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Inside in the Warped Female Brain 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

Does a wife Skypeing with an old college friend(a man) in just her bra cheating?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule -- WA AF. Are you ready to go inside these simple by the war to female brain I'm in their baby -- -- do it. On act and kind of curious what people think about this. I -- email that I got from a guy yesterday. I came home early Monday night. From softball. And when walking up to my house passed the window of my office. Saw my wife sitting at the computer. Wearing just a bit raw food. Turns out she was Skyping with a guy that she knew in college. When I walked -- She laughed it off and said it was an old joke. That went back to junior year -- a now what we can. I understood if you protect any excuse I'm interested in theories on the old joke that has you sitting in front of the computer giant -- but anyway at that time I was out in the quad wearing just that -- had lucked out and then you let me in your room and you smashed me. Yeah that -- -- We got into giant argument. Because I believe that she cheated on me. She says at first the ball. That there's nothing wrong with joking with somebody that you used to know. Secondly. That it's not cheating LSU actually are physically having sexual contact with somebody used my -- terrorizing the situation my question with Ford gave me now. Is don't you agree that being online in your blue raw or as. Massachusetts person -- -- a year of our our. Is cheating. Highly inappropriate and I don't know I don't know exceeding gave way at all as the -- in a -- way. I beat his visit you know this goes back to the whole thing about -- person she knows -- we had this conversation you know a -- at times about Skype. And you know -- -- Normal old master Victoria activity and a Skype on the other end -- is it cheating. It is -- you know line if you know the person if you don't know the person you know I don't know that. You know unless she was having a full -- -- show in front of -- I don't know if I'd call it cheating but definitely appropriate wouldn't call that cheating not but I -- that it's -- it's not appropriate like you can flashback to that pocket remember that time I'll be funny if I was sitting here in my -- are about in front of Skype they don't -- it -- -- -- Inappropriate he'd be going on illegal hit them. You know I'm trying to think of like the screen shot landscape you probably get like -- -- if that depending on where -- -- -- it's really it's it's it could. B is. As ridiculous is just wearing a spaghetti strap tank top the tiger seeing but still it's the intent you're sitting there in your -- -- in with a guy you knew in college. Who thinks what we're really you know doing your husband's not home. Here's the Texas says who comes home early from softball and a great -- write -- -- the year you're already at home in San Diego and not. But that it loves his wife he wanted to get home then here is that text from a woman that says it's them it's emotional. -- and. How infamous. Be emotionally and amount national team I don't know that I would call it because I would think that it. If she was having like an emotional connection to the guy in there were Skyping on her -- bit about the domestic and love each other. Probably be worse than her just sit there in the bride to really was a college joke -- she was -- -- -- -- -- love you my husband's not home but. Can't be Skype and in a -- And. It's time anyway you know I think you're not in college and I'm MI Tony yes he carried accountancy document C allele frequency -- -- college Marty she's excellent. This this is from the man. On text line. My wife. Considers. Hocking. With any other woman to be cheating are excellent that a bubble so is so how is that got exposed to interact -- wanna go to deacon downer on this. Did you and I and I. Guess I will then well hit on -- -- her intent. And when I would like to do -- -- a block and god. Is a funny joke we'll continue on -- obviously. I'd love unknown and you sit there and blocking it and you guys have got to hear all about Mary and I know how do you how do you. You know the deacons a kind of guy who gets right up in the screaming -- I got -- OK let's get made my god he's Skyping with my wife is telling you stand -- you can't. We need a video of this legalize -- god oh my god that the reverend rob send the cubs over to the guys out there and unrest in the media. So -- right -- of the ball and you would say. That this is complete and -- cheating is that accurate idea of guy you remember that I mean you know that you and me at that we're getting the boys. Yeah. Economic got a -- in -- They would do what. And you -- why not do this when I'm home but why do you have beyond this. Skype chat with the notion of her body might get -- -- amount it's off one I'd like to know what else you could do involvement with you know I'm out because that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Text that says probably what happened is that she was just the only piece article clothing shoes heavily cannot what's the Brock after al-Qaeda -- -- -- may -- a complete mental apple news had good. -- -- even think that I don't. Now and I candidate in separate in my head so here's a Texas says what about sending Celtics is that is is a would you consider that the -- here. You're an unadulterated diamond yes -- right well on the way inappropriate if senator naked -- yeah you're you're going to be in a remote tone zone. But now here is it now this person this must be lament. This is why the lady had no problem when he said I'm gonna go play softball do you mind if I stay out every night and she's like apple and what -- And enjoy it have fun. -- with the I got her apparel basketball well -- football team. And you know what I get off your at an auction them off the -- Very little naive Metairie incest things sell you believe the idea of that this than clear violation of boo what is appropriate absolutely you hear -- grown ass woman and you should know that. You should now the. And -- that's signals to me that there are a lot of other. Loose considerations when it comes to a bit like interpretations. About other things that now it's don't -- now it's actually -- You know I and that's the pain is just felon. -- lady who says that she pulled her husband last week that -- that when he's watching. Warned that if she considers that to be treated and sell them. I mean really there. And I know I mean. That. No viewed when I when you're watching -- rotten get down other spider web tattoos on her boobs apocalypse is -- attaches up in the -- Just let subduction -- is my favorite porn star ever on and nothing like a woman that can mean check. Points -- Freer and she's nine your favorite dishes in no man's land forty you know that there. -- -- -- -- Katie Morgan all the -- the first -- Chilean Gerri Willis in Maryland he's so he can hit it on the head just now five -- text there. Begin the fact that she was doing it while he was supposed to be at softball -- a red flag. Well maybe that's on the normally do their jokes. That's when I mean maybe that's in the normally joked about it of what happened back it back to college -- I talk to Larry -- hysterical although I can't think of it. The story you. Us I got I fell out of the frat house and I got cots in my shirt fell off in the tree and there Iowa and in my in my garage and and I had no panties -- pants on the ropes and that's why I was repeating that on Skype and the that the from my friend Phil from caught in a film he's -- good guy memory as a member of the freedom and remember him. I would the thing everything in every day you know Garrett but he's just 64 yard lives down in Miami that's cinema palladium this thing over at the you know the other night and it is Bob where does -- -- You know it's hysterically should have been there. How about this Texan wants no Danielle dirty parking by tax cheating. Again and again maybe it's that he did it the chance is that you're just sexting. And it's not gonna go anywhere eventually are probably pretty -- Like eventually. It's it's like -- we get that sexual tension back and forth volatile day. There's going to be enough alcohol -- assists and like you know what -- that thing text to be about that times. -- -- -- you know -- that out of it just the intent right it was a much incentive. And Saturday evening and tell you want -- I want you to do this direction you want to apps can -- you mentally going there when you're doing that of course you act. So you're one yourself in her attempt was to relive some sentimental. College memories. Are. Really all about your agent and -- off North America -- with a tough talk equipped with some of the guys name what you're gonna stand at the Nobel -- that was with that don't have Venezuela there was barely remained a plane in the next bad mental and I -- in the film they get in the bushes have been made between the key to look at. -- -- -- great name it tomorrow and if you do that -- him her them. All right. Well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought I handle or Skyping for tonight and your for the escaped joke that could I'm okay that the that the thought.