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Mike Hsu Talks to Weird Al Yankovic!

Jul 15, 2014|

Mike Hsu talks to the master of parody songs about his newest(and last) album, Mandatory Fun, and Charles Nelson Reilly

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More NATO and weird Al yeah awesome. Serve bit of big fan my whole life. -- it's great to be talked into you and thank you very much for taking the time a pleasure. This a year your new album. Which just comes out today mandatory fun -- fourteenth album. A thirty year career but I've been reading you've been saying that this this will be the last weird Al album. Is that. And upset people are frightened people I'm not retiring this is not the end of my recorded output I'm just saying that this. Very welcome and I even things I'm not trying hard liners at him saying there's there's a good chance this could be the last conventional album album because we know it. I particularly I feel like I'm more of a single part of the though I'd like to -- things more. More quickly and more more timely so -- ought to be doing you know tracks from singled and possibly EPs but. And I can adopting gonna be like releasing twelve phone -- -- anymore so this is stupid and await the end of an error. The other guys and Aerosmith had just recently mentioned that the they're probably not gonna make a traditional album. But just record when they feel like it blurred out when they feel like it. Yeah I mean this technology there and one at embrace it. Now I I have a question before you give up on the album format you you have to. As a as an artist he's been doing it for thirty years there's certain things that you have to accomplish before you do that you know. I don't like have you released a double album. You know I I I haven't officially but you know what he could take to my -- and crazy glue together. It becomes a double album. Okay Barrick fair enough fair enough what about the double live album you know like the kiss alive -- you know that he got this milestone men together. You know I I don't I don't have one of those like vinyl album the way it opens up in the middle to big -- full ride for I never did that yeah. Now what about the concept album. We now the concept of. You know that's something -- that I that I had in my -- gonna do the rock opera now yeah gotten now. You know the whole -- hold double album live rock opera about Charles Nelson Reilly -- Gonna do to toss. Sorry I even got a good title for that one under the captain's hat. I like it that way I been so good. You know and then there's always the album where you have to do redo your songs with a symphony orchestra. All and I symphonic I arrangement I mean deep purples done it Metallica has done it you know where's weird Al symphonic album. May go to a symphonic PP and OK let's. That's that's awesome I'd like to hear a white nerdy with a symphony. Be excellent while I mean this the from what I've heard of this new element sounding great. I watched the video for tacky. Which is just hilarious -- Jack Black in there and and Margaret Cho and -- shawl and you should Tyler. And who my missing Eric illustrator Eric stone street isn't there just. Stand on as usual another great video thank you from weird Al and I love the song my -- I listen that's on continuously for months 'cause my in my nine year old daughter demanded it. But. I do have an issue -- value -- all these things that are tacky and I I agree with pretty much 99% of them but I learned a -- -- a pitcher. I am one of those people who likes to take pictures of their food. Opened at every meal. Not every meal all put in Europe about the ones that look like -- to me the ones that one yet that's -- the ones that are sexy you know I have this thing -- and -- know it's slowed worn by as they say a food porn thing to a. Well when I joined in mr. Graham the very first picture that it -- was me holding my dinner in front of a fund that. Now yeah beautiful that's a lovely setting it. Now that the mood this is just the first video for tacky bit and you're gonna be releasing. Feeds videos and Dario yeah that's fantastic. So but there last album -- released did you do that same thing or did you release the mall once. I relieve them all once CIA -- that there was a video for every single file on the last and that would and that they all came out of the same time. So that I should take it would it would have to knew some people think oh you're giving him beyond pay -- And now -- know it just sore back that's right. I totally forgot she did that. Yeah I didn't know she initiated a weird now yeah that's right she was she was very eating mule ride the parity king but it but I see what she did there. Out there that I mean but you've got a great take on nom Robin picks blurred lines on -- Cold War crimes. That's kind of an an anthem for me because my friends call me grammar Nazi -- you know when a posting on social media and stuff like that. Mean they're they're all already so many blurred -- purity on YouTube back and you that I had to do to -- a little different because most of the purity revolve around. The misogynist declared from the original song I thought well nobody's doing a song about grammar I just took -- pretty. -- -- exactly thank you for standing up for us thank you might waiter there I'll take it you know back could be the concept down to a whole like double album about grammar. What -- -- guy you know -- coming -- I have I have to I have to do it sounds exciting. After the Charles Nelson Reilly rock got fifth fifth I have to ask you about. When you choose the parity songs. Do do other do some parity signs just scream. Please. Make fun of me or is it something that you do little more research into that there's like a good -- our research thing. It is both I -- felt some hunger practically begging for the weird Al treatment and and I can I can only give it to him today I can I can always think of what I think -- a clever enough idea. I can think of a thousand horrible ideas but it finding a good idea of not not has not been. -- It I I lacked I have -- thousand horrible ideas Toobin never the good ones -- -- -- -- you have some good ones there have you ever had it do you -- artists. For the permission and if you had it to do this at least legally get to do that and if you have has has there ever been a really surprising no. Legally I don't necessarily need to but I I always do get this -- -- -- the right way to go I want the artist to feel like they're in on the joke and right. I don't want them is here's -- -- there you go law. Homes and and the only the only artist who has consistently said no it's been -- and an -- I have -- -- -- like twenty years like and they in the eighties and early ninety's I asked him several times and he just never was so much into it felt like I kind of got the message. Sounds like. It's his madness needs a little sense of humor. Well maybe he'd lighten up again it has been twenty years so you know he's on the new girl now also he's he's probably right yeah her yeah. There you know mob maybe softened up has there ever reaction ever been a reaction that has surprised you like. Whether it's positive or negative like you're expecting someone to be like of this is really pissing me off and then they came out -- -- man this is the greatest. Well there's there's some people that we were told would be a hard nut to crack like when we went after Don McLean for American pie you you know which. You know everything and oh don't even bother I mean he is so protective of that song he never let anybody do anything -- that I mean that's now you know I can get that. And he could have been sweeter he was the nicest guy he's happy to let me do it and and we're still friends -- you were we're on each other female or Christmas list. Awesome while. Now that year. You're getting out of your record contract you have little more freedom peace and you're probably gonna. Release songs here and there are do -- you know like your own pace is -- time now for the all instrumental. Shredding accordion album. I have to write all these -- I'm gonna get around all of these eventuality -- it's there's a market for that out there just this place home third act in my career -- just describing it like Joseph such -- on the shredding the accordion type you know. The kind of thing you know when you can get like Andy Newmark on drums or some other big session guy and. You know there there's there's actually. On my YouTube channel there's a video of me shredding live on stage in Ohio. -- an actual paper shredder. Oh my god yeah that's a hole. Concept album right there yeah. Just different paper -- and a symphony of paper shredder is all it's all coming together now. This is fantastic. Well what I'm looking forward to Ivan is the nerd this is the only ones putting out the video we go to your website noticed I know he's not my. I worked with the a lot of different partners on these videos -- as did good attacking video. I'm working with -- college humor and funnier Diane a lot of different portals but be your one stop Al -- is -- weird Al dot com all all the videos will be here for your enjoyment. So the next seven days. A new video every day that's for. Excellent all right weird -- thank you so much mandatory fun out in stores I appreciated and I am very much looking forward to what you're gonna do a music. Your music in the future another you're not gonna do the traditional album thing but I will be definitely waiting. My whole life for the Charles Nelson Reilly rock opera what thank you for already but I heard very baseline meant.