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Hill-Mail 7-7-14

Jul 7, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages over the gangs vacation and on the news stories of the day.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit returned to talk as they Hill Man Morning Show presents -- made out. Did you interact OK yeah and let let me I want to hack. Yeah yeah yeah. Apple and let them get their act. On WAA. Right. Could have been done ouija Wednesday and they show up you know not having an happened that's like -- to stage -- Wednesday. Come out Wednesday morning not we will actually dare to use the ouija in the studio we will invite. You know the demon you session. On the show now. And it just in case the shuttle people listening. I write comments make me do this that's that's that's. But I want to get out there helped land and easily map lately -- -- That ever gonna come in Davos will be created sucked the soul of somebody I'm a -- guy on the right. Of them -- -- and have a soul that I. Can I ask you a question of -- You're like honestly -- telling me that you won't be in here even if you're not using the ouija board I'm using it doesn't matter -- -- -- from that. Why. Well guess what like what's gonna happen what do you mean even I don't sell -- levels and -- I'm not any in -- knows it could just be that's listen I would do a lot of time and effort to Clinton might area and of these negative energies. I'm not gonna invite him back and really tell you wanna bring that S home to your family and I'm I'm out here in this spacious I'll. Well you -- Oh yeah and all you want one of you thought it was now clear that area I'll I mean I really don't believe that simple game that can be purchased at Toys 'R' Us is gonna bring that alive and that's that's the devils stops and that's. Robert are you like you're gonna have to be a part of -- yeah I don't wanna be in -- your time and I'm on the border into Canada and you're gonna have to and I arguments on paper just because you don't believe doesn't mean it doesn't know what that's escorts and I thought we didn't believe in monogamy but then I thought about it does exist if that's true. -- speaking of -- the being -- we will go inside the simple mail mine in about ten minutes so get ready for that. Today's mail messages presented by Cadillac of Norway at the dealership you deserve. Visit them on route one the auto mile or online act Cadillac Norwood. Dot com great people down there great place to the signature Cadillac. And these are today's don't mail messages here at WAA after WAA FHD one. What's robust and W payday after WK FB HD one Brockton busted. Were installed June producer eight girl six. -- -- I had the spiritual period could become a go to very. Many -- Mexico where are good people it might not yet. And that can definitely. Imagine they'll just say you know we -- do region Wednesday now Thursday. I'm Medicare CI Djokovic -- -- -- and I can't name Wednesday I can. I bet your freaking out without being able to smell the the case he can't play -- where it's weird I must be where it's been aware of lastly and so where you can't small food to taste and big problem. Were installed June 20 -- 12:37. PM. I'm not because I know I know you're all acting alone until they don't know message from my -- About them in what hundred pounds -- well actually my not so very little to say about the men on the top and bottom except there's one thing. The end of the. -- thousand plus probable June 27 six guru thinks all them. Everywhere -- go. -- want in the -- they're what you're. There. Yeah. Yeah. -- -- that is accumulating only on each share. -- June 29 to petition for PM. Go to our great football country went bankrupt it would sell and up their silent but crap they recommend it for the couple the what are woke up socket. And then connected. Eight you know what I guess our best not for the whole I'm kudos to those guys they donated all there Baird that are. World -- don't -- back back to the country all the kids yet all the guys who we're gonna get paid for me. They do though that's good kudos to those elements that. Monday June 30 716. Again. -- All of the popular. Aren't you can't sit back door. And -- that was the vacation time normal forwarded. I'm afforded for weeks here to minimize it long and you're in and -- can take it on you at all and god only three weeks where they probably only three days of them I might ban may think it may be like throwing in an occasional like Friday -- Monday and I got -- I didn't -- that. And the rest of the summer when The Who and the when when the five day work week gets the via. A little -- I mean that's a -- why don't. Vacation not -- when it artist not offended -- and maybe one day in and of Labor Day weekend Mary. And July I was -- it taken the Monday after the Greg Hill foundation booze cruise which is on the line and hope might now -- an outstanding might benefit if you're not a nice squeeze one day in there. Pretty poor and CNN. And it. I can't connect so frantic air out of work about that in the days after 2 morning you have this year. And that message is that. Well it's airspace. Around it is nice to see he took -- breaking his travel plans to narrate a home at the third of July S diplomatic ever going to exhibit that will reading -- -- yet as them narrate a little home. -- -- Lately he's gonna he's our president I think that puts in and around much. You know he's gonna be the most from what I see here he's got a bigger than you do to help us chooses and -- -- down. The fact that Obama was can we endorse Elizabeth Warren anxious over who -- that's tricky got to see that yesterday so bizarre. I just basically when it comes to the presidency now it's a good thing if you have like zero experience yes no no it's awesome you know when I'm thinking -- It's what allows. It's like. So you're gonna run most powerful. Country in the world. What's your experience and nothing. Harvard -- -- -- typing -- out of Harvard for a couple years first female president and Elizabeth Warren. What -- legacy you don't wanna -- you -- Olivia -- didn't warrant an anti Hillary you don't want grandma as your president like he -- only person on the issue come up with some great slogans like if your grandmother passed away. Put put this grandmother and the white out there can be some great there can be some great slogans. When it comes to that election. Thanks you're teaching and he had. McGregor written nobody. Let me I was kinda adhere to know darn -- here there are -- being on an attack through there. Walk walk walk and. That's okay tomorrow on Tuesday. That's Tuesday remarks set up sincere. And I -- -- -- as that a guy or Allah is the that the -- India. 