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Inside the Warped Female Brain With danielle 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

Once again we go inside the warped female brain with Danielle where we discussed a couple who constantly argue over lingerie.

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This email was very interesting to me because this is a question I think. That many men have -- I cannot wait to find out what is happening inside the warped screwed up rain. Of the female sex and when it comes to this this is from Rory. Rory. I love -- l.'s perspective on the show and I'm hoping she can help me understand. Why. My wife and I are constantly fighting about the lingerie. That I'd buy for her -- there is nothing sexier to me. Then seeing my wife in skimpy red lingerie with a garter belt. Well it's a way that we can spice up our sex life. I spent 125. Dollars. Act Victoria's Secret last week buying her stuff. And she told me that she doesn't like the fact that I buy her Herbie underwear that makes her feel like -- yes. -- -- so he had a could be any help please tell me why. When I am complementing my wife. Allowing her to understand that I feel like she's sexy. She refuses to Wear the lingerie that I admire because it's outside the realm of which you would normally picks for herself because she -- it's it's. Its initial feeling good in most cases because lingerie can -- Funny even if you have a great body shaping and you know -- in fantastic shape -- 19 fit. We're breaking it weird and men are very bad at picking sizes and picking styles like I just read a survey. In the past week. On that actually -- I think it was like three quarters of women hated. The styles of wandering the man picked out for them because it's not stuff they would normally pick can go. Don't -- it looks good until it at some kind of guys have you know. It's all the stuff with like the -- in the strap belts and artists like you exit you like grooming. And I have no problem -- nets have you got to find a style that works free it might -- the wrong places -- -- might be out. Like -- -- actually spread like in the thirty to be on the 36 double -- like why England. Yeah two there's not a better. Then in Carter's on the front to back and then you do in the Ronnie do -- your hold in the corridors like here you like you're right yeah honestly that -- hit -- -- -- yeah. Happen at your trip and you're creeping everyone out could. Really like -- downside big you know and I can agree. A year ago with the -- on this. Listen it's not and if it's -- more straps in chains then you know tie down a component to a trail that. And -- what is a little too much it's a cut out the mental part a bit I have put these women and not get it. Why are they never men that I can name because if you get your woman to feel comfortable and kind of boost -- eagle. And even give her -- -- aware over it like just you know maybe they have those cases and bounds or something like that. -- -- three down ruins the whole thing. Well but then hit the girl more into it in -- -- is that it lacked confidence on front of the -- expert. I need to hear I mean I really I need to hear from other. Women on this. Here's a text from Mormon. Who says this my husband is constantly buying these bonds. Like something that covers my ass right I talent and he's constantly. Lady. He's complimenting. You -- he's -- mortgage what is your. Problem where there aren't -- -- he just bought a new car what is your. What is it is that it is that a body image thing yeah most of the time it is either it's my teenager just -- fit right so it's like cut into places so you know the guy is looking at like -- that looks great that's -- she's -- what are you talking about like this gives -- -- muffin top. This is cut in my ass over on the side. We get a nipple popping out over here and he's like yeah bring it on the other. It's a woman who says garter belts are so much work they are you guys have absolutely no idea how much pain in the ass online now. It's a real pain in the ass for you is that you get a -- as saying and in -- it's like it's like when you button pusher when -- -- You look at this and you realize you missed one of the menu icons don't get undo all of these and you can never like turn them around to the front -- Italy reaching back. Look in the -- to lose. 978 text my boyfriend but me lingerie for Christmas it didn't fit right in made me feel like crap. That didn't fit right because. And you're an idiot and -- -- Ochoa is not a one of the -- enough not now if you picked up a couple of impressions while I. But what about what about your current action and that's what you guys today that it wants the bar or do you. You know I'll lotion and admire what he wants to see that she's gonna -- -- is not something that's gonna. Turning them -- The guy is desperately trying. To not smash began cults he -- doesn't it make you -- there that's. -- his -- until he wants to spice it up a little for crying out loud. Here it is Teresa hello Teresa. Morning how are you guys how well some history so I I my husband has bought lottery -- four. And it was not pretty. I didn't like it but how worried anyway you did review and Warren and -- -- -- anyway yeah once juries are more than once. I want people I even thought it brought them out later of course beyond what I've -- and -- -- or. Like