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Hill-Mail 7-11-14

Jul 11, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hour, topics included the broken penis guy, and the man fired for buying pot first in Washington.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule that's WA AF. Now each unit during do talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man out. Do think that. Hello to your impression that -- meadows for a little spot aren't Howard Cosell. That there were. Don't worry that -- wouldn't -- both sorry. On WA. I'm John Wayne. I'm Richard Nixon. And Richard in yesterday and little bit this morning you know who heads out. I mean I you let me. -- only big -- buyer by. -- -- The hill mail messages -- -- the times the show -- calm out there trying to figure out early Galatasaray. -- days till now messages are brought to you by Cadillac of nor with the dealership you deserve visit them on route one. The auto mile or online act Cadillac Norwood. Dot com. -- -- 7:32. AM. Again you know under The -- might -- an -- -- view I don't fear but by love that may not well and -- it. You know what it. And -- people here shaving your -- an army. In a little tickle ethical compromise. You name. Object to the arm hair yes they're -- armpit -- -- really if I don't think it's express it that you order a policy got linked up in the air -- you can if you have a hearing masterminding the best. Who cares really every -- mentally. The command changed is that there's a -- -- inch EU caught -- -- couldn't put your children. But -- -- -- you gotta do it every day it is a bit worse than an inch was it an early favorite that's an amount that's. Now ranked. I would probably take. You know. A little bit excessive enough department and you know just to have a nice new place to rest credentialed I was somewhere. It's. Something we recently where everybody had shaved armpits and turning pro show yeah yeah. Exactly and yeah that guy that's open pit that's an area that's we had a terrible. Between cool older. Kept up. And I -- If you don't -- -- I got a brother doctors. Concluded. -- appeared well and I didn't get normal court after a very good. And that message are you Italian. Sailors -- -- doctor -- yeah. He did a case study yesterday I'm telling everybody tweeting me all day people had. What without telling. Their friends why they were doing it. They said it like these people were tweeting he had a my body was walking his dog. I asked him to time how long the -- -- court and that was when he won second straight up every single race nine unbelievable did amazing. So they've if you miss that somehow yesterday during facts Macs every single mammal humans included. He's -- average for exactly twenty ones active. Do it today. When you're sitting on the care and ladies -- guys -- guys Qaeda wherever your knowledge it was that it was it would. -- -- -- or three DeWitt what you don't after we'd started three at work batted. Last night. Before I went to bed and when I woke up this morning. And everyone was between seventeen and 23 cents. Is my he's funny Tinny to me pretty rural PM. -- They decrepit. Quit throwing the Cole really up to a table all the I don't know particularly. Drove already told all of my battery. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that message but any negative effects for you. As -- -- in -- -- negative effect of the spirits. I believe I'm good Virginia -- don't know now is we don't know about flat and that that series and then hearing next Wednesday -- -- regulator -- true -- now well it'll -- we -- Wednesday again next Wednesday -- win some people who believe. -- so if you're a believer. Get a hold Robby can email Roberts Robin WA AF dot com yeah I've if you don't we G experience costs now here's somebody who uses the we'd G. And you you don't we G moves and you've seen it work I want real believers wanted one more -- -- rally freebies -- media doesn't. I don't know I don't. Like coming here Wednesday. And Wimbledon and it somehow I can't we just after that if it moves if you see it move -- -- a threat but I must articulate gonna bury that thing in the -- and out and I know you guys are afraid of the board so it's fine after that little bit will be done. No one old. -- doubt very you know hit bad -- and aren't the obvious physical get it and art. Equipment is a problem there. Well thought -- -- -- the problem it open if you read my family know -- the problem is nobody. I saw that coming from a mile away -- -- How do you think -- -- -- bobcat that was up from my daily run. Why why run saunter. Jobs observation of other people when he walked. Analysts or -- we want. We already talked about the -- -- Peterson case -- -- one years old -- find go to town beyond mad mad crazy get after I run 26 miles do America on every your great night. Here here here fifty -- Slowest. Who. I -- I mean now more and that's twenty minutes today that broken penis segment with -- Larry up this morning. Just alarmed a lot of man can get up it's important point that stuff out because he do you need to be careful with that story the surgery afterward that. The way he described it. The salaries stick to get a get the audio and you get the noise and really. The whole thing was just alarming. 