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Hill-Mail 6-20-14

Jun 20, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the previous 24 hours the main focus still remained the Redskins name controversy.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each unit during -- talks as they Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man. Then all of us out at all of -- -- you're -- -- now. On WEA. Today's mail messages are presented by noon turf care your residential and commercial -- care provider. Music noon turf care dot com and mentioned WAA after. For a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care and for the final time this week. Here are today's they'll mail messages. Terrible -- and 44 older. And not its way I can you say that it it's. You shouldn't say what you mean knows that that that that the stuff that's on the sandwich. I view these are only. Triple play too well last call leave. There's it's less noticeable delay its it to hanging its Boehner and showed a poll released Sox but just get particular electorates in two K is going to be out but it's one Duncan -- is the -- -- and -- are part of the there's only eight. 009. All -- -- -- -- No corporate. -- a message it. But the big thing right now I'm not mimic the nerves the nerves and you and nursing in public press -- -- -- -- awesome your favorite thing. A day against other young women I'll breast beating Detroit -- spank bank -- please if you're having and nursing and a protest please alert -- -- we will not give them away they'll be there to host the original eight sensual old. Yard run on with the -- of Washington redskin visited Washington. Attached to a. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- all eleven O six and older. And it got an enemy you have to pick up on the ground. But I. Or does that there was a prisoner who was able to squeeze off a couple shots unbelievable from a gun that he had in his -- yes amazing control -- you think your control it's just amazing -- absolute amazing that you could do that guy should go on the Tonight Show or something and you know I mean it's a week to be in the -- that's incredible it was our guys if that's incredible still line. He would be on it. There's only 80. Now our own people. Oh great team owner of guilt would -- okay me. Phil quit Odeo. Bill Clinton -- here at all grade in your bedroom. Yet what are being. Filled with -- but it was podium. Under the -- nothing completes a meal quite like gravy. Correct quote of the day and and and gravy can be many different things I'm not talking about just Turkey gravy you know you can call your sauce gravy fear it well it is gravy it is -- College sausage real estate costs that we call it going to be a and then you got beef gravy I've delicious on our roads are tenderloin. Yes Lyndon. What do I do yesterday after we got the air. Pound 47 yeah. Most likely. No no -- that -- has a couple of outlets where we have a couple of Wallace yeah putts I had I don't I saw the back document back on I hate. Did the Mike Hsu experiment what was that I went to Burger King yeah. I grabbed a whopper I went to care see you got -- got paid cash for you real gravy and you make your own and I made how it -- it. It seems to think how was the KFC grade uses the good news really it didn't you drink it into it's this it's -- -- -- milk she got to read my previous have to be they that's why Ernie and I -- I don't know all right not a big thing has an odd to listen yeah. We can't see greedy is so -- what -- what how they make degree views the afternoon expert found him. I I nothing and I am. Here -- I -- question yeah. Twelve years old Mike could set the first cooker when the sixth -- was popping nine minutes later loaded six co workers -- -- I look at your -- out of the sixth but first with pop a cap was a great escapes you manageable -- and now they -- the bottom after hour after at the end of each day. They view you'd you'd take -- a lot of the prior -- he take the bottom -- all the little pieces the crowd. The cranky credit Nevada you scoop that out. That's what that's the base of the KFC gravy it's in seem league here's a Texas says you haven't lived -- -- had southern breakfast. That's like god this gets yeah. I guess that's a heart attack on the plane credit where credit is you five corners restaurant marveled that does sausage gravy on time biscuit for only their brunch menu really overrated. Yeah. -- The biscuits and -- -- Burlington northern the northern America. Can't Canadian -- even bit. Round chicken Turkey gravy. The watery southern and listen -- -- belliard grits tees added -- like -- out food plays. And great regrets his poor people's food and I'm up I grew up for import food -- but. Craig -- -- here as well I found that. Basically if you taking any thing that has any kind of I can shield taps that seems to -- and you -- it up as -- as you don't opinion too much. Lyndon don't think it passes for grave -- the way they do everything I had a secret experiment with him and we check and I took him a year to -- arsenic in their thinking it will rule cornstarch. And it it's simple -- and some black people are told though he was gravy he loved people. That supports -- there a -- -- it. -- -- here's the taxes says sausage gravy and biscuits a best practice that I ever done I don't know but are -- excuse figured it like biscuits are directing -- not right -- not knowing plucked up Chris BC area. Knowledge resolved. We usually don't hear mainly with it and deliver -- are you hear me here and you gonna put that over like a hole made. -- alien race. -- -- Date blind when buyer coming out of the obvious like a classic liberal are so big red yeah Lyonnais puppet like -- equals yeah sliced homemade bread. That Robiskie. And then this in European -- their fair -- from yesterday and actually working on -- for -- you know with this baby. I can't give details but it's going to be big expecting trick with guns in a similar smuggle something units -- you commit to -- an unfamiliar with smuggling -- -- -- about that guy with the gun put to shame. 