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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

An interesting series of topics on this edition of Facts/Schmacts with topics including the solo in MJ's hit beat it, did M n M's turn down the ET movie, did Slyvester Stallone spend a week in the hospital during Rocky 4, and do women cheat when they ovulate?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show invite you -- you wits against -- lead. Trap door on the long underwear -- Unbelievable. Affluent saliva like so effective that it doesn't duels -- the French are so romantic -- of the best -- registered. Aids dying to have facts she maxed. Here's CME's how -- any Harold how are you know I'm good morning -- you and me any. I'll what from the last -- what do you what do you do. I worked -- about -- excellent the pet well. -- -- today's winner of facts Max will receive a pair of second road tickets -- WW -- money in the bank at the TD garden this Sunday any. Michael Michael Jackson. -- Eddie Van Halen. One million dollars for the 32 guitar solo in that beat it. Fact for sure Mac. Our political act act on that they'll be -- NN I've been a Van Halen fan since I was a youngster yes and I just hang -- out the door of pickup truck with Paul -- seeing online Jacki Kate lesion on the net one handed to us. To the lake are -- that is a fat. That should. Yeah it was any birth any. And -- received nothing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he Michael made like fifty million on that sighing and apparently -- got not the end yet he has the majority. And yet nothing hello Ashley. How are you actually I'm -- are all excellent where you from. I'm -- Melbourne and what do you do. -- -- costly. Excellent that turns will be on the Arabs now does that as the as the win. I'm all right Ashley -- and it's turned down the. Opportunity. To be the candy. And the film ET. That portion. I'm. Back. -- Hot you know what not Bernard and Eminem's one of my favorite things over the vending machine yes and Eminem whose side did not exist yet. Also it is she -- -- of the -- don't -- going -- I think. Is that you on this thing and he didn't ignore race in the -- the heart of the heart according over chocolate and over in that did not and ended the that was you heard me I think you heard they did since the dawn of time and I'm an external -- and had a about it it is fact they turned it down. And of course Reese's pieces America and what's really of these pieces is that recently kids -- re re re a giant chocolate no intellect blustery -- regular reason is is that is it's Hillary was just the releases is another way that in -- -- -- invented in 194019. 41. To get shallow center and sacked. Hello Scott and I get what's going on -- Whitney where do you come from sky operate hi this question is based on a name they'll be used earlier on the show. I Sylvester Stallone. Spent over a week. In intensive care after being punched in the chest by Dolph Lundgren fact or she Mac. Every act fast. -- -- -- I'd I'd factor aidid still owns a little guy -- didn't you know I'd probably just forgot to pull it. No but I'll be at the back didn't zone did you snags that I scared absolutes. Absolutes that a low wage jobs. -- today on all right let us. Guy's missing his opportunity for fame and fortune Bryant. Your. -- Brian. -- All right Brian a woman is most likely speaking of your life is most likely to commit adultery during ovulation backed George -- It I'm Rick Williams factor population. I can smell that. You're at a bar if that time -- my goal for like a layer off and I'm out of the question so what he's its active roll back yes absolutely. Absolutely correct. When it comes to fact -- Mac today on the Hill Man Morning Show.