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Don't really aren't you understand it accompanied you always want to answer. It's that's big news in the corner on -- drama that's at six exactly what he -- I'm tomorrow. I'll be doing that I'll bring him -- but you know honest. Honestly from from a business perspective it's a smooth move by those guys because I -- no disrespect to rescue -- The I think a lot of people would like to go to practices and look how many people go. Bound patriot place and that Robert Trent is Julie -- you no you're right here and in the city. And you have a nice gorgeous b.'s chairman -- restaurants and -- is -- It's gonna take yes absolutely all right. It is 756. Here at WAA. Now teach you to -- talk case the Hill Man Morning Show musicians hit. I believe 15 I believe I have what is good I believe I have like he had. Well crap. Like it would again three you know. On WA. Today's -- mail messages are presented by Cadillac of Norwood the dealership you deserve. Visit them on -- one the -- mile or online at Cadillac Norwood dot com. I was down there yesterday yeah having a little work done on my vehicle and they -- -- -- -- the one of the big -- the -- the big black when were you shocked observers. -- there are spot that fact it's getting a little swim with the three chance of getting a little -- Delaware on the -- there -- little little summertime do little we'll reinforcement. All right I -- are the best -- mail messages of the previous 24 hours. Monday five. 55. PM. Now I've always thought WA AF as a redneck. LP is. Content -- in the corner. Greg is that regard her as there always put the money down and marked the most back -- the blob is the food that. Can't stop -- -- away but nobody says and the combo foot the bill so get that made they've narrowed -- The monitor on the table baby. Well and -- And -- McCracken hasn't been kind of thing with the witnesses started. At 234. And again. And I want to -- We'll get them through and done Gloria next though our doubles other -- like -- does -- mean liquor 0:8. AM. Anyway I -- -- look at reflect and now the -- I am no Putin and. Some of the men -- -- close product people live an option the similarity between LD Christian anyway place I mean is there any procedure you wouldn't do. For an endorsement deal. I mean are you I mean what if the guy said I'd like to. You know duel but implant would you it is going to eat all you hockey and -- -- would you do what. For the maybe you can go for penis enlargement like that guy yesterday with the ten incher but what do you think about and that's what it drew they would do that nova road map right -- go 401 of the monster we wanted an absolutely obsessed. -- malls -- -- an absolute. Gimme a monster among those willing to blow it do for that it's a I think 19 AM. I have a real reason why as being needed and the job done. In the water is somewhat -- about -- but that didn't they have -- -- the provide an open you don't go to program. I'm not -- I didn't show up today. Bibles and separately that it is supposed to be here of course you did I tell them I talked last week and now I know and I'll -- data from bats. By the way I had probably the greatest sleep iPad in like. Ten years really. I swear to god knows is always a salient thing before I went to bed head to clear nostrils first time I slept through the night I slept. Through the night played in my head on the pillow. Now woke up to the alarm insane. You got your zone how good I thought you got your nose fixed just in time for your Blatter to go and you're gonna have to get up every hour and I'm gonna about the -- -- Mardy and -- our area of our party and I think if -- -- -- -- supplement its object. It's -- Q&A 627. And again. -- -- It's somebody with perfect visual I don't know why it happened all the work done. And that connected -- healthy my friend -- got a four and a half year old wanna be around when he's fifteen right. -- he says there's an obscure reference -- -- Johnny Drama he should get the calf implants -- god you have chicken legs -- -- -- idea I don't know caps I think that's a fairly good here I get calf implants like legal and -- listen to us and I I didn't drop a -- in Minnesota -- they got an athlete. -- -- -- -- There are more celebrated. Their. -- this as a newcomer but a big -- there. And that -- it -- the best time one of the best times I've ever had with that big old guard down at the Super Bowl in new morally yes we had a great time now man. But it went there twice after one time for a loss on -- one time pro and it's just it's a win win for people like myself that I have no stop button right. Oh does it matter where Lehman Seattle lot of fun and -- and then -- -- -- let's button yeah there's. And where that can't find it now -- -- on -- -- -- in. Order to show. The Charlie a question about OP wouldn't. -- -- With what you're increased air flow and and those capacity. Ignored -- more unpleasant -- in -- -- -- the slash. He's able to smell -- better well the good that's a good thing you know and I think there is no -- more -- my arms dot com rights guy that's stuck eating dinner near -- Harriet though I didn't realize when I did -- when I went in net gain -- -- my -- them with the you know the -- -- -- arms like I'm going to learn about it. That's when I found out that he was plastic surgeon to surgeon and he might be able to help me with my notes there's Mike Hsu my children and all right let's get back. Ancestry she really liked your twenty -- -- -- the news that no. Antioxidants. Europe you still on -- building at the ethical. Mounds -- we missed you on vacation how is I'm -- your thinking about meal time. Your fourth it was awesome it was good it was fantastic yeah Saudia fireworks. In want to those around that was the fifth and all kind of blurs together at this point and -- was beautiful guys going out west for awhile below hiking. And tennis good yeah good times just a bikini contests in Ohio and