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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

LB might not have answered them all correctly this time but the explanations were lazer show, as this time topics featured does the Navy use dolphins, record for most sexual partners, and how many years after the tin can was invented did we get the opener?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show invite you detest you wits against till the trap door on the long underwear made unbelievable. Affluent saliva like so -- -- -- doesn't -- -- the French are so romantic you're the best coverage and hazard aids dying to have facts she -- Several techsters -- overall stiffness. And Deirdre uses the party. Insist -- -- -- -- that good and now I actually had to act and I can grab at infineon and a rainy day. A product. Of green -- The picture action and we have -- If you with you in the morning you get a pair of tickets for the vans warped tour at the X community center. On July. Of that tent hello Brian. Hello Greg good wanna know albeit except kids how are you I'll go to where -- come from Brian. Autonomy. Of the plot and and what do you do. I'm a school bus driver I don't like god I'm -- that I agree -- beyond the hole leaving the kids they get involved. Way possible. Yeah you have to check the bus afterwards to make -- make sure everybody got off right now. Brian it took 48. Years. To invent the can opener. After the -- and was invented. Fact of course map. -- -- -- -- brag but what does it. Smacked them. You now this is America -- -- the greatest tension on the planet you know sometimes the even I look in the -- you know what are you doing. -- gosh. I'm gonna go back to alarm. Well LB you would be a laser show that it is it is a fact ranks it took 48 years after the invention of the canned good god I mean to create the can opener but didn't think about it. Think about how long I think about the person invented sneakers yeah. And then the person that invented velcro. But like I don't you think like I don't know. Only when you need you wrote though it to get this you know with yeah I think like after the first time he had beliefs -- the sneakers yeah I don't know in the casts doubt that some genius when -- -- You know at we -- is velcro thing -- is every day let's just -- -- I -- you and and is now a permanent thing people are pretty specific. When he comes. Bottler canned because in the in like in the office this morning Danielle -- tell me she likes him in the camp and some people. You know then you're out any way that's -- all of it was a little anger through that was the low hanging now notice that I think the setup was I mean I there. And there's no better than it was good hello good event I was OK hello Mac. Or everybody out ally is awesome kid -- do I LB it would be a million -- -- -- wrecked are sorry nick the the US Navy SEALs have an elite team of dolphins that can parachute into action. Fact Porsche back. You know our military I I would be surprised. -- -- -- -- Carlos -- that you know but not forgotten and we just did -- story what was it last week the week before a -- a -- from. Australia but I England that I was hitting and that's what I don't know -- very here. And hired you know that the dolphins in the navy now work hand in hand it is so if days you know if there -- already working with the navy. Why wouldn't they tell. Well there are some of the important for no reason. Why not Bernard does not vernacular budget drunk navy guys can get helicopter and take a black track government and wouldn't kidnapping dolphin enamored -- on the heels back I. I'm sorry -- it. But they do they see the seals to have a team of dogs that can parachute into jockey which is pretty we have by the way that's pretty amazing that they be armed forces do use dolphins yes they do today Leo yeah absolutely not diamonds from plot for sacks and -- -- -- but hello hello Jim. -- -- -- -- GM the current record. For most sexual partners is 177500. Back to push back. Yeah it. You're saying she -- done that well what what what was that number again 177500. We'll see. Our -- will get what we will what was -- 33000. And James you can BH I'm sure it's back. The Faulk and twins are kidnapped kid you not yes yeah OK KEE yet. Have you chatted about a 177500. Partner does -- -- hookers and -- -- -- -- Steve Davis. Yeah you know right to vote for that right now yet the multiply that by three right based on what we now because their lives in exile and can't and I'm. I don't -- city 286 apple. That is only now only. I guess it is Saleh frank. Hey Eric frank how are you happy Friday. It is Friday. Hey frank -- -- -- pursues the female -- peed with songs and backgrounds. Backed George Mac. -- She Mac now one hop but c'mon man think about it -- like thousands of feet -- And by the way just because you know they don't sing with the words on many many many. Birds animals. And seeing -- on the gas we see in their own little way are you guys back stories that you are at once again sir you are correct -- that is. That is indeed a fact.