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Hill-Mail 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now from each unit -- top. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions -- -- up. York and Washington -- it is that you walk. On WAA. Today's mail messages are brought TO by noon turf care your residential and commercial lawn care provider. Visit new turf care dot com -- mentioned WAA after. For a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care now the best -- mail messages of the previous couple of days. More than 36 all in. Total current -- -- -- -- -- and don't go. That record this accurate it is -- and who go. Into message. So often dirty little old. Who will be bubble or however. If not put up a bit short period and to go -- like apart -- -- -- -- -- trouble at all secure or go to. When you're never mentioned -- you should send the picture of an be that new well yes yeah aren't artificial. A couple of times if it you know I don't wanna show up funniest thing he's. Never -- audiences like. Hello frank. Oh well or courage or anything -- apologize to all the people book app not working. Beijing if you -- Frank we've covered that on the show this morning well. The -- did it out every once in awhile so -- -- -- my apology what do you read it below the bulk applicants say out of Matt I don't care about every. I need to know about every single. Happy -- stream that doesn't work I'm trying to apologize what. If you went the last apology mission was was received by those in the I don't right after the ride out to right and that's the -- whom injects a man's hurt not hurt it and. As soon as as soon as I apologize. There's the commercial startup. 240 and I told him. How why yes I want to play a lot and they don't want it. Well prevented a bit. And that mentions -- yeah. A great weekend weather was gorgeous up and -- little chilly and on the line to well it's a little chilly in the morning saying that it -- fifty this heartless and perhaps. A ball weird global warming area where it's weird summer are gonna die. Weird summer in the -- and 549. Older. Under where. Cooper. -- do. You. Think twenty old. Thirteen -- go to work you referred -- award winning. All of the greatest moment -- -- history and all the -- or why -- do our part. And -- message. I mean. That cross. -- -- It was one of the greatest crosses I ever received in the game -- -- and you know lots and I have I have I've watched a lot of soccer in my day. Most of bits of of the youth nature but -- You guys aren't was nowhere to be found that well that allows -- ridiculous they were there were there were there they're all guilty. A bunch of times -- not I'm not. You don't. Certain -- on their guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know that was the greatest player in the. Whenever there's no beyond their plan before baca is that great save then the -- opened the door of opportunity. Or is it players -- world and Klinsmann whose it. Soccer genius which is which is actually going to be awesome because he won he won a World Cup title playing for Germany yeah he basically. Runs the whole. Program over there are new sports and night and travel teams in the best of the best the best and he coached to. Out of Germany -- cup went and now he's in charge so we you know every in and out of what they're gonna attempt to do what I would give Spain. But they have it in the bag man. Now many arts why is can you don't have to have a coach that's from your country in the World Cup our courses are players -- players to play. -- offer budget -- American and German you can if you're good enough in the plea for German support for America -- had the play for the country of your birth. Well I didn't want my parents know America one parents from Germany you know hopefully you please read or America or Germany I figured. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm 100 and -- I'll give you percent. Do you care how and I thinks they need him. Thank you get that -- of the World Cup there's every. But chicken gumbo -- real -- unless there's. -- outperformed him less fortunate. Than them hot place looks beautiful though man like Rio de Arabs slashing down there -- buffalo yeah. Well I was the other weird thing is. -- can call a lot of time on any time during the game but still we years. -- give the temperatures above 87 degrees yeah like 86 point nine and I like that. He can just call for a water break anytime he wants -- -- -- -- something to be eighty something doesn't sound conference to our Mary -- humidity -- I think it. It's if it it's a humid hot it's the more suited to the boys always talked. And older. I guess yeah overall I think that -- -- -- that -- walk in a bullet that killed seventeen million commercial. And -- it. Didn't want to mention that only the people on the app understand we are talking about it can't hear you right now. There is some people who listen on the out. For convenience purposes yes but they might flip over and -- sure. And the conventional manner on the I had 107 point three or 97 point seven we have to frequencies we have a map we have a stream. We have several delivery systems for our con tent hello Dan. Eight LB is actually 100% correct about the soccer scene Yule duel citizenship yeah we have three players and we have one guy from -- guy from where. Their problem within the military so remove older they have -- -- citizenship right up at Torrey. And that was -- you urging coincidentally there your husband coached -- whole way up and they got him to come play for Americans in general seem big we have. Now I listen I I wasn't claiming to know anything about your show about LS soccer wasn't claiming you know anything about World Cup eligibility and that you know that LB is is. Is right on the mark. -- -- -- I believe that we will. That we look I. Looked out. Armed and -- Yeah I mean and it was depressing if that was the worst part about it was you know the whistle blew a sentence they scored that goal -- play. Thirty seconds and you that I mean that would have been an MS it's still great that. That they have a wind and drop yeah I -- nobody's seen it nobody expected that of course however if they won that game that would have been the biggest win. In World Cup history for the united state America that is a fact that -- there that would have been the biggest win in World Cup history. Forty years older. