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Mike Hsu Talks To Mike Shinoda From Linkin Park About Their New Album,The Hunting Party

Jun 20, 2014|

Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park talks about the sounds they were going for on The Hunting Party, working with some of the special guests, and making the Rockwalk.

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Nice to talk -- it's we last spoke. Right when you guys were announcing the carnivores to war. And you guys are pretty excited about that -- give me a lot of details on the hunting party which came out this week but now that I've been able to spend some time -- that. This week I have to. Tell it sounds to me like you guys. Are beating the -- and out of each other. In the studio sounds like you're beating the out of each other you're beating the crap out of the studio year beating the crap buddy you're instruments it's like -- the first half of the album -- is just a bludgeoning. Pretty much it's it's the very it has a very violent sound -- it's very accurate. That's the great description of the album I appreciate that I I actually was surprised when. Like metal hammer for example never called the album we still don't I don't think the development of metal album that I think now that'll. There are metal groups that are heavier than yeah Arkin and who are making happy record it's not like him should go it's not like. Slayer albums right it's it's only good market outlook -- right. -- for a happy album. From this is probably you know this is what it is and and it's comes at a time when when you know this is a state that we wanted to make like -- week we here we did. We are capable many making many different sound we wanted to make an indie alternative poppy. Record right now we could be almost did we started a few demos -- about I listened to one and I said. Idol this crap I can't I can't see myself doing this even if we do it we're not we're not physically capable of going out pop as the format will go like states is the alternative you know. Something so poppy and we won't be capable of going America as we just can't stand it so. God has made me feel like look we're not going to be that which we aren't we are gonna go the complete opposite direction and make something really visceral really raw. And and the hunting party became that kind of an. Now it is and it's like you said it's not metal it's just raw -- you know what I'm hearing I'm here in like. A hearing like ministry I'm hearing Nine Inch Nails in their -- the same time I'm also hearing the -- like from. Like Bad Religion penny wise minor threat kinda stuff in their and that's. Yeah I love those all of bands you named like those were definitely references to me I'll add about -- Spent like refused yes drive and helmets System of a Down. Maybe even -- -- like moving a little later in a different bands over time. That we need some of which we played with other ones we. We're there in the moment when they'd witnessed seeing what's happening and by the way other ones where I wasn't in the seem like there's a whole hardcore scene with groups like. Gorilla biscuits and they haven't got. That it did happen and I wasn't. You know like my friend my friend Bobby was talks about a news. He he was he runs and a political make up hundreds and he's. Known for being like the biggest part court and it was coming Riverside when the heart coursing was popping off and introduces me to stuff like that all the time. And it's like. That got -- so it's not the sound of it we're not trying to like replicate the sound of it but didn't -- those. Like him like -- emotions yeah it what you hear it and you know that it's justice brought -- -- this energy that you you know it's the it's kind of chaos. Yes it sounds like it's gonna explode. At any moment it's. It really does some of it doesn't elements some of it. You mix that Ron -- with stuff that you guys have the like the music you guys have made in the past there's little bits and pieces that pop out here and there of the past problems too. So that's what makes it really to -- look at park now. We don't forget what we've learned yeah I mean we got there are things that we enjoy doing -- and references to other styles of music that we we love. But keep in mind you know for us this album went about getting back in touch with. The moments in time when we first got inspired to play music not not to become Lincoln Park or anything but like hey I don't play guitar. That was really cool it makes me wanna play guitar yeah that moment you know what kind of Saunders did that to us and it ended up being these kinds -- And and when I was that age when I was you know 101213. Years old. I would is. So picky about music and and pretty much most of music I like what stuff that I've -- nobody else like. My parents would kill me if they knew I was listening. He hasn't. And and got that ended up like now on the opposite way I like I do I like a lot of stuff I like you know you. Put under on the economy back then I'd like to Obama if you put on the part of me now like 98 of them you know yeah and now. So making -- like this was more of a focused effort to get to get in touch with that like very picky. Kind of way of thinking about making. You know you you mentioned helmet and Page Hamilton plays on a song you get terrible lack -- system of the down. And Tom Morello. Playing guitar on here it's it is interesting to me of these three guitar players that have very distinct sounds. Who we have pretty much invented a sound here what was. What was your motivation to work with them were you looking for that particular sound real like -- it's called Darren and him come in and see what happens. Well I wouldn't have been comfortable with that unless Brad had already. Like made his mark on the album it is -- in one sense. -- it was like bring in the hired guns because you're guitarist has them playing. That was. Yeah but that's not what this these are these are guys aren't -- very particular saying that. I'd say that because. That was actually concern at one point for me that what we started it. For the last few albums are guitarist Brad hasn't really been playing much guitar if you heard it this far in an album was calling me. And I had a conversation with him one point niceties if we're gonna do this album you need to be you'd like you really need to step in -- You know what it's gonna take to -- get in touch with that and he did he did he stepped up. He he played some of the best you know Qatar Qatar -- it is and -- by the way he never -- solos it's -- console themselves. And then at a certain point we circuit we're capable of doing many different things and and and it is many different styles. But at a certain point. Sometimes it's better to go to rather than estimating saying it's better to go to the guy that's like the source of that day. And so that's how we reached