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The Response From Reverend Rob 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

A new segment on the show where a man asks advice from Reverend Rob. The man asks is it cheating if his wife got a topless massage from a gay man?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online -- on your schedule -- WA AF. Attacks early this morning. Please ask reverend rob if it is cheating. If your girl gets a topless massage. From a gay man. Reason I'm -- ways he accomplished. But lord she is no reason I'm asking is I just found out that my girlfriend got a topless massage I was angry she told me it wasn't a big deal because the guy told with the start of the massage that he was. Well that's -- That's the classic line from -- -- but my god what don't worry about faith and that's like when you don't know the only way you can finishes I would north I. A good clip posted after the alleged that -- -- out. What you get you'll face you know through regulation tonight. In Egypt and I know -- ask your girl left by any chance throughout her conversation if they spoke. He was IQ now you might be you have such a great body that you could be the one and you know I've always questioned. Well -- -- -- -- -- as if that happened then yeah maybe. She suspect he suspect. Well but. It's not as tough as you think if the intent. This is kind of where I go to you if if you know she had this massage book in minutes not you know. -- the weird thing where she's gone and maybe she's mentioned this guy's hot he's whatever you know and she just booked a massage happened to me do that she invoked it wit and she's doing her normal procedure because I'm guessing. When women go right they're getting topless or that they get. -- -- -- -- -- -- Did not know. But how they intend to Ferraro was nothing sexual she's getting a release of a different kind of -- -- a lot of faith in this struggle. Some lawyers say if there's already saying that it's not cheating he's saying that if she booked the massage and it just so happened to be that guy correct. No problem right but -- voters should know what. I'm just why does -- matter what I am curious why in the sewer. Felt the need to clarified her it's OK okay then -- yeah it gives us again. Yeah frankly my nudge there -- when you say something like even -- It does the it was when you have a massage. Did they massage groups now focused on a normal. That's not I guess maybe he's not -- and that they massage and moves his feet he's just saying she was topless during because every massages and make it. You can it's pretty tickled get a massage and appear chino was like George is the incident yeah so a guy that's an issue is probably that there are men. Who when there are warm and cozy get the massage and it's from a guy. They think that it's automatically a sexual thing now that -- -- guys have that inherent guilt is a lot of times and they're going to -- our Antigua with this. -- -- On now and I am. But getter proverbs or -- and was. And by no matter Massa. You know -- -- on and I don't think this mess you where -- been you know is doing anything terrified you run guerrilla -- I'd be getting twenty hours of the key element. About it -- that's gone back on the weekly to the same guy guy -- lack of Nashville suspect that if the real problem you would would you allow your woman. To get a massage from a man -- you'll have got her hands were again right helped me a little man Tom at a. Yeah every two that -- -- -- is only okay because Laney and now. Because the way it took it. Because why he could be so he's mildly game it doesn't work at getting -- on the scale of -- and that he could be pretending I hate. Course as. Imposing person. I think that the excuse -- a sixteen here's a number call beyond beyond today 6179311. AA -- 6179311223. Or you can tax the WA AF by promoter group tax items 97107. If you wanna be horrified and you're listening at about 6:15 this morning listen at 835. And you'll hear a rare -- replay on my pal Larry's story about the broken penis in the three hours surgery afterwards. And it on Monday will be back with a bunch of stuff going on on the show. Including. Mass whole theater at 730 and inside the simple mail mindedly fifteen and and don't forget on Tuesdays at 730. It's a belt oil prices right. This show. Is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information. Go to echo stored dot com that's echo stored dot com that the teacher. In trouble for having sex with your students I mean what should we bother doing these stories anymore yes it is the mug shots -- it's worth it just to be able to. Does Omnia social media as -- more township Pennsylvania is where this happens. Tiffany licensed 26 years old. Charged with two felony counts of institutional sexual assaults. Investigators allege that she slept with two high school seniors that are home in separate occasions and exchanged sexual text messages with them. Now both students are eighteen they are the legal age of consent not but as well hear hear from. Moon township police chief Leo McCarthy. In this situation in that state that doesn't matter. AD and even -- the sex was consensual it's unlawful is just like a schoolteacher. Having sexual relations with a student regardless of if the studio is seventeen or eighteen. It's unlawful to felony of the third degree it provides protection for the person who is functioning at a subordinate level in it in an institution. The -- can make a decision. About whether it has to have sex with a unchecked they'll report what's your problem but it but it with a check but I believe I was eighteen years all of that jesus'. Yes. Impress me is student relationship. -- -- She is such a -- and she. Is -- solid six yeah well. Depends on the picture I mean this picture issued -- sell you this picture she's solid four and there's a great bathroom toilet -- bleach on top. -- yeah. What do people do -- like two seconds to clean up your environment or at least -- on Photoshop -- -- Here's. Here's a 781 text based on what you said earlier Dana. On a scale of one to ten. One being Rock Hudson and ten being liberal. How area that would be -- -- economic and then this very interesting question. 