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7-16 Is It Fact Or Schmact

Jul 16, 2014|

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- -- when -- I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watch that development capability. Well we don't know the chair was on hold period of Batman real students say it's -- full of facts she Max. Call 6179311. AAF the plate right now. 6617931. Money. And I'm -- go up against -- he didn't. Bob. -- else what to my. Well what you're chuckling to not just really simply person that was -- of this morning read mayor of the budget mr. Of the night it got out beat him I don't like zero in the caucus and I actually did. I don't know -- -- but. You -- ideas he had. Yeah that's impressive and I pay if you win today you get a pair of tickets to go see Judas Priest and steel panther. At the -- you senator coming up on October 14 pick Kevin. How are -- Kevin. Hey Kevin the Twitter bird's name is Larry Bird factor smacked. Our. -- well she's you know enough for -- big computer game midway -- kids don't do anything man in the middle of floor that's whether a computer geeks -- gang members are meant. I'm getting a fact. It without -- well because of the Twitter founder. Biz Stone is from Massachusetts ambassador don't get it there mountains so easily from from wells yes Wellesley yes Wellesley. -- -- -- -- -- May -- And I need is not there what's. He. The whole dropping him went. The -- a larger out there how are you Joseph. Joseph LB's favorite actors swayze. Was only paid 200000. Dollars for dirty dancing factor she -- -- -- -- Although Matt Mack listen pot and understand that they put your heart my friend. Dalton was an artist's first down and actor sacked gas the second out -- the opportunity to make a movie of a lifetime. And got dirty dancing right nobody puts they'll be back maybe in the corner -- -- the fact it is the fact 200000. However he got five million for the sequel. While dirty dancing younger it was just did you know you probably know at the snow and every is the first one always carry out all night when it came out -- mother wouldn't let me watch. Cup -- Larry I am not only because it was a grade getting pregnant I was I don't -- -- any candy and a back and then later on like I just never had bit you know tired to go back and watch anything except for the infamous you know flying dancing and let me let me say this. I have mentioned recently some of my favorite film -- show the notebook is one. I will add dirty dancing to go to Omaha -- -- -- That let's talk -- I am happy I. I don't know I think I get out of I admire shirt and how to get into that I'm adding it to the list hello hey Derek. Thought our target Derek. Out of -- -- excellent the Derek the average woman. Has sacks. Over 3000. Times during her reproductive years factor should act. Moon -- -- expects. You saying it's -- fact please say it's a fact yeah. Yeah did you see off. 3003000. Time did you -- -- -- -- is just giving needed to talk amongst yourselves and did some you don't need them like games you'll need to do that political. Yeah right now -- you know what that seems about right I'm real facts you gotta update it as if the yes that that excess. One year thirty years now Danielle do you remember your reproductive and -- -- the but I thought about it but the apparent preference of ending is that -- I don't -- -- let you sit down to register eskimo. Oxley act and whatnot and the dust up that they'll do the do you think that's a legit number 3000 -- over one of the reproductive years like ten years so well that -- now how aren't exactly twenty. Yet here suede 20/20 five and deservedly so 3000. Yeah sounds about sounds about right there. Depending on your personal schedule and also as this text to point out it also depends on whether she's married and these yeah I -- I mean that's like every three days well I'll but at the problem.