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Breaking Your Junk Sounds Like This 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

After discussing the story of the man with a broken penis and hearing from Greg’s friend Larry, LB decided to simulate the noise that was described when the penis break. Fella’s be warned.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I can't believe this. -- healthy where did you get a stock of celery from. The the new -- cafeteria unmanned me and I don't know is that he thought he gave you seller -- way but put that up at the microphone robot here we go. For those of you -- are completely. In in utter shock and pain and are are not horrified here is these the big gigantic stack of celery you know LB got from. The new balance cafeteria here we go -- we're gonna videotape but also here we always they'll heavily on Mercedes but I just like it was wet. -- The whole bit. Well. It's hot I'll. It just in case you administered at like when they do those. Attached to. About like helping you go through reenactment than sex that we can the captain the guy that's a that was right there. Are hall. Old people all off that was just a whole alarming now Peta. Here's -- -- -- -- -- here's a nurse who says that the that. T. Culprit is most often reverse cowgirl yeah. You know I wouldn't I would think any female on top because you know your bounce up and down short come all the way up and try to bounce back down all the sudden it'll guys angle to the side and then again and moves into your program -- -- can master that looked up McConnell -- -- for -- going back following. A news. I just I apologize but it was that was called for by the listeners the listeners demanded. That we are constant replay on Larry not nine not me hello bill. What's up bill. Not much that it's one -- -- thank you guys that I actually had a double knee replacement eight weeks ago and look and then end the first time any weak side and think about my -- what blog. Wasn't so bad getting both these -- pocket and it could admit it. You're walking. Up and it could have a lot alerts. While. Paxson wants to know if it was a bigger woman now I know Larry's woman not a big one down. The need to be a bit now it's just didn't feel that it's likely you're chewing you bite your tongue and don't merely commenting don't realize how much force an old movie like that and I colds. It's the same thing it's like you know you come down on -- and -- think I'll not be OK I'm so sorry but I'm -- you can. -- I will never hears it taxed minds of any text I will never be able to eat celery and without thinking of that -- I had of that Port Charlotte area. -- thought. Well that's Larry we learned earlier it's commonly called. Changing lanes without signaling. And it's something you should all be aware it's it's it's something that all men men and women also he did. -- how about when you're doing what you're doing gentle direct its eight bit. These seven it's going to be sunny today it's sorting out there -- -- some of the coming up to like -- but we do partly cloudy now it's gonna be double sun went down. -- 77 today and that -- the weekend is going to be fantastic sunny and 82 tomorrow. And sunny and 81 on Sunday hello Bob. A -- yes Bob. It. When you are driving our goal right until you yeah comic at a drop out -- I thought I had a feeling in my. Don't think that this comment Asian I. I now experience and queasy I think it's good to warn people don't you. I absolutely. The medical problem and got them hope I hope you never do.