603 texts -- New Hampshire LB yeah I got this this person needs your help create or perhaps. The help of the listeners. And I would assume that maybe this is something. That men have an issue with him I'm assuming this is a man. Since we are on the topic of massages. LB yeah how does one ask a masseuse. If they provide a happy ending to step out of being awkward and getting arrested is what -- a. Area again and again if you think it's awkward. Then you're not the guy that should. Be looking for a -- But what if you ask you -- -- would it would what is it if you ask that did you really do it like -- I mean shouldn't you be going to a place where you know all. What do you know. -- -- I don't know I get with the guys ain't gonna cut I call I get busted their entire lives the chips are you afraid therapeutic healing supply in the front. And there's usually some Asian characters and no it's not just analyzing and it -- an end -- you know this because -- across the street filming everybody going and not. -- answer quite ready about it but I -- that you would never do that there you don't know you know him Gary alleged plot. -- -- but what our listeners asking and I understand. If you're not Andy let's say you call a masseuse to come over to euros which they do -- For a half hour an hour. My friend Robin does it. But. You just asked. You just imagine I call Robin magic can't she's amazing moment when we -- and eventually get the PM no no she doesn't -- the finish. It Belmont differently and everybody but yeah. Good for everybody coming up -- but but again every game with just might do or you don't know manually. So just -- say listen you know is there any chance that didn't. You know you are -- you can beat me up at the end. Email that I posted -- I like that happens this is something this is really funny because it's something that I never really understood you guys. When I go to the idea the guarantees. I always have Purdue at first. When Maine a right that getting that -- and relax and have yet to get all of you know relax and and you get the missing died after you're headed there she. But yet he doesn't it just ask -- in him and why should why would anybody be offended. You know Saint Louis and the US and its ideas I get a couple of -- I got an extra Honda. This we don't have a little extra extra would you very would you do Adam has been nice about it -- -- -- that your this tax there. Says that the code word is a soft side. Here now linked now here's the tax 781 tax my sister. Is a licensed masseuse. And told me that it is illegal and you can be arrested if you ask that question. That is what -- it through. Via. That it's illegal. That was just a place busted him in beautiful active. -- this verified. That the hides well you know if they're not they're not native hosts this. That's how this verifies what obesity the other day a 43. Year old massage parlor employee. Was arrested on Thursday and charged with -- accepting payment. For sexual acts and the business where she was working was shot down LB enact them. The woman was named. -- ZEO is anger and she was charged with -- sexual conduct -- -- The business was called. Forever. Helping us well of course atlas that -- With wellness and well being therapeutics by in the title question never understood legalize it it was the business was called forever ending. With the what's the name of careless and -- -- here's the text there who says I always ask if they provide full service but again this is the thing you could ask about. And not be at the right place and and you'd be immediately dragged out in handcuffs and on channels and from ever coming in here and -- -- been doing a story. That I prefer I. I don't even unfurl otherwise I that's not even -- I don't even get don't want him doing all -- cops now and -- why would I ever be embarrassed lately I'd be embarrassed that I -- had to call any chicken down bail me out from. From the masonic hall is in PD Cusack and knuckleballer just an area that never actually can't get them aren't any you know you go to online understand her I would I would not be -- game that you know -- tell you wouldn't know. You would say that's cheating. Like a massage just edit thing it's inappropriate and all the talk like this is a highly random break fifty year old she. What offense random 26 year old daughter well I'm blessed to walk and his back right pregnancy anymore and it's way more than -- normally. And. Again. But that any anti I was flying in Tom from the green are saying that's not grabbed -- -- keys and I noticed a crescent street. Little. -- and Danielle would be. This stuff into and that. And the animals' lives. There but there's nothing they're starting -- there's no zero and there's so it's a negative emotion that. I guess sexual hooker it's it's okay didn't no emotional I. -- what kind of out of its of its hand at -- somebody might you don't -- he wanted to switch it on here would stand -- let's kick came flying in Canada almost all and I yeah like you know any 5050 shot I don't. I'm manicure and I just kinda how I kind of feel my big meat -- I don't know under a pleasure my son time -- I wanna get a nice little deep -- tiny little -- and. It just kind of happened -- Content stories and then you can massage therapist or listening -- -- all alcohol or yeah our guys brought it up great turn down stories that are and really all I'm sure there are. Yeah out ladies you can remain anonymous. But if you're female masseuse. It's got to happen. Where the guy goes I mean you have to go for the like feed via some that close I mean after it was soon it get -- after his clothes and how. -- let me and odds are 5050 right well below the 5050 chance that I there's a better than a 5050 chance. Yeah. Am the impostors they played the street -- masseuse and we wouldn't be money ms. king. Well. Again. Here's. 978 text there in the medical field happens. I'm a nurse and I. I gave a Blatter scanned and the patient wanted me to continue and then he. It's and then -- Faster than anybody release make did you have to give the -- -- the ultrasound -- I Gary. He's in and trying to get mileage savings here but the picture dressy dress Conan the patient wideners continue on in that seems a bit. Awkward bow anchor without thinking here is to get your car and you're around -- my -- around the -- Gary. But I I told that story won't -- with a beautiful nurse from Libby from Alabama and then you'll donors team -- grabbed my penis -- smacked the top of it as an -- -- yet. She's stimulus funding but doesn't that that is the sound -- now that Larry -- this -- I. And I -- you didn't know honestly I don't I don't copper polarized. Believe. Saves yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- massage therapist. Issue says what a guy out there that she immediately. All the guys and a call the police. If you're an opinion like all the -- the right now. Now -- I missed the first part of your life and wedged in -- so your wife is a masseuse. I'm not a lot of my not my light to the front line. OK and so she says when they say. You know can do you do happy ending she goes I'm calling the cops Amy and then she doesn't have to do the massage. Right. That they always say. And the guy races out of there a plan yeah. Ever Jared guy he never returns an eight re races out there shamed and embarrassed.