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Cam Neely President of the Boston Bruins 7-9-14

Jul 9, 2014|

Bruins President Cam Neely called in to talk about the announcement of the new Bruins practice facility coming to Brighton Landing.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Excuse me Danielle yes believe that Cam -- is on the phone this new president at a Boston Bruins know how busy he is so I -- get them on -- camp. -- -- -- -- Excellent thank you and congratulations. On this beautiful new training facility which will be located right across the street here in beautiful safe right Massachusetts. Yeah it could have become over shall promote early -- that's -- well -- -- not played -- anymore it's dead now. I'm I don't out. Among us -- basis I'm not a regular but I am available. Sub on a substance caught races bad I mean if if I tell birdie if you want cynical in show on you know work on some stick skills I'll I'll handle -- So you guys. In the eight and how long have you guys been using institutions go back to the eighties probably yeah. Yeah. And so it in order to need to kind of be. No disrespect to restitution but in order to be kind of a first class team and is this about attracting talent and stuff -- that kind of what this is about. Pilot to go to vote she'd been out it. The times technology. -- they have limited space up there. And medical facility also -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- or so a third year but it kind of did. It. But he bought -- -- so it. Goes back area great players that. -- to a degree it you know two or there are created. Or. At our guys back so it would expect altered our group occurred so there's -- you know we expect a lot of Democrats and it. Yeah is it down so you do it when do you guys hope to have it open and operational that I read 2016. Is that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As good today that it. Now would it be okay if they'll be went over and that is their skates sharpened over there is that still unknown now. I think you'd better bring your relationship with keep open credit -- it -- there are hours. I thought our -- I gotta I gotta I gotta -- -- in -- -- -- -- -- like I'm delivering -- -- -- the old locker room with a safe and so can't tell you can you talk a little bit about what what does the facility everything in its debt that it will it will contain like. I do you know will -- -- like a cafeteria area with a you know. Do you talk about that would would come into what. Well where it starts at design phase out base but it sharply -- abruptly on -- doubt spurred pays bird. All locker room aren't -- because it's based. Bit overlooked year Soviet. -- skirt so. It could -- -- space wars. It's connected accurate. And desperately. Want coaches. And then what they -- being you know we're talking yesterday about this and about the patriots and about how many fans though. To training camp. Well if fur fans -- will there be more accessible they you know they will they be able to attend more practices and and and all that. -- The location alone will be helpful in that regard I know we got a lot of people go to a lot -- at which pro players respect going spent aspect. Seated at the crowd that we get better practices and training camp and I've spoken -- spoken out there are press practices girl again so. The most part so yeah. It's always nice to see either the -- out and -- some guys. Did you did you hear that LB got a nose job. Aren't I a year ago period. Again addition eyes fixed what it's like -- said number open -- Stacy you know you. You know the hockey players I don't think there's another sport. On the planet that that the athletes face takes more abuse than anarchy yeah. And Nash and -- -- yeah. It's always looks pretty good camp through I'll send -- earlier yeah let's -- that many -- looks like the looks like he's thirty years old I I'm I'm about a 410. Later it like. I. I listened to generate that -- think get a you know you don't know call this a little. He knows now. You know again he's like he's like poppy nobody knows what is really chip is always had a. It was that inspirational fiftieth birthday -- -- kids and now I get married -- a new lease on life minutes if it's arguably going to be around for a going to be around for well you know what it's like if he gets a little -- you know big will search for a half these women doing her -- to be their form. Beat duke duke duke. They are you gonna are you little are you going to be in the -- dumb and dumber. -- -- -- -- -- -- There has to be I see that's asked to make -- -- -- wanted to confirm that hey guys so it -- talk W Boston Bruins and idea I -- authority one of my favorites and I know that you respect everything he's done. For your organization. Any plans are now has replacement or anybody a goal with the youngsters here but what's going on as far as work with your Bruins did. Well we. Do. We feel like you're gonna have a number of numbered squares pushing her job is really probably first. Urged he hadn't been awhile where they'll piece some spots up for grabs facilities younger players who have you're picking. Take the -- and -- the -- and don't we've got some prospects. I think there they're glued to. Have a shot -- NHL. You know what happens is. They executed and Vick played in an apparent success with -- at a different level you want it to let it show it. They also wanted to play -- -- Arctic electric stop. And then you know it then they get a little bit and it was where -- -- is it hard was it hard for you with a player like Shawn Thornton. To make a decision like that because you know he was. You know such. A kind of ingrained in the community and up like a Bruins Bruin is it hard to not be emotional about something like that. Yeah it's it's typical. You know shot or setting record Ali what he's helped -- accomplished and you're sitting here. It's going to be really embrace the city and got involved all sorts of different charitable events and though it's really one of the one players but it was here all -- Nazis in the air. You know you really. Really -- a true Bruin. Sold to citizens -- but you know you have to do it's do you think is right for the organization purchase short term but long term. -- well congratulations on this new training facility located right across the street here. Meaning that you know we could pop on over and get those -- comp tickets whenever whatever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- and yeah. Yeah. I wanna get one little and I just checked -- I'm not listen I wanna be I wanna be a true voice. I want I don't wanna be you know like all these you know I need everything now and I'm I'm better and smarter than every athlete that played -- -- reporters I wanna. I want to get the real the real truth -- get -- yet but I wanna be the voice of your -- -- well doesn't have a great summer great to talk to -- by then and now thanks for checking in this morning congrats. And it is great keep that in the short grass. Well how do are you playing a lot of what's your what's your and that he apparently had earlier developed cancer to. Extra ball. Probably morsel that don't be afraid. The you know give me the invite over there at the river and and available Mon states. Yeah closer. That you order lyrics ever are they have a big payoff for that -- I -- practice in most banks -- because. There is nearly the president of the Boston rude.