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Live Call From Greg's Friend Larry Who Broke His Junk 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Our friend Larry called in to discuss what happened when he himself broke his penis.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule -- WA AF. I'm too I'm trying to get my body. Who had the broken penis to check him I think he's he always said obviously he's telling the story you're interested in this that much sense that this came about why -- now that we get on that topic the Russian ballerina Natalia these severe injuries to her -- -- right right right right. Is that my buddy okay. This is the medical portion of the show the very important I don't know if he wants to be. Identified. On the air wants to remain anonymous polo Powell. Which -- which I say your name murder. I'm a Kansas this is my buddy Larry Larry Larry is that I can you know Larry Larry you know -- you know and now. Larry we were talking about this Russian ballerina. Her husband. Was injured she's a famous ballerina she was kicked out of the -- the Bolshoi Ballet because she was. She got a little too big for them F 5610660. Pounds. That's -- and her husband was sent to the hospital and he's still in critical condition after. It's a sexual missed them mishap and I mentioned your incidence and some just as like -- cautionary tale for men. Can you can you just look kind of tell everybody exactly what happened UN in this so lovely lady where involved in that romance. And it sound and there was some Korver -- like a miscalculation. In the in the up and down movements in Iraq. I would say you're out the correct them now. OK and so. When that happened. -- -- you did you feel immediately I mean certainly felt immediate pain did you know that the organ had been broken. Who would not -- voting. Certainly it happens every now all of those guys can terror. Our drug our. It was a little a little more than normal. They lift that are out the -- -- it happens. It was so like RC and -- yeah. -- -- -- -- now that technical. But something broke correct. So -- correctly there are several a lot of quality human anatomy yes situation so what broke exactly. Well agricultural quote are full and accurate it's got. All all three of those countries are certainly or. All my fingers and why don't they still have to finish this may sound. Like when you when you crack a -- it would. All right well Michael looks sounds totally ridiculous because salaries that. Now -- Wow I I suppose. Pages idea of -- I feel the need to apologize to every man listening right now so then. Did you immediately -- knowing you needed to. Go to the hospital. -- There were some Flickr so I was like of course you know whatever -- well where. And so you go to hospital and need to you know -- Did you make something up like I dropped a can of canned goods in my in my car and I didn't like -- -- what happened. So they're Maryland was little total and analysts and isn't this isn't funny people now know is not funny and so Larry you have to have surgery. All out throughout search for apps or three hour surgery goes so it's so -- know with with the but did you good did you call an ambulance you'll yourself. Use what our original idol heart surgery and it would draw it up so yeah. And then it in did they give you something so that you don't have so like that you don't -- not seem so I don't mean. So that you don't have like another erection does that not. You a or could you not have one. Argue that you can't happen because of -- To get a little medical backgrounds. You have to blood vessels -- actually you're the erection. And generally. If this happens what -- Barbara told me. Our most articles one vote Brussels on -- you just now or maybe this out but. I step. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So that normally does not -- -- -- -- Don't know what it was -- business plan you are and what might not that worried actually I'm pleased. All. I believe occasionally crazy -- this is very important for men know about as he slowed things down a little bit about this -- for the the vigorous. How to control. Acrobatic OK just slowed down and take it easy. Our life is short and I don't want to end up in the ER with a snapped penis likely -- so Larry how is after the surgery is everything OK you mean it. Fortunately fortunately for me at this particular point. Everything seemed -- than normal -- yeah. I -- I got -- now I don't look at -- and the pit -- Yeah Obama but anyway I wouldn't -- like that -- You know it's -- -- that -- is every chick but for the rest of time we -- know -- -- -- -- -- always always you know always be in there had to be you know whenever they they have a lot of votes actually we're and your -- -- -- thoughts -- that -- allegedly illegal -- -- but. Actual spot would have little select as their work my Irish you know they -- it took three -- ultimate operation. Out of school yet he's got -- -- At a couple wanted now. If. All right well listen I appreciate the fact the on not fun on your honesty we got it. We we got on the topic and I remembered your phone Colin -- like the -- this might be important for men to know about -- huge that this could happen so. Short Circuit Court to resolve all our innocence but it is here yeah now I mean they don't have to be Hercules and now. -- think -- that's whether they're big college kids get it now doesn't have you know. When a when a child gets a burned by candle. The child does not go back near the candle are are you and then you in this lovely ladies still together I -- part of. Absolutely -- well not quite that way you do it yeah -- -- going there you weren't afraid to get back on that bicycle lineup at right tonight is that correct. That it they're absolutely suck it up so well I think they look for birds were finally we decided to vote activities after the operation yeah. I -- about America great again lawyers -- this. It's a warrior lately here -- quiet normal. -- -- Bags ball -- I don't our -- over. There obviously they're there. -- don't load this thing is just gonna have a real. -- LSU that is true it's just me let's just get that he has that'd be real careful on these. One of them on -- wanted an absolute monster. Well why I broke the -- stuck. That's unbelievable a teachable moment both whenever I and -- you know to be very experienced never ever lie when you go to the emergency about. Your injury that is -- they need to know Tony trail the other you to know exactly that -- several men. Unable. -- ever eat celery again they're -- right path tool that over here it -- never shall wait a minute settled leverage. -- like you -- doing so hot for a bloody Mary and I am. That's about it guerrilla. That's right that's about it public this even though here's a 50 -- text I'm a woman and encouraging do you buy now or illness most painful for us but it. You can imagine if you were responsible would you feel bad if you were responsible for breaking Larry's been in -- I went down I mean that he's Attubato as the father of -- If I could cause an injury like that may never regardless you -- I think this at Texas says this guy's the man got his junk split half and he still goes back and and -- has played well again you've -- you know comment when you know it's good -- -- I don't have bicycle get back in your pocket and I asked him.