generally Davidson that was a change our view of I thought that I let down I thought it was at the villages in. -- that's -- going on I know -- floor and not into is not at all. No. Have you seen I hate to -- it torture you on the food thing but did you see that picture between it and the Brock actually LB showed that tonight -- -- right -- and others like look at this month thanks Jeff and a classic nano looks like your face right now. It was as though it's unbelievable illustrated and it's amazing isn't it you like David Hasselhoff hit with two black guys. Drink the same amount of us pretty it's pretty it's pretty pretty a little idea what -- and as oh good good vacation relatively everybody. A lot of morality. That it swept up by a tornado yesterday. You up for a make good title fight today we didn't do an answering -- China 935 -- I guess sounds good but actually it's more coffee the bears get some amphetamines here's a text them and show here's an odd tax. Did you see the fireworks that ended up looking like a giant to read penis when he saw the fire remember -- and -- that no I did not see but that anyone received seek therapy. Here SC looks like a penis. I didn't see the giant -- that would have been great yeah. I you know our -- -- Dave he he sent me a picture last night from the the TV weather where they were drawing on the path of the storm -- it appeared to be. -- in nature and those don't block is an image showing the path they need to you know. Marquardt is an -- draws two lines to go out and lean over in front -- right exactly what their mouth open but -- -- -- -- burn across the shaft. -- I think it was from fox slipped worker who Wear a -- Dave found that it. The -- kind of thing -- -- but then you're like now should bring this there definitely I'll tell you definitely got to learn everybody oh my god look but I saw -- the money it's funny every time I thought I -- -- -- on the -- cadillacs and -- -- -- it by accident -- weather -- That's fine that's genius. All right you good to see a body Mike Hsu will take over at 10 o'clock this morning 7030. Man. Election now content we are now. There yet that -- noted. Now analysts and -- probably one of the hottest chicks I've ever ever ever been able to meet Marie Marie in the new house you bet -- He's -- guys on all hooked up. Well she got the guy that on the reality then she's she just uses very sweet very very nice lovely woman. -- -- -- -- -- So there Google back. Our -- if they. I would great note I would worry I will -- all the way. And -- you think of that. They have forty hour work weeks. Being a thing of the past according to the F founder isn't an irony I think it's geniuses this I think I think he -- every should be afforded workweek. Reporting morning according to our -- that. So basically you'd -- afford a five hour and they are right -- and. I love it even. Though it -- picked -- I don't LB LB gets into segments -- just stand there it doesn't happen. And then this is the thing like it's genius we go to a four day work week but he still -- has just as much work everyday we get another day off I quit I I. Envy you know I just think M -- music -- right out there. Every every day hard working men men and women in America yeah where it would work way harder. For Ford as we are carrying your game is things of the half two hours is more productivity and Ryan lump and it all right -- day -- -- -- -- Then about the guy that owns the company meaning in my what's yeah care is still working a forty hour -- since the tigers had to cancel. After I get some people might just wanna eat -- part time employees to fill in the gap Upper Arlington public in Europe. What can -- than -- mile races -- terrible I was I was and other countries in which it's perfectly -- -- and it works eight weeks of vacations and our -- the brains. That's where storage do you go to Paris silicon. And dying to go to -- like this one place that was it -- go to its Paris five years ago. Is -- I can't wait is -- -- -- locked up for the stains that you get there and then there's supposed to be open -- 8 PM in early afternoon which shut down. The -- and I accepted a black aids. Here's the Texas says thanks to the modern advances in welfare work is a thing of the past. Well that could be for some IAA if it's one of those things -- right -- because you know so many people because the technology. Work work at home network could be you know even when they're homers on the weekends are now because -- their phone numbers telecommuters. I'm not those -- -- there's not a cure what is an owner of a company approach that works for that owner of the company year and -- and student told someone Saturday. Wednesday united o'clock minute hello Bobby. Got good morning guys -- I'll Wear my white -- were brought from machine shop and work toward an hour days. And if you want to work Friday -- ask you can't argue that. Tosses them them -- don't frank at a -- and you know I take a week off from this grind and people complained -- days it's usually. There -- they complain you hear the complaint are you still wind chill on placing music. I get tired you know it's 538 on an area that's what you're still here on Q when a a special ever Wear show ever a 721. Again. I want artwork here are we are not yet. And the fact that you are all bought. Rupert shortly we're. Trying to give it that bad. And it's -- buyers haven't heard from snag a buyers in quite some time -- violence that good the good beer from smugglers 701. Old. Well what are your third -- -- get. Hello I'm and I doubt. And that message. -- -- -- -- -- Who are huge accurate it would. Let -- In Tropicana. I was. Netbook or move or not we will not expect. To cure what they're at it. And no all they've Immelman I'm not yet let me yeah we have children's story entrapped if you're not detect Tuesday when I don't. Sorry and we Joanna. I'm telling Ali your two in the news and that -- -- yeah. It is that we're bringing in the -- you void -- little extra to forget that thing I want to torture us it was a tours -- us. Then. -- -- if somebody knows where I can get a week ouija board -- elderly WA AF dot com or you have one let me borrow it now tomorrow. Now don't borrow one on it -- and Andre don't pull it because I didn't even Atlanta and -- evil -- -- hill and he -- do you money we -- on from like 1950. Twos that once led to the portal -- right -- ninety things you know wait for the idea uncommon in your hands Nancy tomorrow. -- -- it. 720. -- he had. Particularly accept leaderboard. -- can -- it's gonna cut up into. It's time to use -- isn't ever going. And in the but not -- like screaming out of the room hotel that was your mouth wasn't even moving America. Mean it's really people are always asking me. Our Danielle and deacons. Really afraid of the ouija board or is it just something that there's I -- for the radio and Amaker called today after the show because if you do bring an end here. I own mixture and protect Alice -- -- protected -- -- was -- and captain what -- -- I know or maybe it's Mormon to people don't who don't believe you know you're just here there's no all the it. He would die in matches whatever it is and -- only gonna protect yourself with. What do you mean by what would -- -- like a rabbit hole and another Palestinian dispelling a giant I'm still gonna pray for you white lights. And that's. I've protective bubble yes a news conference Alec. Miss Cleo order you know people. -- don't know you know ultimately we know it comes. I just wanna in in advance of well of -- Wednesday -- do wanna make it clear. That. Before though ouija board evening comes in here. Bonding and now yes that's -- the odds are favorable. That this week LB could die so if that happens it's not it. It's just look at preemptive strike and -- I think doesn't have anything to do that we have been you know you know what happens -- I don't think they'll work do we -- Wednesday yeah right I'm on leave here after the show yeah I'm gonna you know. I'll be I'll be walking. I'll be doing something known at some random freaking a separate bones broken no prospect I don't know how well it's yeah. It is also and let's see yeah that's a -- document. It's better. It's a lot some lakers' a random fire whistles and had to weigh in on aunt throws a rockets -- benefit generate any day. Although what I have been -- and the sleepless nights endured. For thirty some -- years. Is the deacon afraid of the magic eight ball also attacks -- relate to now. Now now that I'm I'm a magical and -- and a couple that's gimmicky but -- history that they can have a magic game ball and ancient Mesopotamia and it can happen whenever that we just didn't have -- know that it's -- number I don't get any -- -- brilliant -- the fact that it was -- ancient Egypt -- whatever -- wherever and do you know are -- research you know about religion came from. I'm still what was it he came right here at -- definitely you know created a story yet. Like this now by the way he's like you know the story of. This this new game coming from ancient Egypt it doesn't sound very believable do you think -- suckers level believe it's oh hey did video rob what's. Says -- A large well. Hey everybody I -- what's happening job I think most say. Just try to find out it's black or expect eager to talk about status. News trying to still under at the golf -- what these successful. All in the anyways he was greater than -- operators and I. Although I saw him when I was departing I went down for breakfasts. Eggs Benedict that -- -- and what's that place. In the and in foxwoods that as the great breakfast. You know -- some time Darren lockyer has concerned us the lottery that the Delhi kind of break it. And he had lost the quite a bit of money and was he appeared to be somewhat depressed but I admit normally is I think -- -- -- Instead -- just the typical new company owner finally got some you don't your pocket you blew everything that you made over the last eight months. But he had a great guys costly let's say it was gone to form they married they passed says that often 26 older. Reverend -- very. At all. And it got bought it we got. We thought we then porno and then well that it could be a double here let. It. Doesn't Alter -- to reverend now that's an area in. By other places called juniors -- by asking him it's there it's been great history cheesecake. Really. Legendary. Is the oh update on the cross their path. Until 1945. Is that still is that -- they'll shut down that overturned truck idle even is delighted to confirm broke away. Up rob do you believe that that this question is for Danielle and for rob yeah. Would the listeners. Be affected by the ouija board on the show tomorrow -- into Wednesday. You know that I may -- I think there's a possibility of now that's crazy but I think any weak in -- there are really questionable. Things going on in your life of your vulnerable enough I'd do you think. There's a possibility wryly yeah going through the airwaves the demon what did you get that -- from the exorcist and here are are raised Syria or damion. What you know owning them -- -- guy. He -- I shouldn't -- problem is that every element in here instead of legitimately trying to explore. You're going to be hunting some random thing you're gonna open up the portal and all -- bad energy in here like we don't have enough already now. Melding of gonna collapse are gonna die -- and go home to -- I'm gonna go home and fall asleep at 4 PM like you normally do no big deal optional believing anything meanwhile Robin are going to be a week like shaking in the corner of the room like that help you brought baby's going to be levitating. You know it's amazing how those. Movies. Like Texas this and they're not real -- and I'm is that. The the priest was always like an old creepy guy in the room and when you watch film -- feel like ha I can't there's never going to be any old creepy prison and and then back and --