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Masshole Theater: Die Hard 6-23-14

Jun 23, 2014|

Every Monday we take a trip to the Masshole Theater to discover how some of our favorite movies sound with the Boston accent

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Hill Man Morning Show -- -- hole. Today receives a pair of tickets for the vans warped. Tour at the XP and eighty -- they're coming up on July. -- rainbow. My rainbow where your parents hippies by any chance. And now he's got a bit is that your given name or is. It really. Now do you where you conceived while rainbow was in the in the sky Airways did that they ever tell you why they decided to call you rainbow. Now it just. Dig it out and that's what I got my bad -- that -- are there might not want me. -- they're not named like river is less sons actor and I don't I don't. Where you from rainbow. What's okay well takeaways in how this works -- This is a celebration of the unique vocabulary we have created here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Those of us who have lived our whole lives. Come to learn that certain words that are used here are not used anywhere else in the United States American south on you have to identify the film. That is being acted out by a -- solar to hear during -- appearance are you ready. I'd take a listen to this. Missed the mystery guests. I used so there did you bang out Yan gang I -- disintegrated I'm still here unless you wanna come open the pilot door for me. Let's go see if you can't get that done for me. Sorry kid is having analyzed as for names in homeowner I'm. But -- is another American who wants to many Sox games as a child another -- of a bankrupt culture who thinks he's Manny being Manny or big poppy or Pedro throw in the terrible down. Actually tough guy out all the eightieth I was always kind of passion over Kevin a lack. I really like his cowboy -- saying do you think you really have a chance against us missed the cowboy out. He became out of here. -- That dead giveaway it Arabia and we're those two right bar girls high. I Italian Nikki Haley and Mickey from a -- of -- can't get that from I have to. I thought let's let's see if you can't get that done for me what is my favorite I mean I don't know pack -- -- do you have any answer. I think it. Guy and you're absolutely care act rainbow lane again. -- Nice job. I thought that was the conversation guy he was having with the -- break. Newton. -- It is while those with the bad -- got an image taken BM -- -- yeah Hahn grew up yeah yeah when he was taken it wanted to. Could terrorist and route back up. You know -- -- about. She -- al-Qaeda and shut out of the cabin over Manhattan park cons Hyde Park -- That's. It's not bad those two they did a pretty did you one -- -- had a really tough time and I -- one of the she wasn't -- not really an -- 1 cut by the way of an unrelated. It's a several several several takes and Allen yeah tell these guys when they detonated that.