out to from Rockingham. To Darren and page held -- into our system page from all of those were small between rich that reach out to god because we knew today. They're saying it was something we want -- on. What would really surprise me about one your guest Tom Morello. You know people don't know who that is he's guitar player from Rage Against The Machine I mean and obviously does amazing. But on this track he's on on -- drop bar. It's a very it's one of the quieter moments on the -- carry Pink Floyd dish yelled and he's just on it you know. Just it's is very subtle it's beautiful and I'm like up that -- like threw me right there am expecting Tom relevant Colombian. You know make in his guitar sound like an alien but it was very it's like very textual it's almost like win China issue and it's really -- it's amazing yeah. I think that's one thing that we. Our -- -- -- to expect at this point it is little surprises and things that you know you expect once again it's not to get. I've been trying to kind of like you know help people braced themselves so that because. I I have for one of I saw that name on there I would want the Rage Against The Machine thing. It's dollars and is that there's it's a method to mellow or track and it's an instrumental track. And the reason we put it on I almost didn't wanna put it all because about that it would be you know. May be misleading to people but the reason and ended up making it on is because the conversations we have with all -- the days we spent with that we're so. Like I feel like they were so enlightening and important to the making of the album we talked about his process we talked about jamming we talked about being in a band like is. -- both of the band and he's and -- machine being one dynamic and obviously being in different dynamic and their whole approach like. I feel like we grieve by you know they we were joking with him -- are jokers like. Jim and tell the aliens how to make jam music you know can't like humans -- organic kind of -- And we're very. The way she makes a song he'll he'll write something like a debt that we -- a sign that might take like nine months for us to make where. -- people and it's a lot of those one day things creation creation creation destruction and creation. And if it's totally different so learning about this thing -- that was really the reason we put the thing on the album because there was there was a moment in time. Plus it's a good it's a good rest after the beating you take. From the first half of the -- you get a little -- and there. I also asked I am listening to there listening to the album I get a lot of military imagery soldiers and generals you the song Cold War and it seems like it's a common theme. Through the whole album is it was -- going for a common theme or this is just coming out at this time it. Not a concept record. For sure these a lot of this stuff like. The way we write these days is is it in a lot of times it can be cut a stream of consciousness. And on the flip side other days it can be something very. Meticulous and take a long time just to get a few words right. But -- that's set I think a lot of those that imagery just kind of naturally popped. Because -- not literally like this isn't you know those those references in some cases. Are about like -- -- like you know -- places in the world it's about you know conceptual war like we we feel like for ourselves. When we -- you know in nineteen. Making hybrid theory. You were mad about certain things you know hit a nineteen year old version of angry. Is very different. From an adult version. And it's the hormones part of this normal -- the hormones that are you know it's. Your senses I was a certain way. As as a -- -- and you know I mean I was mad at my parents I was -- my teachers as bad as you know what's fair and what's not fair and I have a different kind of perspective on -- you know I've I've got a family of a kid that got. You know all there are certainly guys address the -- a banner in similar situations we just -- the perspective on the world and fans and people that we met. Through touring in all these different places and we played. In mainland China we played sports fans in. Who were wearing traditional Muslim clothes. You know in the UA you've played in in Tel Aviv and Israel it's it's having those experiences and know -- You know face to face what people are -- can and in some respects how similar people can be. Puts just puts a different perspective on things and when you write songs like these we write them over the course of many many weeks in many months so. A lot of different layers of meaning get confused and this song and and hopefully that that a -- loud for the fans to be a whole lot of different stuff out of. Well it's I've I've I've only listen to it twice through but it's one of those records I think -- like a lot of your records -- them. Every time you listened. You find something different you know there's there's stuff that's. That's just jumps out at you here and there and an -- open and I love it's it could be my favorite Lincoln Park albums so far just because. You take that harshness but you mix it with everything that you've done along the way and it's and it just makes it. You guys that makes it your sound which is fantastic. Really nice thank you so much as saying that and by the way. To be a decision our career where people will say something like that and and give us a five star at the beginning I can't remember the last time we got so many five star -- cycle -- only kill -- hybrid theory which everyone thinks Michael -- through the distinct. It was like we got two and a half star reviews I thought -- could put out Serbia that I attend there -- terrible like people hated it we came out. And the bad but the fans didn't. And that's album it's been a different thing where with the response has been so positive I just I've I've just really grateful for. Fervent support and and you guys you into the fans are listening and it's just been. It's been really awesome so so well we're excited to get out in front of people and play it probably wouldn't say thank you in person. Oh yeah I guess there you guys will be at the X Kennedy Center here in Massachusetts in a Mansfield on August 16 for the carnivores -- but. Do you guys have been around long enough that year you know pay. You are on the rock walk now. Right up there where I mean you're there with Van Halen. And AC DC. And wells iron -- on there right. I I didn't Aerosmith and it just the fact that you can like. To jump from our. Our. -- discussed any page in the page at the freaky loudly. Freak me out. It absolutely agree with. Well congratulations on that and not congratulations. On the hunting party. It's I've really been enjoying it's so far so we're looking forward to seeing it live. In August and Mike -- -- thank you very much take the time the call and that I yeah thank you.