can afford it and -- health wise -- -- from my science not so I'll listen you do what you gotta -- big -- to be happy Bahrain and I'm gonna do what I am gonna do would be happy we'll see where we end -- at the end of -- -- complete make over going on and the hundreds and -- Roberts overnight editor Rebecca good to go -- 100000 mile trek up the pressure on revenue timing -- nothing wrong idea driver on a flat tires and I don't think so -- -- timing -- a. Didn't pay 10:27. AM. -- -- -- -- We drink. And that guy. Well. And it. Could if you cannot go. It won't recap what we. -- In. America. -- and expect -- okay and how well it -- it out there and all that on national where I can talk at all. -- got in his death as yet again -- she with a ouija board gives you missed any yes I accomplished -- -- Just you know thank access theory and -- -- we do Wednesday -- that we give people if they wanna come in next Wednesday back out there's there's another guy as another guy on the people don't want -- then I noticed and they don't -- naslund you know. Or -- or -- Yeah elite. We don't have to -- that group you know why don't you accommodated and don't go without it they are who are met -- And thinks 09. Are you. Are where. They're. -- -- There's more comic is as I mentioned -- contract and I but -- -- the -- Today's the day in the comic world and Archie dice yeah. And he guys being shot while saving his -- gay friend. And so as many -- we talked about yesterday but a lot of social messages in and comic books these days and I would assume the superhero that's becoming a woman having a sex changes. Along those same lines. What he won't. Load Greg Oden should bring. I have a little -- and are more occurred during. What are. You. That it not be are they weren't I didn't hear Eric -- in -- -- you've read. And number there to -- Dublin and get a radio Laura. -- And as puberty in -- of -- -- would voice changes the gets -- -- hands speculators are. Only Malone. What you wind. In. Your every thought well -- -- we haven't -- I don't deploy that you are there that it duck -- What do -- do -- to -- it won't. Walk. Into. Struck. Who is the actor. Who has been in the most Chick Flicks I bet it's the guy you mentioned earlier Patrick Dempsey would just say it's coming McConaughey is going to be here that I think you've got to hang on yet. The wedding plan very. I mean I think in the treasurer. Her growth of girlfriends past. -- -- a guy -- ten to aid. Yeah I would think that really is you ladies in -- has been in a lot though also pitchers Jason wanted to go to guy -- when it's a win at the chick click send hair. --