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Adult Toy Price is Right 6-24-14

Jun 24, 2014|

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- them. And morning show presents. Always right. We have a pair. Fourth road tickets. For the WWE's. Money in the bank at the TD garden happening this Sunday if you are a winner today. During adult toy price is right and Miami is one of our contestants this morning all mammy. By point Manny. Where -- -- Me what's that forty -- -- Sales and sales what are you selling. -- and it's not like he really win again and I just love and I want to Monterrey for you to -- Bullard at you if you made that call like a guy could resist that whoever that man whenever yourself I'm and I'm buying a hundred of them. And this is Kevin hello Kevin. Kevin how Oreo. Oreo and where you from Kevin. Shirley Shirley and what do you do. Our pharmaceutical pharmaceutical. Pharmaceutical and the Danielle is about to describe to you the first adult only in -- hopefully price is right today. And whoever comes closest to the price without going over will be our winner. Today's personally is called the wall then hear the wall banger a small bank here. Ever get down because you have no partner to help stabilize your favorite Chile have no fear that's really stimulation of the -- angers me. Simply amount of balance on the nearest -- using the included sexing up and get ready to ride the rails. Even if -- snippets you mart the cup won't pull the paint your wall. You don't have to worry that your neighbors will think you're trying to exactly hammered pretty the other side thanks to a culture quiet motor also doubles is a candy coat -- when not a new stuff. Two double A batteries included sounds like you know it doubles as -- what chipper I'm Catholic. -- if you have to be worried about the paint on the walls are you getting a little too aggressive with your -- -- some people like -- -- I guess I don't know it's just you know get that -- very -- I guess now who are right -- what's your guess set the price on that adult -- Rural forty fine and Milla Harvey what's -- called the heart warming just a regular all coming up. Go back and diary. What was your guess Manny. 45 in 194599. Kevin what is your guess. 4949. And I mean jealous are you both gone over the wall -- retails for the bargain price of 34 dollars. And I'm. Sorry bella is smooth in the -- a nice guy on that let's DA at Aaron. And it clear that up next hello Aaron. What's -- guys how are you know. I am great. Aaron where you from wonderful city of Gloucester city -- -- love it up there what to do what do you do. IE I have -- call before I do valley -- Well all right did you and oil LB now that that is going to be a huge party this -- -- -- -- -- gestation come. I'll is that when you guys do the degrees the whole that the stock closed the idea that as -- climb the greased pole track. Our. As a great event that there are a lot of fun. I and this. It is curtains up against Aaron this morning hello -- I don't cart where you from. Lestock. We got Gloucester vs western what do you do cards. Courtroom. Storage have to salute. Well let's get to the next adult -- during adult toy prices -- The next Julius called the sweet old pillow. This -- ill go. Don't buy sex toy bloggers as the ultimate oral sex too late this school is now available for just in the US after previously being bans. Imagine having not want -- -- and dancing all over you just like LB on the Florida's third wedding. Tell your significant other -- time asleep on the couch because there isn't enough room with all those signs next to you. Third this spinning really get greater ride the wave of desire right to the final splash. The started out simply press and hold the button at the big east of keeping up your hands from shaking. Other -- just let the Jews were announced just like your man would after finishing USB charger included total running time one hour. What is that I can you explain what this is what sellers what are the little and we'll little tongues so we'll looked on the not -- alone and then just not until Clinton and -- there at the end there. This is these products are draining our valuable resource is that how much -- much electricity does it take to operate this. Much of the Jersey computer you'll -- hasn't seen. All right Aaron. What do you think the actual retail price of that is. 3990. -- 3999. -- what about you on the wheel of tons. Fifteen across the monitor that's the -- go retails for 5990. Class. -- -- -- -- Yeah complicate Aaron -- grip with who and what really wasn't a lot of fun loving peace ally how complicated community. He's got to be a master mechanic drove it breaks down. I Aaron and -- in our winner today congratulations and and thank you are playing adult -- price is right with the.