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Inside the Simple Male Mind 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers. This time we find out what to do about a guy who brings over opened lube, a one night stand that left a thank you note, and a husband confessed to cheating now should I?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. I'll be ready go inside the symbol -- minds direct care absolutely. Bunch of very interesting text messages and email always we always serious but always is wherever blacks on Mondays at this time. We try to help you women out. And LB answers your questions about the men in your life. Issues that you have with the these simple brain of the male species. So here we go. This month. Caught my attention immediately. LB I have been hooking up with a guy for the last three months where I work on Saturday he came over. And brought a used bottle of blue. OK so it. Yeah it. If there's such a thing is used as sodomy and the -- it's the most disturbing thing a man has ever done to me why didn't you just tell me that he was having sex with other women. I was completely grossed out by. I -- that was easier over thinking this might steer you over thinking and admit he used to lube on them sell his -- that's another chorus. -- the sensation. Of happiness -- in -- own adult pleasure -- and secure our current this is just him the other one did want to kick it up or not you should be you should be happy so she should not be grossed out now believes that he's used won't -- -- I mean enough -- others -- the -- not -- really this is a typical woman so she believes that he -- checkup and then scrapes the -- -- -- puts it back in the bottle. If that is our goal -- this morning news at all. Is is it more if he if he brings an already open bottle of Astro glide or a freshman from Walgreens -- my on the way over I think she -- the fresh marks the fresh and blue he she should take a little -- and you know be careful of that dry skin on skin -- technique that has kept going maybe they didn't -- I yeah. He had WS and just. FYI for everyone out there. -- makes everything better yes. -- with 100% of the time 24/7. Are you bringing 365 you bringing some to foxwoods always. -- you don't go anywhere -- the elderly people who might truck and you don't go anywhere else somebody's oh yeah it would you we have moving your -- -- super dry hands on -- on the are likely registration always a lot I -- -- weren't flip flops and his -- it's awesome for your feet have been slightly. If perimeter -- to -- your -- why does it bribery flavored there. And I can I predict the next excuse they'll be hasn't used yet I can't. I blew up my feet -- but I've looked -- -- -- -- I can't make it and over elude my feet and -- I threw out my back a little jobs. Comment on -- after applied. The roommate or. You know while we Libya yet several acquaintances. And -- -- this thing and that these via all any -- -- on his window authority -- -- older you've dealt by I it was unbelievable. -- -- And fortunately. There is these so he really it was the same one moment is Lieberman hookers who is that he would use the same -- and an olive almond and I. I understood it I wrote that I could vote and -- -- it is certain there. All of that -- Don't I was like the women of the -- text me please if you're still using vaginal contraceptive film or phone but we are right. He's products and the drugstore unlike. Extension east Asian movies like this burned the -- under current -- like you know it's not with you but you you're buying vaginal contraceptive programs we have 46. What was the principles of the woods called it has a ring in a -- did giant plastic tonight brand is all you are now. Might be the email on and you're thinking I don't know why I I don't know I can't do I get down an old army once and I. You know you know me I would never completely shut it down and not put the effort there at least I know you know on that are quite large business and after this apparatus -- -- out of that as I thought it. By now. What does it not happen and the. Our rights at Texas as LB as two things in his truck lube and ketchup that that was. The hallway day today and I always keep lube in -- truck that she has an open mind -- and I have no problem that the ketchup. I. The man I'm dating just got out of a seven year relationship -- These are all. I'm worried that I'm a rebound they broke up a month ago and he just told me over the weekend that he loves me and I am worried. And how much do you think. Thirty days and a lot of that's rats -- that -- -- definitely everybody's got broken hearted guy and bummed out. And but it's so it's up to you I would just say. You know the lusting after thirty days -- trouble and it's in our cities it's not real he's just you know. But yeah you know it's again it's saw if you have a good time of the guy -- all right let you know I would I would make a serious thing I would make it. You know there's you know buddy buddies once a week or so that's cool. I hooked up with -- a random. Friday nights and then passed out. We met at a bar earlier that night -- and it was a total one night stand. Odd thing was he left -- thank you note on the counter and left in the morning. Awesome that's a true one night stand there really isn't my name written all over not uncommon things thank you wanna of course you -- last -- -- last night was awesome -- the bass that I hope you don't mind it took the ham sandwich out of the -- -- -- I was under Mario. I mean I understand you get a gift or something use those who was managed and then that would send a note that many people womanizer a one night stand smashed back. In pain in your attracted little boxes match facts as humans like gum and you know breath mints. Wants more. See here's a woman who is texting over. Says are hooked up with a guy also and then he called me the next day just to say thank you I feel like that means desperation -- it. That's being nice as people understand that there's no there's no hookups about the war. Nightstand in -- and it it's it's a great thing I think that's that's that should be an automatic if you ever want nice sandy had a great time. Send the guy Texas had a great time that so so the guy knows that if he's looking to hook up maybe. You know you're you got nothing going on two weeks down the road. You're gonna throw our judges say you are you wanna relive the the night of passion wanted to do it and it. -- We're going in I don't inside the simple -- mind. With the help of -- now this one I think. There may be some interesting opinions on. My husband of ten years. Just confessed to cheating on oh. It was a one time thing and he feels horrible. The thing is yeah. I also cheated on him. And I think I should tell him. What do you think I should do LB. On -- really need to ask -- tell -- it's edited excerpts etc. Double edged sword everything you promotions. -- every the president asked that this you're always setting guys up and why. I don't know I would I think that idea and now everything is a big tax I would have you know I think that left finds that yeah I don't die. I -- you know by this question what is whether or rather the real weather all honesty in a relationship he was no one's -- And he he only and only cheated once -- -- just the ones and one time is that how that works out. Yeah you got it you got the gumption to -- wants there a huge he'd -- you've you've done -- just trust me. Trust me on this one don't tell -- and it again. -- -- IE eight we have guys just kinds they can't deal with that a guy knowing that that you got poked yeah he's got a snapped so elusive. So she should. The line. