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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Each you to -- talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians spilled out. Hey -- and every goal of the World Cup don't edit them chicken gumbo Rio didn't underestimate -- on WOK and he. World Cup fever when the next game is that Thursday. I can't wait why am I have a World Cup party only plane in Germany that you have some German potato salad -- code. When we when we play -- that's not German data that are hot German data are selling out the code right that's the sex goes way is what does that Thursday night. Thursday beer -- Thursday -- Today's hill mail messages are brought to you by noon turf care a year residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit noon turf -- dot com and mentioned WA AF for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon to earth care. Monday 12:25. PM. -- -- I sent the picture in my John that -- -- and it came back you've got the credit they syndrome. What is that. -- message that the new -- where few figures. Junkies disease you may send off anonymously in a doctor will tell you what you have this super gonorrhea and awards the the simplest live. Never more personality going to a doctor's office and again. Put in a room by a smoke show owners and officers are what some problems and what do you Mandela's way. -- well I think -- have G -- OLE. And cities as well widget which is your parents are you know this robot that. Did she know who you where we are playing for the Bruins at the time academic must've been a young fellow here in the city of butter that did you call -- -- the winners and I'm. It's it's Lyndon byers. Yeah it's obvious -- happy to be getting herpes you think CNG -- -- Lyndon byers. Slim -- I -- it wouldn't buyer -- a -- light -- All now of some ranking -- -- -- why are they kidnapped from her pleasure me now that's yet they don't have so I know that's that are really the that is a real problem. Monday for -- choose he had. Bible Belt wrong he had murdered then. Get out my tour -- -- and the methods. Not going to seminary and hook up. Who. Here's somebody asked in my own heart 617 tax -- I just got a bunch of guys that work with the training tech from Hank Baskett and where they are you you didn't. Our Twitter if you didn't know today defeated Nadal six a smoke show just he could use that in my Twitter feed to get them get all the fellas that work. And he's hot she Asian would make a -- look like idiots I wouldn't think. -- -- -- -- And it happens that's not -- but I look at it I love catching LB off guard every Tuesday. When -- -- just -- left. Paul it's Tuesday did not know but for now until -- until -- no here here's what happened to put the finger in the air -- aren't there. -- well -- yeah well. Under that it's light -- Wednesday. LC. But you know not -- LB said he wants to -- he wants to be in good shape for the golf tournament on Thursday. He's got important responsibilities. He has to ruin a man's potential marriage out. Eric Townsend into. That worked on the same time allegedly that -- name Eric cal -- doesn't -- who won the foursome -- with LB and he is he and his buddies are going down there their wedding is Saturday's. Awesome to be doubted fox was nice day -- and his dad and this poor fellas gonna return home and go to the one of the rehearsal dinner on Friday night hoping to get a -- -- -- -- you know that's when you know your old what do you think about when you're gonna squeeze -- a rapid before your rehearsal dinner you know. 24 all. Your arm during that they're all sort. Of a group. -- speaking of that. Coming up at 835. Some audio from Miley Cyrus and and I wanna know where do you think the jobs. That she is given her fourteen year old sister is age appropriate and so. Or listen to Miley and a 35 this morning. 24. Older. Farewell. And no well. They're -- And. On hiatus until download these anti hero Welch I'm -- Wallace and I. We had it in Entercom business to take care oh yeah it's rights and enter my bat. Know that I've been back two years. I -- and incredible amounts of pain ya can't play with my sign now we'll see dad and I'll never have to say the words I'm sure we'll. Daddy has to take a break. You're gonna memory and I am never again are you going to be -- a Little League coach or anything coming got a narrative there no I'll teach -- and I'll I'll teach him he'll be the best of everything. But I leave I leave that stuff to the professionals just like Jack. Just like and next generation. Mixed martial arts her variety. They they know what they're doing. Asian tour or. In no hurry and it hit it I -- -- -- Like all right well. In -- truck hit it. Formed at the don't forget the loop kids -- bit of -- Lou delicious I'll forget the little. -- -- and older. Recorder that might take OK so court but federal low. Or buy health insurance like car and by so. The Clinton art and not well. That all of the -- I'm. Order now yeah. Hillary Clinton said yesterday that they are not well off. They're worth the hundred million in the dialogue along. The liquid kid what -- a hundred millionaires are tired out we can't touch it what's well off. 209 and 300 million and a half a billion and it. Then in her mind what is the what is -- off. 7:20. AM. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all right Ed I read it. And then -- throw. I think -- gonna be out soon some other. You know he's complain about -- yeah I mean it just you know it just it's a matter time you know I mean maybe some sort of national group of rednecks bull run that at some kind of an entire redneck. Friendly. During a stupid or something in an animal all realize that hisses and not a an appropriate turmoil Mike. What's happening Michael. The air inform the world to record no professional. Coaching you all and literally -- -- all volunteer. -- you know. I think what he was talking about Lindsay was kind of being sarcastic. And -- that list of you know I mean I'm just can't get involved as you know you haven't -- knock somebody out ranked. Some ground I'm gonna be the guy telling me how to I'm not as I I don't. I don't get you can't cheer for your -- like -- and I get some -- dad -- -- an act. You can't yell hey wait a more well check to can't pass. Yeah you do for your -- you're banned for life than my time has to be embarrassed accused there look there is his father being she named the escorted by the police and the car and his mom -- you know mom has to come down he's a kid sitting in the eggs in the grandstand by himself and forty minutes after the game -- I again right at us. Here's -- tax obviously somebody who is that works in a in a Little League somewhere that. LB is the classic Little League assistant coach of the one were always nervous is going to go off. On a fourteen year old umpire. Like hey Paris. As is with his breath smells this thing was that when the permanently. And he hammered out that is ready to. How bad has it. Are scared yeah I can't really tell -- don't -- LB look no no LB can abuses -- that we need used in the dugout here you keep score a that he did he drive here was in college and dropped off a -- popped. Up the UCLA's. They catch it got to stand in there and take that pitch in the -- I know you're only seven. But take that take one for the team when that picture is -- -- here at Kennedy a swing into the wake -- up the. -- forty -- -- -- a lot aren't you glad. I'm sorry. Into its. Voice back -- and equipment. Lackeys they're pretty good idea uploading -- last it. You're listening to the Hill Man Morning Show which is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider for more information. Go to echo -- dot com that's echo stored dot com. I'm thinking of bringing the -- of people into -- try to fix the out. That's my -- totally played femininity here and -- -- -- and I made the call so people stop calling me -- a -- one on on the text line and -- -- let's column to get those guys they have important work to do with the golf tournament but I -- to see some of their. The other people over here to get the get the stream in the gap sixth and 21 old. And that is the and yeah now and it's just it's like. I get it people are so frustrated. But it's not like. It's possible for us to do it's not within our domain where we don't do every job it's not like -- You know a general store where mr. -- did everything as there's a lot of other people who work here they have their own departments they were in charge of their own depart. Still want to drive -- current accuser. I know a century and now now -- I'm now getting word that it's fixed out really yes well out of the judges that how about this confirmation from is -- from the I'm home from home little home yeah -- that there is talking with the app people Galliano sent our comedy got beat down. Go to the net you know is over a fire line pro gun who contacted via the window driver into Dunkin' -- -- I don't think I stopping it and this -- AM I think wish we should we really shouldn't be experiencing any problems we had the same people who did the -- connector website you so. And I think it's important yes you're gonna hammer everything should be side. It. -- Again it's it's like you're here on the front line. When you do this job you know it's it's it's. That's as they said earlier it's like the people we answer the customer service phone calls its yes. You know they didn't send the product out they don't know why it didn't get there. They're not the one who actually package the item was supposed to arrive at your place but they take all the abuse. I love having extra on the phone like listen I understand this is not your fault however let him use one of those people actually call our cameras and I was I was at least -- -- rarely admit -- -- WA WAF up how can I help you. JOC staff. Ordered them to be stumbling a bit -- Edwards supposed to be here yes -- -- answer this that has never crystal livers and let the sun and I -- now where they now are. Thanks for for an old man. Yeah I don't admit it and -- there. I never thought I'd look out below and you thought well maybe get out of here and. Important data that would be just talk tomorrow but I like I said that's arm once in a life term opportunity for the greatest photo -- ever stuck in the Italian style what would be your being stuck -- inside Cambodia China -- -- it's that's that's one of those pictures -- afternoon going to 20 X 20 six since the frame and -- -- -- -- How. You and I ended. Cat app and a yes that China as an actor and anonymous six guys like it's probably probably in them. Thinks -- -- Iranian. Well I am wrong in -- through Hill Man Morning Show become an application. We could create a pro stick that in twelve. The yeah. How many commandments it is -- How often at 750. Okay. It's. And you wanted to say they. And the message rob is to argue -- rob Moore also born again. Rob is a born again Christian or religious and not really would be totally -- -- less simulate the church. Thank you why -- already are fine his church I -- I podcasters. But there's a great one in San Antonio that I like really I am from when you apparently giving a pass and Julie you listen to a -- a church podcasts that's that is quoting only I podcasts pictures here is that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bill there's so little. The host. I don't know -- and -- North Carolina there's enhanced ratings aren't -- on cross. Aren't just think Ryan is just stay quiet and is -- pain radiating down notes -- I don't get hit record and you know we're Gordon -- Allen does not only but. For law and everything average and yelled at by the priest at the now and -- pretty adamantly.