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Ouija Board Discussion 6-25-14

Jun 25, 2014|

Do you believe in ghosts or spirits? We discuss the power of the Ouija board.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Do you own Luigi board no price national a couple of mental I know they're not actually helping my -- what are you nuts continue. Rob get line and and no we're I'm not -- Houston than you could only can Dalai my rabbi Brad. I didn't hear while running in Asia earlier in Basra and very windy and I remind day I -- here and I'll do anything on the -- -- can't. Amanda. I will -- you mean you're not going to be out night in Atlanta running or variants and went so bad that I'd. What do you mean I can what do you mean it went so bad -- -- -- -- watch somebody slide across the floor with nobody touching them -- not moving from the ouija board and a did you did not did nothing like a portal gray audience dock and -- you don't believe in his opening up of the year although. They have and you know the things that are unseen I'm not asking it to -- put on his that I -- and you don't act does -- -- guy and -- New England is bliss eyewitnesses I wish I did not. Police on an error this crap I wish I thought it was Malarkey. You're you're telling me that if if if LB brings the ouija board in for the Monday show after I'm not coming in the -- You can call run and I was in whatever I'm not I am not coming in the room. Back because -- believe that the double is like coming up it's not necessarily the double it's just that it's and it's and it's a medium by which things skin arrived -- places and you know what I'm not in -- here's the amazing thing. The the medium -- that by which supernatural. Other beings are allowed to communicate with humans on earth can be purchased. At alma Toys -- Us -- for 25 dollars us in a box and yes that's what it that's the amazing that it. Including little article -- best outing that's how they do that then there's one in every hostile Pago -- they'll attack by. Here's a Texas is now I get -- rob is not drugs I don't know. Yeah now at. He think this guy really ready leveler if they say he saw like the poltergeist the old lady from poltergeist died when he was playing with a ouija -- smoking crack. Hello Robert. Yes what's up Robert. You know one of the free cute thing about the ouija board black. It's helpless that no. I -- up -- I know it settled now. By what's up with the spelling no matter who did not telephone the next win and a follow Kevin. Hey I don't read what's gonna. I had a question -- there at all about you know energy pushing that -- go right latter liking it -- your eyes closed but why old. Good point they can't they do that's -- is pretty that's pretty darn good point. How does that thing work you do is you put it on your knees if I remember correctly from when I was nine. Table you -- you put it. Flats -- as a non removable surface a guy and and we asked get things there is -- are you blindfolded I was ending what number out you know the letters that'd be have a neutral party -- -- ever recorded two fingers yeah. Lately -- that I can't. Just just -- two fingers I quit my job below Jimmy. Hey what's up sheep dog what's up Jimmy. Huge career and what sort all outside ninety. I wanna comment on the -- keyboard bring out just wonder what drug induce still overall was a sharp but he elect -- -- flaw I -- have a bit. Yeah it's. Listen this guy out there I -- come to some of the places that I've been at 3 in the morning and the out yes and stuff like NAFTA. Guess I hit a very Christian thing to say it is -- her right Jesus is the head of the capital is god Oklahoma. But. I gate John -- drum -- it might crack gets his attacks that here's the Texas as I have are am just like Greg. I have a hard time believing that Milton Bradley is capable of moving people across the floor with -- one of -- game. It's not Milton Bradley had no way I got I -- got a text her friend of mine just said we she she goes and other crazy and no person in the crazy cousin has no I had no -- I've also seen similar to chairlift up the ground squeegee what every. That's I think Colin with the story is walk into jobs that she can't she say call my friend's brother and and he kept saying goodbye and trying to leave in the French kept calling him back the brothers' debt. And the friend that kept telling him back his -- lifted off the ground and then slammed back down with -- in house. Now you remember that remember when your kids do you take just two fingers on each side of these young and and and and you can lifted the other -- up and down there with the -- unbelievably light is there a but it's -- I suggest. So okay so did rob please just again a briefly the story exactly. On the on the person funny because that you were using the ouija board -- -- you Wynonna originally I was making fun of it. Okay you know I was saying exactly what you were just like a drag -- weren't -- non belief has making fun of the -- people that are using. -- you know there was is ridiculous the party on on of them people he doesn't have a name. Okay I'm -- And I can't get along so why it happened you let's get this parties that sound out -- somebody that was we went to play there was an army and we knew he had passed through in his apartment it was anti decisive you guys really you know like you really wanna tester sells -- scares -- -- let's -- there. But the use it in that place. And it's hot out there and I don't know I was just making fun of it mocking it. We go there. I mean my age girl at the time an -- now. Were there to prostitute and therefore Q profit first subject math or the -- -- it is actually. Just really hasn't yet been. We and we were messed up at the time is right that this wasn't a party back. There was a group of people but me and her were the only ones to. Be talking to a communicating I don't know answered the call and a and as somebody you'd call it summoning the other whatever was -- I was you know I. Big into it and I honestly. And and a series. It started to slide across the board on its own revolt looked up at each other thinking. You know