6:30. AM. They great after hearing renewed interest in the sport and out of the club and it and it has four career contents speedway. You know because it's a correct about that you know and the -- -- tomorrow and every. Until pockets where you were brought. And that's not true death -- drop. Lot of positive feedback on a few negatives but that's the way things got this chance you can't please -- and I know he can't you know you and I just when you kill yourself tries. What is hazard but there's some hate us they kill yourself trying to 707. AM. -- Yeah and. And at that news the news. Here's -- Texas says you guys actually don't take much time off at all. And by you guys I mean. Danielle rob and nobody but the -- that -- and then. And you know I get the check your editor -- -- ability -- -- -- context here -- -- LB takes eight weeks off again that's -- it's not paint and finally it. It currently works for Justin -- -- I believe one period I believe I guess what I -- I believe my application. -- -- Might. Put it it's important. And non union. -- did bring good -- I think you know I believe. They should get a hall pass. Today they've won the US yes -- they you know they had a chance you know big big guys got to step up at big times they're going to be Belgium because tightly with -- -- clean Saturday game he. He dusted now you know Portugal that tie him up late the late call I didn't have. And I blame your game and Klinsmann. Or excuse me in our equipment. I think he's he's to blame for because he's a German and I think he's. I think he's basically. That's. These -- Israel is building here in America soccer with -- youngsters -- it is I mean I'm still unhappy about Landon Donovan thing but you know it is obvious and it's this all sit. Now I don't expect it. Partly accurate credit but you're -- -- -- that -- there and productive that it I want it to everybody exit did in the -- of artwork. Don't want calendar group a but I think it's. And that basically. These latest procedure he got his nose nose done nose job over the vacation just got their hair done the nose the under arms. Other backed us he's -- I -- and senate sides in a sense he said next up is the circumcision as soon as he can find out. An endorsement deal for circumcision he's I gonna go get one -- for 500 bucks and that's how much it is there at -- point five orange ain't gonna finish Rico reconstruction knows that the force and get them not to have. 7-Eleven. I act. Around you hear. -- a panel Powell checked out their. It's true. You cannot -- it's yeah. And that man is not Welch and it still do -- -- America. That's an age old old. You'd go over and now want. Not -- not to -- Under that you. Nobody thought that I'd be able to do you guys don't -- me. Well I mean I understand for a guy that we didn't know the facts I had no idea that there was a -- now ocean park. Port and I easy she association ST well you're certainly you don't know you're you know I I realize is an Orchard Park association to you without. You're organizing yeah I got fourteen out at fourteen. People in all did a month blocked accession -- To come up with the brains -- popsicle they had to come up with a bomb -- theme which one so I mean I think your shuffle. -- you don't understand. -- yeah -- make it I'm a believer. And it's you T -- you teachers either guy is that what the guys say yeah yeah and it's. Yeah keep calm and seeing castle on some like that -- quickly got a minute when forward ticket won't PM. Know that -- here is not an earthquake. -- it's these sound quality so called American soccer fans dropping -- to be here. And that message or a lot of captain band wagons. I'm that that that routine I -- the news report that I heard the other I think it was over the week animated it's Friday and I was like -- now it looks like soccer is here to stay in the US and I was like -- no it's not now. And even more kids and ever play -- and play use -- it doesn't translate to people watching watching I honestly don't like hockey and you know. I mean if you look at other than other than here. And a few other hot beds people just don't watch hockey and crusty and what it's an average day. Pocketbook this I love I love what we're basing this on. Hockey the NHL made three point eight billion the dollars last year big play hockey in every country in the world hockey itself Korea proclaimed hockey -- yeah okay and why -- -- how how -- How -- soccer. If only -- want people to pretend that soccer is rolled that in America it ridiculous that apple asked. Provident a hundred million dollars last year down you know yes we he'll adopt another this this week you know that we got to be the best thing. You know I hate that people -- beat Dallas fort. Soccer is as popular as it's ever been as a sport in this country. Yeah we we you know you've only been addict for twenty years in woods bigot played soccer for a thousand years I got it you know you -- man. You weren't candidates duke it was cool you know not -- -- -- tried to watch the World Cup was a cool everyday at 1130 to 35 pounds for it on size I thought you know why I hope -- probably -- -- game tomorrow you know. It's 4 o'clock ripper. It for me. I agree with all of these are the Greg did not having Hillary dropped to his nose in front of are often they're caught they're lacking in the street no. Basically. I live picture there still aren't -- they care that tomorrow. -- -- And the unemployment there are. What. Not good nine out it's it's it's out dude have you -- are now they're tired out there yes what's the big deal -- they -- up nine games in August they'll -- how many games left to the -- break five. There before William disregarding Chicago uses a series. Got to keep your way -- -- for you -- 314 how to speak off the purple belt and they're horrible -- -- they're just CIA I think our I don't believe that I leave it there are just horrible seven. -- older. We'll come back Muppet show it -- why -- they are at a lot. I didn't put it out why they outlawed it. And the message that. 7:20. AM. I -- good lord to break critical. We and our our written. Maybe ten out of the way that it but I certainly -- -- -- Armed and messier might face gallery without that that very -- India they yeah not to. Today's man town hall of fame inductees. And English man. Who went to get. Penis enlargement surgery. Even though. He was endowed with ten inch it's. You it was party and inches stop it and he wanted to -- and went through with him and got the surgery in England -- -- What I -- lucky enough to people who we is. It's ten inch penis yes so -- trying to would you wanna make you think you are one of the monster. Why I'm just wanted an absolute monsters so and marketer. Of a one of them on the Cisco I had one but it almost an absolute stuff. Different -- you -- lines up with some like rare circulatory thing and it is laughable and not like now you -- time. Then I went to fourteen I era tale. I violations you don't wanna screw that -- if you're lucky enough -- like why would you you don't want to put the domino down it's like if you're born. A like a lucky sperm club where why would you go to work and try to screw up the you -- mean -- -- -- -- say I'm jealous -- I was -- -- challenges -- and --