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm definitely can't. Well. They're -- book hopefully pass some legislation. Which will gets the -- owners in big trouble if they are selling the alcohol ordered the tobacco. Or the lottery tickets through the EDT cardinals won't pass it a bigger paso. Everybody wants CBC reforms somebody's gonna challenge you with some dumb thing they'll hold it up and when I had zero I would like. To see reforms passed I have very little hope. Shooting in which we live commonwealth of middle got to get reelected yeah I'm not given out my cozy government no I mean. How can you not look at that though I'd like you guys are saying early here. And say in -- to back go. Liquor and those. Those are not necessities. According to sell a book and there those are the you know those are their -- right here's the -- that they'll look at it that fifteen million dollar. Let's. Put it committee together to move people toward full employment instead of the store owners in -- thing and then -- get held up his only to review it none at all I. Mean. And again I'm the first one I just pray it boggles my mind a fifty million our study. Really yeah well I didn't hold people accountable. Get a job in in six months or we're taking your EDT -- another 700 days of unemployment congratulations. Followed day. Good morning everybody you know your speed thanks so be carried out when Georgia agree weekend here at its single Barry popcorn and -- -- you -- racist bodies ready to realize about the races. Absolutely I was Alabama are repeat orders where our American operator of not do it it'll -- what are you sign about -- the. Oh you don't you don't like you know you're not in the World Cup is so you're saying. If you are caught in the quality bat better than nothing but -- you talk about soccer as -- appetite why is that these guys Teradata. Gentlemen -- -- to elaborate a little bit I'm trying to double on Williams I would just couples above board. We're trying to figure out what I was -- that -- and activities of so called. That's what you're talking about. Missile launches -- -- The running junkyard changes from Iraq it is definitely watch your World Cup and I write down everything ESP answer as I can bring it and not pretend to be genius -- -- lives in -- -- argument on the shelf for a little bit now. New listen hey don't knock it can't wait for Christmas that we're work were flying in Australia. And and I'm going to like sixteen soccer matches for the winter World Cup. I'm I'm -- I mean and all the bodies we go we do the World Cup thing every year. Gosh. I get a taste something we. Lined up a soccer guest for today's program. The guy who runs Liverpool -- brought -- going to be on at 850. -- talk a little. A World Cup. Thought about both Fenway and god coming here would play football at the panel and it so they now. I mean. There's a lot of people. Lot of people in America whose kids play soccer. A lot of people who are into the game eight million tweets out last night after -- noble goal allegedly eight million -- wow hello Bruce. Then looked up they'll more happening birdies again obscure reference -- allowed Eric Colin notable opponent though. Yeah yes yeah. I'm a cook maybe there could have been him Joseph and me. Here's a text that says your knob but I listen all day every day yes I don't know everything you're talking that's the way Hitler sent an -- injuries was like during the game during the game area trickle. Well as it was I mean I'm telling this series exciting game -- back. They're down one nothing to a team that weren't the only 11 -- to a team that has may be the best player the number one or number two player in the world on it. And the rag tag bunch of yanks back and get out get back in that game and and almost winning it almost getting out of the the that the the group of death. Almost moved out of the group of death and onto the what is -- the final sixteen lines and water quality group of death. The -- death bed. That's at 700. AM. A great a couple of things a I'm referring to -- can't take -- and then when that happened yet but certainly. -- all that matters 00. Sorry -- Melbourne -- match. Nagging neck was the word -- an old older. Look like Eduardo. Rhubarb red October and I know I don't talk. Oh. -- -- -- Soccer socks and always will what are they paying you to talk about it both thousands yeah I get a check from -- yeah. Actually it's a bag of money that's dropped off my cash. The fifa Brinks truck pulls up and I talk about World Cup soccer yes. Smart and didn't get shipment in the last eight times and it. I am us under the Texas says -- and Texas says I'm never gonna soccer fan but the World Cup is awesome. Exactly I think that's what it is an eagle -- when it's a phenomenon hits the March Madness phenomenon. Here's that Texas says -- Pelé is still playing yes Palin 97 years old economy's still playing and he's still playing. Sun -- 5:14. PM. But what it is sucked in and that thing the American where. It's really emotional it's really great and there I suspect and -- -- away that I didn't know you without Brazil. And now that I got a picture of that guy actually but he answered perhaps the I mean I personally don't think demand looks anything like yeah I can't believe that somebody and that overnight. I could really -- that if you want answers to chair and you have to. That -- minded here. But. And I'm engines strong and somebody said that the rate mid game. And then -- -- said the video and see this year the video that she sent of the police chase that that ended up on the golf course Jaffe that comment on most amazing video amateur ethos of it's great video they these guys are playing golf and all this and they hear the sirens the at a truck comes flying in by driving down the fairway and then like five cruisers com. Saw this on like the fourteenth hole or something. Yeah. It's great it's just it's great video. And 03. Older. Brought out that -- architecture could -- out -- and didn't do that. Yeah.