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Hill-Mail 7-10-14

Jul 10, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hour, topics included Ouija Wednesday and the Red Sox Win.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule -- WA AF. Now each unit returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show resilience hill man out. Worried they're still here so number or will it help. No more -- Santa Barbara good third. On the WAA. Today's hill mail messages -- do you -- my friends that Cadillac of Norwood. The dealership you deserve -- visit them on -- one that the auto mile. Or online at Cadillac Norwood dot com. 720. Arnold and federal. 200. -- You need cool -- a little. Bit. And the message it obviously is go hungry for a spirit world yesterday's -- Wednesday. Reaching out now asking LB for a couple doubled. 720 moral older. There is the order -- build. Up. Did not. Bill or will not believe OP air. Power debate and air or L -- -- and he. Thought I -- -- life. And the message. Next Wednesday. One more we just went crazy. Ouija board didn't work for LB and I 'cause we're not believers like you know you shouldn't participate in the closing out -- he hurt his back out flat in short is back up. Is that ouija either does -- related yet or is brought to you about president banged up exercise similar I don't know -- I really. -- lot of like used car and I guy's got a lot of issues guy I don't -- -- -- actually sort of and I don't think the -- had anything to do with him throw our way -- I got to key on believer but it came in my are like with -- Danielle Danielle and rob. Like lost their mind yesterday. During -- Wednesday -- and so much so. That that after the show yesterday. Oh because I'd said hey why don't we bring in some some who believe in the we giant and have experienced it. And Danielle was like just fly in and now I'm going to be analyst at -- and -- family man and -- wishes he could -- that traumatic brain of the ouija. Not afraid I know but other than the other than the toilet paper in your in your baseball and I -- nothing nothing else actor rob yes. And that's the thing you know I'm Cuban NI going to be extra vigilant now I'm just gonna keep watch. And can I correct. It's not the actual -- -- talking to us Democrats. The device. Use to communicate with a spear like you guys are trying to connect -- -- cat work the week leads and we don't -- leaves open support on the well it's the latest telephone yeah communication device to the after world. I just constantly ask this question. Why is it that that the Parker Brothers certain was that gifted with the opportunity to sell the device may never know the only advice that is big lake is the communication device to the spirit world -- -- Why was that honor of marketing -- product and making millions. Idiotic given exclusively to the part of what he might skew closer and why is Jesus come back and agree she's tough guy got half a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm a big you know. -- when Jesus appears on a piece of food. Times elect elect. Outlooks legit to me yeah that's not really. I'm content and count there's a -- who says. That he cut open and eggplant. And the seeds say god they do say -- -- you know what I'll tweet that picture maybe you should put Butler it is up interface with our. But the guy thinks you you think it's a fraud and you guys who writes and I tried to -- matching it to the Gina. It you mean you're not you know he didn't magically get the divination. So that the knife. Avoided all the seats you. The slice here eggplant and -- like -- an insult I -- ladies' classic right here in America and on the ice and then. Growth spread it out. You know who makes a fantastic game plan though. Reno's -- that would ever have the -- owning the best. That is that might be the greatest dish ever created and won them all I never used to be huge egg plant and I elected by six years ago it's too big at the vegetables right noted. That peninsula that privilege -- answer yeah. I mean honestly most vegetables taste better with sauce and -- quickly -- -- -- -- and I and I got in my opinion -- -- If you could take vegetables. Add bread crumbs. -- -- and throw cheese and tomato sauce on most of pretty good yeah Madden. Like adding zucchini and bake it and tomatoes ever have that yeah of course Ekene bacon tomatoes and cookies. Makes the matter -- they base rate. Went. In there. -- We'd ordered the uttered that some of them -- as Brazil where they're playing -- -- -- Well now let's. Are they even gonna bother to play the consolation game Brazil yet they have -- they have all the analysts and do it through that game. You think so you've got figured why promote me and -- no one no one no one loses a semifinal. World Cup. Game. Seven wind. And I I didn't think -- at first I decide you know because -- -- you know I watched I watched that post game highlights and stuff but yesterday. More and when Wallace was doc. Breaking it down and he was showing how guys were just standing around with their hands on their hips -- it was got paid off Uga really. You bet it's corrupt soccer inside -- little else Brazil itself is very -- you'll get that -- calling yesterday and I went out how crazy and and how much corruption -- wise and getting the World Cup there and that they're spending. Billions and billions and billions and they paid the the international federation of soccer before feet buck and a -- -- the only people people like fifteen billion dollars to get the World Cup circuit joke. -- don't all go viral old. Glory. Area gay men rule here. It's you'll. -- we get into. If you look on the message -- I don't 41 told him. -- -- -- -- and not a votes -- come back with. Great comeback -- for the ages 000 that was one for the yeah yeah they listen in when this afternoon and they go to Houston went three Beagle and the all star break away and street has become all like branch easily win the EL the. Today you heard it here first. Buyers predicting that the Sox are gonna win the dailies. From fourteen backer -- of twelve or eleven back. -- snooty old. -- mark you know I. Like outings boat or -- liked the movie the notebook. -- -- It period to listen. To mrs. potters -- my own place and tell me. There is a better lyrical sequence. Then that -- and under its road. And I care about lyrics Amanda I know you -- earlier -- a little -- per cent area -- to try to use this horrendous well it to discern the meaning of songs and you know he was he saw Monica potter -- upon that. Open that screen and he did -- there who who. And illness are predominantly lies that got billion and the guy honestly gets a lot of checks and I don't care she was all over me. You know -- mr. rocker or whatever. -- heard it I dared to go to show on the water and I have some Beers and man you know. -- hard is it exists meaning that now apparently the only show that anybody can do your man is rush in a quarter cash flow into. You there now six. -- -- Cut your impression boarding matters that would spot our heart -- out. What that is. Struggling. Or wouldn't do. Sorry. But now I believe LB does the Howard Cosell is then I you know what I am not I don't I don't think Jack I you know I was I mean in my mind trying to get Howard yeah. And I dark and turn the remember him and -- your buddies -- not hot. The easy piece hey beat it I don't know I think staying. Out of -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't agree talk about ordered by -- -- order a record result. An extra beat notre Dario art opera and a lack wrote. Yeah -- garrido the other day. And that message that the centers that later. 