he got a -- like what's the big deal right now like big deal now at all. Yeah not. Appreciate that you can I just got to tell the ladies. Now you know how late you can do you do your closet cleaning clean you know and -- like to too many T shirts to reach our churches and I never worn by a lot of Middlebury -- in the end it through Heathrow asked a lot of his goodwill or whatever those containers right. Now is is it okay day like for her she only war wants to watch and then you do unload it all up now throw out -- -- I have an excellent story about that -- I his Agilent and I have -- you know I am a huge shopping problem -- -- -- like -- kind of who you know negligent nine counts two years ago -- infineon -- of clears out. -- put everything together in the credit -- Wear these that's not underwear so it's just you know they're paid technically pajamas. The bundled it all up so what do we not come -- like Solomon see you know what I can maybe donate to some friends of mine and that takes and that goes to the flea market. Did you like it was not everybody my niece Danielle from WA AF. For this and I was like all of a -- And pie the house it was just trot was Acropolis to the net closes I mean good news Miami Palestinians -- -- booster Virginia mistreated you know and ammunition some of them want to get as the celebrity that space is global minute the -- -- it is gonna come out and like brand new -- had to -- -- I -- hello Laura. I good morning everyone Laura. And I had a comment on the woman that irritated with her husband yes yes and airline strikes. I agree with you -- I think it's a compliment her and her body and my -- and friend and I were just having that conversation last night. And he requested that I go out and get a specific thing. It's heat -- light and that way I go out I get it and make sure it fits and make sure it looks -- and then everybody kept. Yeah yeah yeah I mean -- but what he just he wanted to there was something that he liked. Any water for you would you just throw went on play -- is -- one -- you know just do the guide the symbol courtesy. The current. Want to make sure I eat -- he continues to make me happy. Correct now here's a woman a -- there who says my husband -- mean credibly trashy lingerie and it was way out of my comfort -- best sex ever. How well they inhale and that I know from -- it is probably go from our current hello Olivia she's pregnant what's up Polonia. I'm aria good -- -- And this guy didn't work I heard you yet heart muscle on your say yes yes. So. He's out of his race so it just something nice for you -- etiquette doesn't scared me not get rights that I'm not saying on tour on any. Court. Right very -- Though it's so he is so you -- but are you married or dating what's your deal -- well -- aren't a guy is does he buy you -- No he doesn't buy -- use your ordinary Alberta company. Yeah itself -- yeah company. Well I mean that's alternative I -- I think in this particular case like this guy Rory. He would there's certain thing that he likes these kind of spice it up a little bit -- I think they stuck it out and do it for him because you know what that's the point of being her relationship. Make him happy you're happy and I'll -- that they warned. Yeah -- ouster here's the text from a woman who says I want one injury and that is comfortable. I want it either white or black. I want the bottom to be big enough to cover my back side church north of what's that all about well it's a. Maybe you know it's if you're in certain positions and you've got a little you know more in the back in your room giggling and one not -- might not he might feel -- to upgrade -- you're probably not focusing on the field until -- election your sizes -- behavior -- -- and you wanna be black and Webster who will -- Crist. What's -- Chris. It charged 42. If you -- ago substitute that's. To tell that you don't know where they took out -- couple that provides a bit too big you're gonna value recorded everything almost orders not to make up anyway. And probably. I don't know. So your recommendation. For this man maybe -- acres and -- job and. Month ago what she feels comfortable and you know in part encourage her pushing her towards certain styles I don't know that I'd really like to see and not just to reassure her -- I think you look great -- -- that really turns me on it's really I know that you maybe you don't think you look great I think you look amazing. Anything go. Home. Those grainy panties are really zags. I really notes trade. Issue glad -- -- blood he decided to pick out those Y two granny panties wrote. Your reference secondary make port of. -- Elizabeth Banks is trying on the outfits for the high school reunion in the back of the coffee shop and she's wearing -- -- -- and kids don't learn put in the action and it goes viral. What about Bob my boyfriend a banana -- because I think that's sexy and he doesn't wanna Wear a guy guys should we just suck it up yeah I guys like -- anything of course are you kidding me lady that guy would be can be completely fired up hello Carrie. I can't account -- was -- I'm thinking of a good way to go about Nancy you know bring -- it but it got to try to library on it than he would you like a comfortable. Now here's carry you married person would dating what's your did your dating. -- one guy -- many different ones -- and what went here's attacks from a woman who