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Billy Hogan Liverpool FC 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

With the World Cup in full swing we talk with Billy Hogan the Chief Commercial Officer of Liverpool FC about the upcoming Futebol at Fenway game.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the and on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And speaking of the World Cup. I'm gonna really upset that guy who has now called in about the soccer tock. And we're gonna talk a little bit about Liverpool. FC Fenway Park and Billy Hogan joins us right now 1000000000 morning. Morning guys -- really -- -- what's your title you like you feel like c.s with CC EO with the way. Let's see how the other chief commercial officer at at Liverpool football club basically running -- the revenue side of the club. Writes that means you just try to figure out how you can pour another 150 million into the coffers over there right that we can't yet. Bob knows what is is is. It they're probably your arch enemies so forgive my ignorance if if if bit of bringing them up is gonna send you into a rage but. Is is is Manchester United still the most successful franchise in all sports when it comes to money. What they are they our biggest rival also level try to contain myself that now they're they're certainly. Certainly one of the most successful against the others and number different ways to look at it but. I'm in terms of global club sides of club. You know you hear often times united. Real Madrid Barcelona Liverpool. Peter Milan you know those those clubs all kind of mention -- and that discussion. Yeah expert in anything about the NFL how great they've done here. And then -- that you realize on a global level how gigantic Cyrus. Apple -- and it is. And now I wanna talk about football that way back but before we talk about that I just wanna ask you about that game last night and got a I mean LB was LB was calling it -- joke by the US others who were texting in this morning. Have been saying that axes to play it would against all those guys is a pretty amazing accomplishment by the US. Yes I would say I mean certainly if you go back. And and and look at where they are in the tournament now after two matches you know being tied atop -- group this is probably something -- would have taken that these -- have -- when you're talking about -- -- -- except for the group of -- -- exactly so but it is always -- obviously when you give -- one right at the end like that and I mean they they really did -- to win which is. Which makes it that much more disappointed I think on the on the bright side you know you look at how well they've played. And and really they were the better team yesterday no doubt and that's that's a terrific reflection of the improvement that the game and an overall just the national team has made over the last several decades so. It is disappointing that obviously taking things get a result this week in Germany in the -- through and that's all there trying to do so. Now who's Liverpool Hoosier biggest player Hoosier number one player. Will the the guy actually scored two goals against against England a couple of days ago Luis Suarez is probably wanted to -- certainly one of our biggest players -- he scored over thirty goals in the primary league this year and a place for your way. Our captain Steven Gerrard is also the captain of the English national team is is another one and a number of young up and coming players and finished second in the league this year and and the Premier League which is regarded as the the best league in the world so a lot of great players on the team. This this this summer. The becoming over as well as. The number of new players that actually we've just -- this is kind of our. Our all our our trade window if you will during the summer so it's a lot of time Lotta times we bring on new players and and some players leaving some players -- -- but it's it's sort of what everybody reload it's going into the new season which starts in August. The most amazing thing though about soccer. Is that you guys. Basically. You can buy any player that you want and any time correct. Yes there's just too what they call transfer windows so we're right now we're in the summer transfer window which ends that the end of August and then. There's another one of the month long during January so those are the times really when you can kind of I -- -- players but yes that at that time there's no. Is it just think it's very different from what we're used to here in the US in terms of certain contract acquaintance. You know you'll play out your contract necessarily move right in the middle of it and lawyers have a lot more control really over there than they do here. And a deal like -- like if it would be like you know anybody just basically saying I want my Tom Brady from the craps and and they they would that they basically would have to supplement the player wants right. That's right yeah right yeah it's very it's a very different sides of very different way of doing things and at -- said that we're used to over here that's for sure. So mom football at Fenway is happening on Wednesday July 20 layered. And it's Liverpool you guys up against. Against AS Roma. I and then my good friends with -- -- second and -- a lot of so I'm gonna have to -- have to root for a AS -- madness tournament no disrespect to you and John Henry good. Just tickets tickets are on sale now at that Red Sox dot com is that right. That's right yeah tickets that Red Sox start come back -- football except way you can also called the Red Sox ticket number which date 77 Red Sox nine and that he had forever actually playing getting in trouble we -- two years ago in in the a sellout capacity crowds so it was a it was a terrific event and we're looking. Can forward to another one in fact both teams. Finished second in the -- respectively this room obviously Syria and -- report -- in the Premier League so. To two great seasons and both teams to be in the midst of their pre season getting ready for for the upcoming seasons both been in England and Italy. Are you guys playing in now on that Guinness international. Tour this summer. We are actually yes I want to play for four matches during our pre season this is our seventh trip actually to the US. -- replace Fenway and then we'll go to Chicago. Would play yet soldier's field in Chicago and then we go to Yankee Stadium and actually play the at Yankee Stadium and then we go down to Charlotte. -- -- Bank of America Stadium -- with four different matches and kind of bounce around a little bit -- -- and had back over to England this season starts up August 16. Somebody texted and said it give a guy and your team that bites people are so -- Couldn't we definitely -- end of the astronaut. -- an outside. TI LD -- crazy and L it's LB knew he had a guy that by its people he would get in the watching soccer -- yeah -- -- I locker room to build a new animated I mean. The equivalent of Wagner under fourteen step. State champion of course when I was only ten before before Harlem -- in forging Iraqis the swept me up I just wanna stay safe thanks you guys coming huge racing fan I'm a huge huge Jack Roush to -- -- them -- -- and is near and dear to my heart Mark Martin -- I was my fever for years and years and years. And I just love to support you -- to NASCAR you guys are awesome. Wolf thanks so much -- won yesterday were -- which is great experience so you know we get got a lot going on so it's a lot of fun. All right well listen get your tickets and enjoy football at Fenway it's on Wednesday the 23. And tickets are on sale right now and go to Red Sox dot com slash football Fenway -- -- good luck. Thanks guys that -- -- one more question my you have by two year old daughter was looking for the next Pearl Jam concerts. -- You are you this and now -- have you been forced to watch that movie 90000. Times. It is not only been forced to watch it -- I've heard that sought to be tied to turn out so -- That's -- that is pretty that is done by any better than that to. I'm so happy that my kids there are -- none of that age anymore right side and I've never had to -- frozen nor am I ever had to sing this on though. All right thanks Philly thanks guys -- -- reject.