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Is It Fact or is it Schmact 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

Following a perfect performance LB did not fare so well this time as we learn about the average weight of a cloud, what the most annoying word is, and who invented capital letters.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule that's WA AF. -- Max right now -- call 6179311. A a app and you can play. But Hill Man Morning Show invites you to -- -- -- Again still leaves when I was in Bangkok Thailand and I watched -- beat now off and take only about. Well we don't know the share -- -- -- their lives better real soon demonstrate its diverse facts she Max. Ice a couple of tickets for the WAA. Out there should -- show which is at the house of blues on September. 2. Action Max. Your chance to find out whether you know more than Boston former Boston Bruin Lyndon byers below a shame. -- -- -- -- -- -- excellent -- from. -- a Clinton well I'll be carefully is that the irrational fear in the first case that they. West -- the west -- over there -- Clinton mosquito right though throw on the off this week and right chain. But I Oregon -- and I had to go to court. Okay Aaron that's shame in a new survey. Of Americans said that sell the was the most annoying that so why February. Backed abortion back. That's that other better OO. Why are we like there's not that RUE what you are you took the words right out of my momma gonna say no I I was gonna say the old word you used to be you know low. Has been replaced by by itself is being. I hate I hate to do with the boat yellow yellow is the 00 still most annoying -- cell be is number two up. Number three is quirky. And number four is and I cannot. Stand this. Cray Cray. You can get really doing -- -- this weekend no big -- at number five is a Lego like the let's get though. Number six trashed a number seven black. Number eight going him. Number going and a it's against her hard as a -- and. Never knew that number nine active. -- -- wretched and there are these this bracket using -- and I -- have to that's ratchet that's something. That was that's been doing hello Tara. Hello how are yet Tara. Are you excellent weary from. -- -- okay -- the average cloud. Weighs one point one million. Pounds. Back or she -- -- -- okay. Ha -- okay so I gotta get back into deal density chemistry and a leader in the water yeah. -- -- Yeah. He -- clout to Korea are we talking. One point arrogant are we talking cumulus novelist Nicholas I think I didn't play as nimble and never heard of nimble enough you know that the -- its members that -- You rigid and and milk and a whole plot it's just that cloud I don't know -- -- and clout and bill clubs a club that reaches. Yet at the top of the the atmosphere out there in Atlanta when this case and and so it compresses it looks like -- -- -- -- -- when they -- -- it drops down and lives in drops down on the road runners and many years and this causes that mean I try to talk to the spread -- yeah in -- path processors. Factors that are except Iraq at the facts it is the fact yes you know that put the you know app of the Lou I know it's your show the elderly and our -- -- -- passionately about -- I now. -- -- Well there are you shocked. I bet your very -- capital letters were invented by the -- Italians. Factor smacked. Well are -- an Italian -- I thought our. And -- accept that. Exactly you think about it romantic. New morale stuff or a hundred genius don't use any other letter and integrity and that the greatest -- years immigrants -- warriors the greatest every regional and -- -- writers and yes given the fact yes actually it was the Irish the Irish. All Irish -- Is -- capital letters is that from the like the Celtic you if you get like an old book you know -- letter will be this huge Celtic design rob burial elaborate it's probably at the analysts and -- if you want your Barrett then that's. I do it don't matter out of LB's bit below wreck -- -- Rick how Mario Mario. I'm excellent thank you Princess Diana and Prince Charles. Had been together in person. Only thirteen times before their wedding day back to Porsche -- old -- Recession that. Will OK was that together -- two times in public and no in person. Physically together in person like it or leave -- I mean the whole thing was. Just seems bizarre that hey how that smoke show a young girl in the matter is that dope -- -- Harry he's married to now. This level that the seriously -- the that you'd you'd you'd gave up Diana led -- pack up and that is that piece of cardboard. So. I'll sing I'll six -- the fact he had. They don't love thirty Obama and read marriage they're team you and are what Marines are marriage for every time. I have -- trouble finding you know my current boyfriend I love very much they're you know at 39 lead in the however some odd years. I can't do an arranged marriage those and where do I don't know -- -- -- six idiot that signed up for that show with and they get married is Lindsay and her. It -- -- they got the girls like I had kind of -- -- like you only now.