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's like that's like one event would not elaborate homes as -- like that. That means a chicken and tells tells the chair. -- the relationship child that's on the other side of the country. What -- he wants to be super super do you I. I love you so much in Iowa I believe in relation so much beyond that I just need you know when I was like 22 years later we're college to bring it. What will we ever in my I don't see my kid but you know with. Yeah I just point you know that and we just useless information as he's getting used on the road to send Japan's. I don't get more money in the divorce. Unmarried guy at work who I have become friends with. Offered to pay for my next semester of grad school. He said it he said no strings attached or do you think it's legit. No no that's not those statistics see its knowledge and -- he's our he's he's aegis is it's like a most trapeze just set that set in the -- and there's a way yes -- did you graduate now Dario -- first street I should say did you graduate -- semester you get done. -- -- -- and on strategize Eric Cantor are phenomenal my wife fire usually works in New York -- now Wednesdays and Thursdays so. To -- to maybe one or just more where I got a little apartment down town that I use our -- business and the city life and renewal -- I listen I want -- -- -- Clinton and -- different -- out of their -- and Lebanon many. No problem. Look this I was in new port for a wedding this weekend and Saturday night my best friend's husband crawled in bed with me and started making out -- -- her flaws are are usually -- hammered that wrong -- I freaked out and he said he was drunk and confused. Should I tell my investment if you wanted to. And the relationship with relationship by her hair is or your -- and their friendship those -- she's gonna keep that a secret they got -- -- -- and he's a guy -- made a mistake it got to the wrong bat well I mean I slid in there and in the united it's like 5050 chance to your kids should. But the key is that I kudos of -- for have a story ready on the way and you know I'm. I'm probably completely sober you know -- his -- -- Viacom and you know on the way in the door just make sure if you could Somalia's Al Norman and then played down that the no harm no foul everybody tries a format -- -- -- Filipino itself it's it's that last little -- you're just trying to get the most -- lifetime Fauria -- ago you know you'd get tied up now that marriage staying it was that I am I mean he didn't realize it was the wrong room and while they do wrong and -- you -- done that Iran may I mean I tell -- tell that story all the time I went I went home with a girl and her walk up and am I had no idea the I went to the bouts are now course you know me -- -- -- the rock outside I went to about term I came out of about term there were three doors three options I have no idea which story came out of the first one I went into was her brother the second one I went to as -- father of the third when I want to -- was a mother. And -- and and at that point she realized I was lost in -- house I -- that the mother can happen in the mother wages out of the bad that I saw a cloak of darkness that welfare. And ours is you know. I did I hit everybody up her brother was cool but rather to Israel because if I like -- -- -- him. -- AM or after. I am grossed out by my boyfriend's nose -- should I tell him coolers -- general. Ladies hey guys tell guys everything. You know. You know you know if they if there. It's as -- and they have back carried all I can tell negotiated you know she Ritter didn't get the taking care of demos here yet here you gotta tell you something your. Youth he'd tell me get some bit of food in their face. The second -- rapper this is how you -- Don there's beyond just ask you face I have mixed gay and you know now. Two of my girlfriends and -- were drinking one night and decided to open a fake account. On the sugar daddy website. We were pretty shocked to see that one of the messages we got was from the husband of another friend of higher -- He wrote that he he wrote that often travels for work. And that he needed gave a woman and -- that that would go on trips with him. What are we would like to confront him about it but will do any good or -- just deny it. I did he's terrorist could deny deny deny. And so we all know you're gonna end up being the one who gets in trouble in the -- -- -- somehow harness it always ends up that was the life is gonna stick side the husband and that he's somehow it's the right even. Yeah aren't gonna it's gonna blow up in everybody's face unity she Jessica the husband you're not you're your French is over or their relations could be over and you cause it's so she's in the room to know the relationship over. All right well being nice work well alert. That is thanks guys off the web sites -- audience you. It's it's if this is a social media no win situation you know it and I feel like I've done stand down and kinda gaga you know somebody always knows somebody -- and you're gonna get cut and I'm Lisa unless you don't care. Does the the web sites you have based -- you don't really just can't figure out how to how to but I thought -- be -- -- I shouldn't sugar mommy and sugar Mamas dot com I got the -- from Manning is she's her exact words were to me I said I was you know might -- Buyer was sixty plus -- what he's doing -- would you like a boy -- And I see you know and it's like I was trying to fix your little interview direct -- -- Euro Nevada Florida -- Exactly where he's -- -- good the go ahead of it received it and get turned on to have sex with someone that seven to use the beat up by all means go ahead. I think. You -- a cup. -- she probably thought you were joking should not -- but got no idea that you're really -- showed the sugar pop the -- assured the buyer now can we look that up your -- tomorrow I have not yet I ninety I was on a given day and it meant I. Did something. And I my phone died numbers aren't so might my photos on -- there but not how I see a welcoming a little -- logo would take a look at that and I sugar Mamas dot com.