you Melanie I was messing with her and at that moment I watched. Another girl in the room slide backwards across the floor until she screamed pushing make it. Now and you -- sliding across the floor sitting Indian style or can you say that and you know and and Cabrera tried applesauce Diana. I do that. Very interesting and she kind of look like she had gone into. -- Dazed -- Arizona or whatever -- she was just blankly stared into. Four feet across the floor seats broke onto a scream now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Energy or spears honestly through EEU years lunatics and the analysts say hidden in -- wasn't right for weeks those who what do you mean he was right did it my basement. There is three people on the board I would I refuse to touch it all of a sudden he gets in he was you know kind of a joke certainly I don't the only thing -- refuse to actually -- all the all -- hot topic before I know I was sent to us are actually he's left and right every day on the -- anyway. But -- you were you born in your basement led to hand she's forgotten more about that yes cell. This is so scary can I get a handshake felt. I -- I don't fancy but that was as soon as word made it round swamp -- high that if Danielle got scared of the huge proportion to get back but -- -- -- on this thing is -- -- it. So yeah so. Anyway one of the -- it was in the group totally took on like a possess and possession -- -- -- yeah not an awfully big funny mama mama and I was not rightfully to have a company on a he like Czech to bad cough drops almost. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Let me put this in my in my phone my phone on the notes part and if I remember in the hospital in a doctor's name is Jill and I didn't take her out yet with a lot of red I have iPhone notes and your phone. Here's the Texas says Greg -- an ignorant idiot it's not about the device that's used it's about bridging the gap between the dead and the. It opens the participants. All right hello Eric. Holder what's up there. Well I -- side might be able to more. Insight on this is yeah you're in a week's -- yeah. Well first. Shop okay -- sit here -- the end it's announced we should are you go ahead are you guys to write what's up. So. Short and actually gets it and ancient. Spiritual tool that Milton Bradley captured -- And basically the intent and it is it will open -- door to allow you -- issues where it's air. So for -- If there's any hurt -- story. I was you know take -- as you're well. And leave. Thing happening there probably was not the board itself seems to that side. He's playing -- something they didn't know how to work let him allowing themselves to become the -- while opening the door. Correct so what happened was Milton Bradley. -- glee. Opened a door to the portal from hell. I it. Now he grounds his yeah. He had time to the whatever I got to there's that mass pretty he unknowingly. Has let the demons out. Know the person using ritual and we also don't know if it's some garbage you know and Bradley version of it either because inching. Version of this series things there when we keyboard actually name properly. I don't. Materials from the earth says there are intended to be done woods down. Tomorrow are you on now have you ever contacted. Some sort of other worldly person via the -- I don't usually airport and that -- have you and made any contact with the anyone. Well I can say yes -- You know you're better cement and I'm not -- -- and -- I'm a downer I know -- like those good those people who didn't believe in that snake oil. And I mean it's. -- involved. Leo don't just give us some -- talk to and amp a -- play better. Yeah. The turn of the leaderboard as you usually can not choose to you on. Writes -- no problem by the Chinese and Americans and if you're not a believer if you're in doubt there. You're knocking and about believing and ouija below ten. They're beat people need medication. I don't understand how the apple and or demonic forces can be out directly connected through a -- -- cardboard. The deadliest year. All potentially gesture toward helps you all -- it's too as that last caller says it's there Milton Bradley bastard I'd -- I'm married -- the social oh or plus this just what are you -- really cannot recognize everybody. The -- but at least -- Wal-Mart -- off. Back guys that man is gonna come after me don't mess with what you don't know about a -- David. Yeah editorial what's happening though I'd say it's obviously it's not about that we order anything more I was. Guy I got a whole -- date in all of sudden my hat flew off the room and I didn't really believe it -- don't. I like I'm not denying that this doesn't happen. To a crawl was the window opens. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I wish it would on something the Buick just pollute the -- April. Everywhere have flight across. -- I called them on it and they're like yeah you're out there dirty though he talk about. -- there's somebody that attach themselves to you. You heat your house and yeah I might like yeah. I go what he's talking about you're like yeah -- Richard gas station you're Burlington where. You're near field it was a hundred apparently. You always -- just be like you. My lips gal she goes you've been up here -- -- Have you seen in the corner and unlike older stock borrow or -- -- -- with the three you've been in this woman. With spectacular -- I think I'm not I'm not a big believer in this but it really trying to open my -- now the leaderboard at all. It's -- it's pronounced ouija. I pray told us that -- a bit there's a lot of people. -- -- a lot of people who say -- do not go any further with this yes you are just. Tempting -- SI had trouble I'm asking for trouble. If if LB brings that we -- ouija board in here we come back from vacation. Then I will be inviting the demons in 220 guest street assuming -- -- your -- twenty. Can you imagine how does -- -- in order and gone to me Al Gore -- might. Hey. What's up Mike. Not much -- being ill and began because I've played it myself where a friend of mine and I was -- some other friends and they had no clue. And Alter