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Broken Penis Story 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

A major topic of discussion as we find out about a man who broke his penis while having sex.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule that's WA AF. We've got to talk about the guy who was injured during sex with his Russian. Ballerina. Wife. To quote Kramer. And one of my favorite episodes -- felt Jerry. Net's -- melt your case I haven't seen this particular piece of information for -- -- tree it's pretty it's very three. So the guy is 45 years well. Andy ballerina. -- Garcia. Bullish coma. 38 years old she was kicked out of the Bolshoi Ballet by the way because she was quote unquote. To have eaten she was too fat she was 56 you know and like -- nothing. And they said that none of her male partners wanted to picker -- carriers to talk about some pretty Madonna's -- boys. So the she and her husband would have. Bouts -- very acrobatic style sex. Scores that we got a lot of marriage can't waste that talent got no I mean a lot like nearly every married couples constantly having acrobatics that especially after like 1020 years I've. So after one a particular day with a couple had sex a few times. He complained of incredible back pain and could not get up from the couch. Had to I don't know where that. I went through the debilitating back in the brutal ago. So we went to the Los. But -- being treated for some different back issues. The medication they gave -- wouldn't help. Couldn't stand up he's confined to his bed right now we're really and she had to do an interview with us the media outlets and she was like well the only thing we did with have a meal and have sex twice that day. So really camp that says so meal than women while he has with other Neil -- Ordered some. Very Infiniti vehicles pollute the but and then -- there some. -- and sold from sealing them and the defensive move wedge to -- six times in this month. And -- penis. Happened to land perhaps little bit because he moves in the wrong spot and yeah. He had it's on the littlest pieces that kind of fashionable compact of -- so it had to move forward. So his going to invest a little while but witnesses he doesn't have to do any work. I got a friend who recently broke his penis. When my point in having such alignment and for now I swear to god. He is fractured yeah. -- I mean the -- -- -- the guys might be listening I -- to -- -- -- -- please call adults what do what do you do if you -- here's what they did a recap -- human detects -- you don't you know what I need to hear about this. That is amazing how did -- have major surgery really the other thing what's the tube in that's different -- the thing broke. Must have been an awesome swelling bloody mental -- nightmare. It is about severance is in the main now dangers that may gives you the bonus that Hillary is the best differences as that's what trickles right now doesn't transfer this poorer sperm from -- not to -- -- thank you. Know a lot of doctors just nervousness understand what was the I'll leave that -- that's -- you know that are going to be get their act differently. I don't know this dude -- is talked about it the economy we know we don't I was you don't know him. -- Either. That might have played soccer with my daughter and one time and -- opinion is that I do at the end the -- people do we use the voice -- trying to -- about lake on the company's behalf but also there are a lot of problems finishing line and -- as a youth doing their reversed -- a couple of cops are allowed came off did you know the cut at the very common thing I guess injured homeowners. Horror when then when Andrea transcribed misses is that nine are as SEC complaint -- they came in the penis comes out. And the penis goes to go back where was the but it's a roadblock and they asked the problem yet exactly but -- -- if you will let. I don't think it's -- detained in Pittsburg. I'd like that and -- -- them. And then he. Well hanging fruit that 33 day out but it does not any low hanging pregnant I medical society in -- right okay users day. Doctor -- I'm watching and I this dark dark drives the other day and -- up. Raid on the a reserve board today. They had that they had -- the penis and I asked the woman I got their lives and -- and great -- big bold letters for the audience -- to -- that TV is what's -- Mikey. Okay yeah -- did you yeah. Yeah I don't. Know all. Donna and I never I haven't had a vasectomy. I can't give up on have been. More kids yeah yeah new limits and on a corner as. He does so clubhouse and I'll get a better govern meet our estimates from normally -- give away -- -- You glass half full or something bad that happened -- I read something yesterday about vasectomies that. Did I read that vasectomies. Attend now they believed because prostate. Answer entirely constantly it was -- test them. -- -- I'd like to thank our listener who sent who who treated some photos his vasectomy and progress you know yeah another theory I -- you could be -- I congratulations elected at this. Innings that night is somewhere -- have annihilation. Like -- here's the five await tax my sister in -- broke a dude jumped on vacation and everyone in the house -- -- -- -- They. Bears used yet there's a steady at his Linkedin vasectomies to an increased risk for aggressive. Prostate cancer really aggressive. They say the risk is comparatively small. Certainly Rollins is currently reviewing the study. That was done by Harvard researcher to cut and here's Jack LoJack. -- appointment -- -- -- -- what what. Hurt -- is commonly known as anything more without your. -- -- it's kind of like it would not the same thing but kind of like landing at the wrong era. I've been out for it it's not too bad -- the Iowa. Yeah the passenger. You know. The passengers really so changing lanes without signaling can lead to a broken team. And of course landing at the rock airport. I need to other issues also which we don't need to discuss Diana's family oriented program. -- Here's a tax it says it's commonly called AD real moment well all right I love my group. It's learning -- --