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Hill-Mail 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule that's WA AF. Now teach you to -- at all. As the Hill Man Morning Show -- and skill and spirit here -- there. -- all -- well. On WK. Well. Don't mail today brought to you by noon turf care your residential and commercial line care provider. Just visit noon turf care dot com and mentioned WAA -- For -- -- -- and -- treatment from the experts at noon turf care here are. The very best -- mail messages. From the previous 24 hours. And 41. It is okay. -- -- -- I want. Making an impact tomorrow. What we left the yeah. Yeah. But that is yet at the out of here out of somewhere disaster that was pretty good idea -- I don't know I was terrified by that audio and I now -- I'm doing that's. This I'll believe it or whatever it may -- it would amaze me was that might shoe. Totally believes that the ouija board is legit it's ridiculous thing you don't -- that I don't yeah yes why is it just the ouija board has got to quiet it is not doing us a -- that's sort of made for -- money he's much he's come to life in Australia. I mean I have played with -- I'm not sure that that. Beelzebub. Is he's gonna pick a Milton Bradley over every other company. But today he's gonna go out OK you know liked. I wanna show everybody on earth that Satan is legit so. Grab those Milton Bradley people on let's create ouija board. Exactly yeah. -- That's that's going to be that guys fiance when he doesn't show up for the rehearsal dinner after tops the box. That would elevate all of it won't be I've taken recessionary management and let's see Google the history of the Luigi board it wasn't Milton Bradley who invented it says nearly an invented it was a but they're the ones like mass produce it bride -- but you mean it was -- -- -- -- design -- -- in Italy in this society right. Nobody's. Rob I mean honestly so is an ancient thing but this particular one that these people in Mexico but from -- The dollar store happens to be possessed by the double that you're saying no evidence he used them have you did you. You're -- to -- -- and yes our views one yeah and and -- and you know the little thing moved because the person I was playing with her. Other needs a -- that's why do you play diligent person. What do you mean a legit person people -- into it you're like okay nobody moving nobody you know. Michael Scott right through a simple business partner for what would. You know legit where did you find a legit ouija board for somebody or knows I don't know -- -- -- and I. I thought I -- she. Aren't. Happy he generally speaking to grant for CD. Age up I -- it. There aren't -- on if your iPad two and the ouija boards tell me. Mean the K a RY. -- he's doing it. Here -- the I guess so -- circular I've never I mean I know Louis -- but I never play and it's -- and me and I heard about it. So so you can can you put that you put the board anywhere. You put entirely flat table perfectly idea knowing touches and friend while you're supposed to put your your fingertips lightly resting. On the little oracle thing in the -- him. -- that's how they doubt. -- you're out great definitely not yet definitely would you like some sort of force some force makes you move. CJ -- you know fight it no you don't because not only just can't sit there and moves itself. And it is it's not like -- at one and I yeah I there's some sort energy in Russia to be able to move there. My -- -- shouldn't the energy just grab it -- against the law maybe it does not deviate does. You know my grant park marker to -- the -- -- could double our lives they killed 47 people and the interlocking factors writes I like the buyers are coming. Bit of Brazil's above or whatever and -- and well it was duress and that. People now I own 24 old man. It won't be it -- say I got caught in the entire DNA. Right now as opposed. -- left -- Michael Aaron that's how I'm able police its domestic. I wanted to -- -- respect -- Canadian pet till I got the end Philippe reported up why anybody would know not a well kept. -- don't know that that our primary and a great movie giant hand exit path to -- -- people. Hey. As long as the demons don't mind learning continuing your normal messages. -- 11:34. AM. And no matter what we send out -- bunch of girls. This week we head down and brought down and we -- gonna kick that core -- Otto Graham and well okay. -- grow USA. And that -- that I'd like the first soccer captain bandwagon we've had a well. Big game tomorrow -- -- meant what will be playing golf that fox was passed to get the updates says five out of -- -- I'd be Germany Amanda Foreman Joseph Altidore not place. Again I ask a judge Joseph Joseph is not Joe's turn it just -- our generals -- we have Jeremy go -- two weeks. -- -- -- -- Not one not to actually what do and it wasn't with the right here. I have a question before we wade and Chris -- And. Effect on the net the LeBron is he saying goodbye to 42 and a half million dollars that's what it would have been eight next year. If we remain with the Nigeria beat a two years but he'll get it somewhere else correct they'll get the more I -- again I think this is just an exit LeBron James is is doing what. What what is responsible. He's he's got an option to opt out whom he's making 21 million and change for the next two years. And so he wants