78 home or. I've ever but yeah it very. Thought that it would that would have left after and -- bodyguard and they're up there to get back on the man can't get out man yeah. On this message comfortable himself he's our man I can't imagine -- -- do you think. They've listened when we need an opinion about what is going on line. At deacon downers house from now on we're gonna call the man of the house -- life. I think as the girlfriend is delighted clearly makes all the decisions over there the guy can overcome line at this straight chip blocks by an assigned Dresser bikini commandos and I don't played complete and act. Loses his mind. I don't think he will -- Are we are remote. Area. Turkey goes and it may come out. And the message. Now now -- at 630. -- and we worked -- seven year old. Girl. -- what are -- that was ever done. When Tony 12:22. PM. Patriots predicament that work today I thought all black quite -- -- government and enough good enough and we'll keep an agreement plugging him and it looked and saw Michael. -- -- -- And that message. The other ebony yesterday not. Of inevitably. Yet have a great day. Oh we'll see what happens today saying I mean -- -- -- -- to grow 43. We'll sort of hard hat for half the day you know coincidence now that is that they think. Don't think I worked my ass off because I'm building in new placed on at Foxboro saga act after this show today I go out and work with the the construction guys down a -- -- was hard hat on the Alan Hart who are. And Miami handles. As Philly where candles -- -- Sonny oh now I hired Michael Steele still owed money and I put my boots. What was your problem and I hate it when I look at one of the photos and almost look like you would than Photoshop in front of the working area like this is the red ball right in Michael and I just the way the lighting was -- look -- your photo -- and that they -- -- -- -- well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot of guys -- -- guys at the site didn't show up because it was so. Hot yesterday -- -- -- -- heart attacks intricate I work I where I don't care with temperatures I -- hard. And get down and -- and there aren't banging in nails roll up the -- Yeah stolen some mud on the Aaron. Might not the blue board and you know. Regular and work they've made it all linked to three jobs. We will -- you're you're just geopolitical -- about that I -- amazing at that it's 723. Old. -- -- On my short of the equipment. That our current. But that yeah but we -- Quote companionship. That the. And that message. -- -- people think it is that crazy lunatic -- they're afraid of aboard and that is you know you're the one is a lunatic on the importance of cuts that he and around forever -- again you know. Think being -- -- -- by some. Dumb -- in Nashua who. And impose strategist track and he ended ninety degree heat with no air conditioning is on the verge of unemployment who hates his life it's his wife and -- -- kids now Allen Mia Maloney techno. Bang on the sleep and I -- that currency -- Climate that and I'm confident are you speak he specifically vehemently -- Chrysler and I Orioles owner. People idealism wildly accurate and -- -- -- whose -- -- yeah and without that -- I mean I could name like 560 pretext disaffected -- -- you right now. -- -- But these same people -- with -- negative comments if you ever lifted tires for sale on and on a website like 1983. Can only Internet wasn't around then then you know. I can find you online yeah. So you're on your comments have a little less week when I actually see who you are sometimes. But because you. Burned a -- the sage stick. Stages -- days. By Sarah your Baikonur it's an -- nervous because you burn a little clearer -- -- -- that her because you burned that you're protected. I went -- the -- and I'm not protected from a board game yes my you know take it seriously -- Racquets and he attacked me on here now as the top of the hour power -- -- it well obviously you know wanted to face it a week. -- the preexisting condition. I'm. Here's a seven anyone tax from a working man. Dirtier what we call watcher not a worker -- in the pointer -- the federal there off the -- is -- gains on my monitor. Remind. Step right in -- my audience. But they were ready when one -- Eight generate two sugar. What. I'm just blogger get back up a nor the quantity exempt. Them. The idea now have you ever watched a Long Island medium now I don't want to know. I know everybody gets all up in arms in his online -- excited. When it's feeling collegiate. The people that blow up on TV -- get them. It's not real I'll take a lady from August it has like a six month waiting list Newton hello rob. They're. Obscure reference -- NC yeah search result are you knew what are the leading she handled Burton and era. Urgent need for protection and did a -- you know first got there. Wait a minute. Which one was that -- woman was it. You're -- understand struck. Larry wolf for ya bloody -- one of them one of those -- And that's all look the same -- it can I just recommend them for your fellow creeps. If you're not watching the second season of Orange is the new black on Netflix. That knew the girl came in the new prisoner grow so well Brooke so don't when she has sex in the and the church retreat -- that other internationally known all. Abuse if -- out a very artistic elements in Italy added do you it was important very important for the plot about that episode yet but he's got to turn the volume down there to watch it -- Like with any CIR IC is our she just Canucks is that -- -- soda yes she's very attract Sosa excuse me so not so close she's not she's she's not -- They didn't know I don't know.