says has a question about high heels. Apparently. Her boyfriend always wants her in lingerie and high -- and she feels like high heels are completely uncomfortable with your opinion on the. It you know I -- turned on the person I mean it's lighter in the taxi I -- you know you can't -- -- and I can't -- -- -- middle -- and exit. It worked together so everybody's comfortable -- just feel like it can work that that's definitely -- everybody. But even if they got like if your boyfriend came home with something you said this really turns me on you you you would you when you wouldn't go and Blake trial on -- Now I I would definitely try it okay Obama and what turns me on. At that the that that would be I wish she rolls with a U turn on in front. And I'm not the credit that Cheney himself. Slide in the but I got -- Feuds mean you've. -- -- do you have someone in there with you. Apparently guys are allowed in the changing room at Victoria's Secret according. Awkwardness text that it that says that's gets Indian store by store who got to sneak in where now doubt do this is that like random guys like and I'd just run over there today and good and how did you brush -- him. Bogey excuse me is this occupier. That was -- -- you. The -- to keeper. Banana hammock -- this from a feminist demand here allowed -- technical debate a. Great to have been -- ever on Waikiki Beach there is aside transgender and he's a man -- about -- he wears a bikini as they press and hours bikini. And that entry tracking as prominent as -- can -- you said darn yellow and it's yellow immune man Kimi and I guess our days on the beach. Hello patty. Staying at the -- and what's up. Well I am totally ducking up to I would be I'd let them that we know lunch I am I have a funny story about it. I am about my god my husband. And pounding Obama scored at the -- Get caught up in the Bakken -- like 200 of them -- -- like what do I met in and then -- -- an -- on etiquette and pick me -- into the round without a and it's a police tried to try to get -- -- at all. Yeah yeah. What and I thought so well that I mean I guess that's it like that is the thing is like if it takes 25 minutes to get an honorable Atlanta. -- An incredible story about his -- is and it. That's awesome Specter of the road here is that. Text from -- -- -- 617 tax I'm hopelessly single I would love for a guy to buy me one right now there's a whole other point. -- a single -- forgot about it and Andre I mean and that the wife. Don't bother me -- -- -- right. Internet LB WAR -- conservators are. Via via phone number you can well he delivers -- special -- here. I'm telegram but they can't electorate cares -- of -- I'm Matt what is your gravy and -- -- And declined I expect profits -- wouldn't have bought a suit marked the Amy -- and pleasure and a chicken skin. -- it's edible it's the latest it's Anibal. Bikini -- just then on Twitter. Says and women wonder. Why we love strippers and this is the reason they put it on with a smile and that is what just that says while not always. Divine miss button is am on Twitter. I'm a check and I totally agree -- drag and LB get over written just wearing. -- -- And very interesting. Very very interesting what happened in the sport guy Rory demeanor really usually doesn't -- and a long. -- -- so. And where you're having you know you need a a wrench set. -- when she got its -- -- the I mean what's your cut our bill -- is what's what's -- -- unlike a lot of it takes -- just -- my pennies on our possession you what it is a mini benefit him. Totally I thought boy now I can yeah you she's our company where we're talking this -- comfortable -- five -- that your your your your -- comes -- -- comes out of it. Bathroom laundry and using by the way I love my swing itself that you got me geez I'm really turn me on what I -- -- -- -- set up pennies on four. You know I I don't know that I. I might feels. Are they here's the question are they at a ball -- outside -- Content. Hey. You're not supposed to eat those your own panties that -- every circle. They're now. At the very putts inside via -- female brain today. You ladies can get your revenge on Monday. When we go inside the simple mail mind that happens at 815. Every single Monday in the show hello floods. Good morning good morning -- quick question video yeah I had the ex girlfriend who. You know it could be indicative Jerusalem in certain circumstances like that you came Irish -- inaccurate follow up and try to be also actually. Should start. Crying and feel so uncomfortable but meanwhile. Shoot -- -- little -- something and she would like the year since oil off and beat probably -- -- -- and that's an. -- controlled things she's controlling the situation so when she's doing a little thing in the skirt like she she she contracts in front of the marriage she feels sexy and that. But when she's wet out of the shower she probably I had no make up on my hair is amassed -- seen all these things in my body. Where she had daddy issues of the things on our maybe it's on sale later something's in terms it's like I'm coming up all hours -- vulnerable state. Just aren't words that stable Iraq -- yeah. Somebody get that checked Soledad -- camera ever stop button Foster an important on LB sometimes you know you. -- -- -- -- Just ignore it just ignoring brick and here's the Texas at the bra would hold back. I got out of getting an -- that.