34. Hand. They're up to go to bed and good to see created. Our local corporate RI. All infinity and thank Obama. And the message. I'm just concerned about the -- show but chieftains I don't want that leg that double zero legislative. That could never -- and -- -- -- in -- Did you did you ask yes it is and ranchers because -- are -- for duke. Any -- tanner and pay any picture up our wall and Joba there. It's well and -- seventeenth since Sunday. It's funny that you -- that. I am I'm kind of surprised that I haven't been approached for some kind of ceremony your customers. I mean. Even now why did not completes the one course required. Two metric -- -- initialed a regional -- and I'm back that would be I mean they don't need a degree don't usually go back on go on -- and take the one clear that one class go back to put a good job on how what how -- what that -- science I think it was I believe it was anatomy and physiology I played anatomy -- you -- at 2 o'clock in the afternoon -- last -- of the day which I failed in in -- that I think again here. I mean those that was in the days before everybody got a trophy because that that happened today they'd say here also pass the -- and it. And -- who cares an automatic monitoring it all of them is called the bell curve that the I was it somehow I was -- mine I was on the run you -- the -- on the wrong end you know wired. 703. Old. -- -- -- in victory over for ignoring perhaps we should coconut or iron or if you you put. And the Mets Phillies get overall stiffness and apparently O Doug Naylor says it will be after bubble had to do when you're a World Series the overall stiffness lies just. For nine million -- A look at 726. And again. We expect out of Derrick. Greg bell who you'll -- you re elect people -- -- the code words can't. I can't believe it you know I I I don't -- -- right am I didn't approve a far out. How -- you -- call -- in the race and Ali racist guy rate this statement I am great mr. Warner it. Technical outlook I'm gonna throw you for a it and the Washington read and that anything else. And the message board Don sterling guy can't catch a break. -- he's just pissed off because a doctor call them legally insane he leaves the voicemail and immediately the guys shares that would the world you know it'll do at the but you know like I mean I've. -- happened okay. Great I get busted armories as you wanted mentally. Just -- in -- -- give me my 700 million right and Angel barely. Why he got humiliating way why I have to commend -- while Bailey if that's -- the world I'm a loser but is that it has little right it's the biggest dues -- -- on her out she's trying to make sure that she could take column is all his money -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm happy Hoosier -- and how you get my medical record that might add to a law firm hired him. Over the course of Indian competent -- not competent and confident group could not. A lot of beer great we create that. -- you know from the lawyer about the other -- try to establish what I would enable. To perform. More. Important you are getting it until it. Absolutely and I don't look -- -- Area -- is right at 8 AM. They're skeptical actually hear why would you get quiet. -- don't work as a mother to a lawyer for the purpose of slightly. I'm just sell it tightened it -- so angry at. I'm so angry I'm so excited stuff that's come back ever by the way. I'm not crazy you're crazy. That's how -- got wet and I'm not stupid he still here prepping -- being built -- -- F -- idiot best comeback of all time. 728. Yes or what it can now be known as the Washington thank him and get that girl and it's all about the current event. Men that -- all about the money. All of 702. PM. Clinton battleground. -- at all. -- Oakmont and that. Well I'll open. During -- Max we learn that the key -- opener was amazingly invented. 48 years after that he had was invented. So I don't know how day. What are you -- -- on the right away our right it's a guy. As well to warm air while I have. -- team with a key all the key. Like they're -- camp. Like deals are -- to -- -- BA via poor people food it's an evening game and a hand and when your words -- Milt comes in the past it and it would completely and -- Separate rooms and expand. Them. And Paul yes hello Paul. Eighties. Open that we you to. Seven record to work hard -- number two healthy single handedly don't be quiet if he is only a late night we don't want opened the door let people. You -- Miller all of now. Now Leo and -- they get out there happy when LB pulls up. What are -- what are hush puppies it's it's a pregnant right elbow like cornmeal batter the little little like Bill Clinton went and now it's like only -- -- they have a SARS the he took -- what I want okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But it should be a rule of food that nothing can come without a toss up everything I did everything needs to have a. It's Syria and we're we're jitters gadget lover -- your -- -- you know that you you know you know much energy when you see a -- -- order a plate of food. And then he's you know he's. Pretty much finished and there's a little bit laughed and he says the waitress. Give a several a couple of calls are just learning I can buddies were alone address lists and all of the rest of us into a sandwich. I need to did that in grieving hello Matt. -- -- -- -- Talk about food that can yes -- she saw the video and YouTube a few weeks ago that got called LA beat -- so you eat or too weird thing. Chuck. Cheeseburger. You think he can now why whenever that are still wonder why they're disgusting well. You know they probably think wet. Now what are they -- got to be loaded and there was sums who's gonna have more moisture. Open them out what would you say disgusting because it well I don't know if that certain things should not be what you just looking up she's the minister of the video blog FaceBook page cheeseburgers and I can't outlets are as -- -- -- Well that'll be on our FaceBook page momentarily. FaceBook dot com slash WA AF rocks FaceBook dot com slash WA -- rocks coming up at 9:35. This morning my actual join us. For the five all title fight blow week -- can win tickets forward. He begins a warped tour I believe at 935. When we get to today's title fight. Coming up bats 835. We will induct the wife of Jason Biggs. Into the -- town hall of fame great story based on what she did for him recently according to Jason Biggs so that is coming up. This is -- yes hello glad. Eight Greg I think it's a great idea you go back to -- I think should pull up but it setting Eritrean -- but you get I think he's right. You know playing playing narrator real let the issue go back very. Yeah I can I you know I would do. You should we should do some sort of charity event now where where we I don't know I don't know how you do it put you you you have to get your diploma maybe it will. Pull up we shoe sparks the -- style and in that area -- a bad -- -- -- door opens year old fitness Chevy. And it.