21 -- Court Friday morning and it did you know you got the democracy element negative -- and it. -- -- -- -- -- The negative credit unit the one who called work. No 1 in the morning all -- they base that negative energy all -- and by all 1 on Monday morning. All of it negative energy and all take BP and come back. And the message -- -- -- -- ten absolutely everybody asked the hurdle -- think can it be passionate about it. I find your passion and then. You get paid that we -- still here but because I love it doesn't crash ayalon -- -- for a minute ago you love it. Didn't choose -- 1091000. -- 1040. What. The credit secured. That's not true. The pointing once and everybody almost the to a person point oh seconds six pretty rural land. They're great. Or militant. -- an -- Not -- normal beautiful noise that our people. It and it is making -- crazy -- -- and not a bad way you're gonna create economic and cut the clock a little -- intro. If multiple. Anyway happy birthday and tell them anymore god bless you. And at that it is letting you mean in that Craig Craig way and I went I bet that chick says Craig is tweets Craig trail right. She -- -- -- that she cranked. What about the AT this year house -- a tweak the way he she -- yeah. But only can she misspelled something that and then when someone calls on -- she gets man and a seven road for old man. Happy birthday again. 37. And Nokia or are nice ring to it. Interconnected and finally. Violent means and time -- and -- and busy. Seven grow. Older. Book -- illegal what's in the news and is this person always there I don't because they figured he'd just spot market. I kept saying realized this week for such a big everybody thought I. And it is that it's. -- Guys fourteen years old -- to -- whatever color it was three Super Bowl it's Tuesday Apple's -- long time ago it was it wasn't even see it at all. Those when the pats lost AFC champion. So much to the -- -- member of that. -- burden is Revis Jersey yes. That's really column. Of your team. Did being a real fan set in nineteen older. It's very beautiful Honolulu by about a lot of what do you do for -- I've got to make sure it'll let. But I'm that I read. And the message. -- -- -- -- -- Yes we -- to institute new patent dispute here I don't. Written into the Hill Man Morning Show so would you like to listen when I open that man has arguably been talking. And that meant it as a bit. Joseph is probably better you're -- and maybe you'd laugh a little bit more cat and twenty world AM. Yeah -- great and it yeah -- -- -- I -- hell I it. I spoke we every day and it I airline. Well we. Airline. -- And that -- that was -- instruments that there was a man who is waiting in line to be the first person who bought marijuana in Washington State. This bus was watching on television he was a security guard. He was promptly -- yes I think got his job back today later reinstated they realized that he was -- -- work so they really couldn't do anything. Knight pulled out there. -- -- Got things going on tonight news in the morning and then. To get them for a couple of -- and that and of course I do on the -- why do you like smoking in play it's mainly the that they did in the early -- they. It got. This guy calling me captain then why was that not the AFC championship game on the path was the it's suitable no is not always AFC -- -- -- it was non -- And a and MC nominee at the look at I prove it is. I mean honestly body. Were you there from the beginning. There it was the favorite in this latest way now. Fifth that was here wasn't. You know again I think everybody crying as it was that well. Yes that the Super Bowl he did I thought right yeah that was them in what is now but the guy was made about an indie pic I thought he was talking about the when it was the when he burned his Revis Jersey on the -- you know it's admirable and Indy. Second giants of the. A -- for Iraq cry okay yeah video to -- yeah yeah here as a father. You -- at the video you're the only son thinks forty cool and warm. -- or January. Surgery to repair the opportunity to. -- And that can -- you -- one of the monster who want to collapse and it lost a limb bones 720 chews it and. What do you aren't a big impact do. And we won't take out of. I'm a little bit on where we're working to do that but no it will be done and in fact he's on vacation excuses so we have -- -- Yeah this guy's career it was it that was the divisional round is as the person's divisional round you -- it. There's a word that needs to be brought back Ding dang -- I think it's Maximus boy you're really at the end. My mom orange -- are Scioscia are staying when our little old -- -- -- you are saying he would take a bath. Make sure you wash your dinky it's the divisional round you didn't. 733. Old. Well credit still -- group that would -- but we're. I don't how -- they don't. Big big problem partly area somebody was calling for a rare contact replay -- that because they miss that but I think it's too alarming for men. Doing. I don't know sorry dude there cautionary take epic story. I had no idea of a European has bleeds yes they are crazy I asked not. Are crazy yeah. -- grant her a -- Are maybe 835 will do that like you wanna do. I of the really -- David what we eat it early this morning during the 6 o'clock hour. We were talking about a famous Russian gymnasts which are not ballet dancer yes. And her husband. And he was injured during sex with her and he's in like. Is is not a critical condition somebody Salem hospital either he's injured he's confined to a bed is can the.