personality that my friend had and they started spelling out the name which was Jack and it totally freaked me though I would never step foot near Warren in my life that thing is Corey. But that decay can I just ask it did did you know the name Jack before the things spelled it out -- afterwards that the friends say yep that's my oats fell jackass that's milder personality Jack as that wind which way to work. Yes I -- the friend of mine that I knew for 41 years they. They work. -- yeah hospital before her alternate personality and they signed the papers jet pack and that they have -- Alter personality out Jack and the other people I was playing -- they had no clue of that day. I only knew them from a few months so they had no clue that and they were spelling out the -- Jack McKeon I'm done. I'm not you know an -- That's sounds perfectly -- -- hello to says hello Glenn. Is it bad -- like a real back in nineteen if you've been through. And outside it to stop that followed it just deployed -- -- -- Chris -- That a key vote puberty or I don't call it a lot. Are good my grandma but it is Monday junk they're. All cheap eats it at all. And is being done Ike that old Jacob. -- -- on all or any way you can take the to -- the it may actually. That -- -- Put the although it. It actually and put it onto water and that would just get a better handle water check back. That's an underwater volcanoes and that's where it is and then brilliantly. You have to get another region report once once you put in modern racquet. No marketing I'm sure there wasn't some marketing guy Milton Bradley who started circulating the rumor that the only way to. Do to cure the ills of the -- you boiling you learn not to -- and the players jump police don't Velasco is not an educator. A path after. I edit I'm Beltran on the -- I not a -- where. Scholar athlete and here's the Texas as what's weirder the ouija board's spelled out Jack or his -- at multiple -- you know some people mental illness and not something I'm not gonna. I know I know it and. And it's okay for you believe the regent -- is it's OK for the winds of boards and author of take advantage of it up. Well it's a dean this is unbelievable I can't wait I'm asking Dana and I could tell right away from Monday -- I Hillman and he's it's I don't know I'll be. I'm afraid. I don't wanna play and it would do whatever that is I'm gonna bring pestilence on my upon my family. Hello I did a. They have got what's up these. Not and I have to look at all the time the political. Cannot just bomb -- -- over a theory are you gonna be able to do without swearing or not not our caps -- quite what. And other so. I like that it was leaking the -- I do want. And you my friend but it still at it and I hope so overtaken like all they've got it all caught up to my outside exploding -- -- -- serious play. Honestly then. Some calm and see it's easy business. I don't know being around India rhetoric and you sounded. Paula hello Brian. Gay marriage and it is a great job but. Helping get the idea of all of act yeah. Eight regular course where you work it you know it -- you go home germs get to store oil which one you want to get well. Back up for our part of the elite story about Kirk -- and accused the least -- and her friend got that. For a story about the market and let the that afternoon at the box well all. We'd just all day long -- left and Lilja but we just I do not want a year in the -- -- I will I mean. Here's a tax that says these people are all absolute lunatics radio goal. These people actually believe that a board game helps them communicate. When the other world -- land. I expect a long time since. Hey I Leon comments I didn't fire eco a year ago -- -- strip like I'm from Elliott minister and that it. We are obligated aren't easily order one -- and wanna get their lean up against a lot. And all the sudden he became paralyzed and he couldn't -- he couldn't move he couldn't do anything. And everybody about one that the minister that was on the trip he came men -- literally had to -- on my plate. -- expect them but you know I you know err on the end it like it could not. He moved over -- And I don't think it was so you put it out. And the portal like everybody else saying you know you open up their morals are and -- and and then -- life and it. I recommend that can't recommend now that are here and and -- your opening them up that or I'll let the opportunity here. Aircraft it's an art and the hill and I challenge you like -- an LB to go get that we people. Here in particular fashion. We're gonna do it now does does he can do it like you view but I wanted to yard sale is that cooler you have to -- are -- probably better -- I could decline by double. -- -- Dow so basically what you're saying that a portal to to the afterlife for what have you is opened up by a board game I just -- confirmed that that's what you're saying. Out not quite in our school you could really do any. Anything like a piece of paper could you do with a piece of paper in Japan occupied because he's been pulled -- -- already are. Let me put a -- put a piece of paper down on the table and -- They ouija paper. What it is what is well it went what time is they'll be going to arrive at fox would have to believe cart record what Robin and knock on your -- tell you what why isn't -- -- -- it over right now to open up a little chip and you know the important what you and portal. And just put my -- And able IQ of the national zoo in -- finally -- I think that into the trash item as I try I gonna tell it was covered in did you work with two of crazy half. Lunatic. And yes it was on the trip ridiculous to repair -- -- You know your rights. I mean there are no good story thing after the minister. Manages you -- me down there. In there we pulled some we jetBlue do Donna would there and I am I'm stuck reading little dog we give them. -- -- how he devoted to kill it still a sense is there and knock off. Ouija board like the knock off -- like can I get a cheaper ones like it's spelled WI. We've got the is that we've got bored out of let a fifth. I. Let's go ahead and continue I guess what as long as.