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Masshole Theater: Snow White 7-14-14

Jul 14, 2014|

Every Monday we take a trip to the Masshole Theater to hear famous scenes with the Boston accent.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Yeah yeah Hill Man Morning Show -- -- -- Today's -- -- the enterprise. Two tickets to go see the pretty reckless. At the house of blues on September 10. So call now 6179311. Area if you would like to play -- theater. Our weekly celebration. Of the unique vocabulary. That exists only here. And Massachusetts. And -- today's actors have taken a scene from a film. And they have interchange some of the normal vocabulary. With those words that we only use here in our state and Townsend saying and phrases and we have a lot of you know just unique. Grammer now Vietnam -- that Disney film. I've got one assailant and is the -- and it's one of those Disney films from you know of their early nineteen hundreds -- just not -- cartoon so it's a classic that everybody it's no one of these new ones like a Milan where you know half the people know -- everybody knows this movie knows this -- -- -- it got absolutely. Mass hold -- -- got to deal -- a term to describe. What -- guided edit your views this he had gotten it wasn't -- -- occurred it was -- little -- now alliance who are these two actors. Caitlin and Brian there actually a couple lovely couple don't -- well they from do you remember Boston -- and I asked because. -- One of them. Character parts in this doesn't superb job because there's some rhyming and dostum you know you gotta gotta kind of make it flow in a given that Disney feel -- so I think you're really gonna enjoy this -- all right Caitlin and Brian here we go. -- America in the column on my hero Libya that is did you not -- for -- about a check out boy you give me an antenna and you know on the. Over the -- more down -- sex before the ferry ferry out isn't. She's the fairest of -- market no sack that killed that off deep debt over I want -- deep attack. Didn't she he had Natalie Jacobson reported on WCVB. Channel five news won a white guys -- -- where they buried her -- now. Pap -- it still laps fairest in the lands you don't need to -- that's rob Ashe to the hot of a pig. Had a gig I got close gas. That is -- me and Disney's. -- over in the -- this. Every player only after I don't know if I don't I mean if you don't -- now. It was. A 100%. Government's -- them calling it did this. Thing going for their content replay and yeah. God almighty. Yes yeah what what films that. Well you know a little out this year that you don't report the numbers are strong yeah I know I'm. I gonna have to say small white and the seven point oh yeah yes Syria absolutely yeah. We freed from -- up from Bogut yeah. Million dollars through the front right and Robert WA AF yeah I'm not obligate you in the next mouthful there is so you can -- whole movie I think it. Let's go to our content replay right now I got here and -- out here that moment. -- -- In the column on my hero will be -- -- -- did you not Terrero yeah about it Jacqui south employee give me an pants and a -- on it yet. Over the sag more down -- sex before the ferry ferry out isn't. She's the fairest of the market no -- that -- is off deep debt over I want to tap the didn't she Kia Natalie Jacobson reported on WC VD channel five news one know why these guys rat hole when they buried her hack. Not. Upheld it still laps fairest in the -- you don't need. Kid that's rubbish says the hot of a pig you're holding hands had a lot -- I got -- gas. -- I. And always that thought I mean yeah I can just draw little cartoon. Going on with that amount it's no -- with the Red Sox have gone yeah I'm a little bit twisted diet. When you've but he -- we should put. You know how they take videos and they put the prior to Iowa which development it's almost like entitlement and the amazing -- it. Well that's fit to plastic -- whole theater here. On a Monday morning at WA AF.