a race he wants thirty million a year he wants a five year deal on the Dwayne wade you've been hurt haven't done squat I mean. In and out you know gas your twenty million turned into ten. Wash gas your contract you know taking hip turn it and fifteen and then you go get -- for a 25. To poll only twenty barrels toward. It. Or. -- -- Yeah that's great for him. A loved Patrice Bergeron. All around great guy a great story now Tom Brady story and it is what fifth rounder it's actually fourth -- and memory had a concussion issues for yeah island. The knowing there's a -- here playing and but I mean that's. Good on him six code for all out. Let it fired has once again -- in the studio. Cortland -- things that he did but it doesn't smell like this particular plan if you will. Yes but it's proven to be his spot it would be the -- kind of incident that happened a critically important Thailand buried a three way. We will -- quickly but hey -- only as of the big job. Interconnected and the. Didn't see it -- again. -- -- -- -- This in nineteen them. I think predicted morning. Break I care if that would look what that's sort of what Clinton. -- totally forgot about that far outweigh any entirely. Eric is back. Anyway have a great. Wonderful vacation. But. And Aruba at the -- is always LB his golf bag at the end of the -- me because there's like a 97 myths out there and it's it's a bit and four clubs and yes I. Well Austria did yourself though with the cam -- golf but outfit you know I'm not again this year your iPod. I too -- tomorrow you're wearing that I have a great idea yeah. I've to benefit the great deal around wryly yes in Italy and you have a really I'm gonna happen tomorrow some during the air and in. Well make sure you're following me on Twitter followed WA AF on Twitter will send lots of pictures from. This year's WA AF celebrity golf tournament which kicks off at the Foxwoods Resort Casino tonight. He thinks he can't download it get the kind of outlook play with a guy and kicked -- I did their best when I was -- I stood over my head. -- -- -- -- -- -- That it takes 23 all hand what are your hair or. Grew. And now it's not any I mean just ridiculous it to you yesterday -- As a joke. I -- it's it's an absolute joke this one guy who ran the whole thing. Is is a guy from Everett the -- and then and now we lose in Winthrop and doesn't want the traffic -- and says so basically. -- now the attorney -- basically like now people voted they want casinos and and the Supreme Court but now. Maybe they go out into thinking it through what about again. Haven't had a chance to see what had happened I know that some companies. Decided. Take a risk -- go. Well Massachusetts seems like it might be a place where it would be hard to do business but you know what let's spend the twenty million dollars on a study -- Let's make some plans let's do some drawings. Oh -- and I -- get and get -- that put it another step. I don't captors there -- his pants down movie and everybody are you kidding me if -- No now canteen now. At 630 rural older. Who was the only ones -- think Hernandez didn't fear. Lauren. -- -- -- There the bat audio is amazing and I it's Kevin fox -- that Aaron Hernandez is innocent and I know the guy likes. Maybe smoked the -- and occasionally but that's just absolute. Lunacy. Seven or more and I am. And the order of the -- that trophy. Boudreau -- go to another letter on the LP -- yeah. -- -- I actually -- I was impressed. I was worried that those in the UET -- that it was actually. 6:40. -- Florida. Or new. Or Iraq and now. The woman who was hit by train while trying to take a picture of this rain in Florida at a carefully they canceled them on the actual -- -- -- they -- directly -- -- picture from across the street it was. It -- rob can you -- content replay I'm Kevin Faulk because. People are experiencing and missed it earlier. Syria is. Talking about it's he is former teammate Aaron Hernandez. And about how he. Think he's innocent and if he is an innocent it's society that drove him to. Allegedly kill a few people. I wanna tell him that he has somebody on his side -- pray for prosecutors are saying that he orchestrated the execution but somewhat. Not gonna make me believe. Bet he's a monster. Because you used. Those type of words get to question all the terrorist did you avoided it a lot of I don't want him to have done it no. So if you if you wanna say no no I don't think he did at the same time. Anybody can be pushed -- something drastically. If they push it to that point. -- not that is not that -- anybody's Kevin know anybody can not be pushed to I don't want people to pushed and they don't that Olmert the I don't collected a guy's car -- blimp unload the bullets in their hands on her -- Who knew that -- and nobody no no they downfield. Sorry no me who know they transform your eyes what pray we always pray after that they started of Ukraine form. I'm praying that he gets the chair. Does this say boy what is that I guess -- -- up. We people are we the only. Yeah paper could just say oh look what we get away from Egypt paper Buddha said that case kill it for me big case crazy listening the my kid that's W. Again where are you but are things OJ is completely -- that ultimately right and Hitler not a bad guy. According to Kevin it was not a genius. And a great couple of bad apples here and here.