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Redskins Debate 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

After getting the pattens revoked the Washington Redskins debate raged on.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your -- at WAS. Dot com. Your hill mail messages coming up in about fifteen minutes so leave a voicemail message on any topic including -- That we touched on earlier. Products which I have been receiving text messages all morning about and that is. And the Washington Redskins. And the decision yesterday. By the US patent office is -- To essentially take away their trademark they canceled and six trademarks and a six all trademarks. There are some pretty strong opinions on this. I thought we would start by listening to Harry Reid. The senator. The he's got to be the senior senator and he's got you would think I probably only funny years on everybody else out there and they're voluntary right so Harry Reid. Has been a big opponent of the Washington Redskins in their name. And here's what he said yesterday upon. Learning that the patent office had taken away the trademarks of the Washington Redskins. President 27 tribes and stated that you have Americans. The issue. During. The name Redskins is very important for every one of those tribes. Every time they heard this name. Just sad reminder of the long tradition of racism bigotry this is extremely important native Americans all over the country -- they no -- use this name. It's racist. And inspires us -- tradition I ask what critics. Accretion of racism. Solve that he leaves in his wake. Writing is on the wall. So on the wall in -- blinking -- lights. On the first of all they can still use the name. They just can't anybody else who wants to can use the name that plays the name alone doesn't it but the but the issue is here and -- I'm curious what you think I wanna give the tax code word for Tom -- -- first and then I'm curious what you think about this. -- if you text the code word free FR EE. FR EE 297107. In the next ten minutes you'll be entered to win apparently is go -- Tom -- in the heart breakers at Fenway Park. So. Steve -- what the special guest at Fenway August 30 -- also qualify for a suite upgrades so you can sit in our suite. I'll -- Fenway luxury box -- the code word free -- REE. 29717. Right now. So bomb or did you think this is the right thing for government to be doing that's -- -- -- -- does the government go around. When it comes to popular opinion something that they might find offensive. And take away -- businesses opportunity to make money. I am I mean where is not the way we want it to be done or do we want it to be popular opinion. That that the free right to it if the market that drives this kind of thing. It's -- I see this is kind of a little bit of a nod to the free market I guess what -- you maybe not maybe not I just. It every mean how much is the team make in March. -- what percentage of forty million Brad Kassell listen I'm really into them in the pocket essence yeah but yes what if -- -- what -- into Jenny nudge in the pocket but shouldn't people be able to decide so if that if the fans of football in Washington. Decide. That it's so offensive that they have this name. They would not bide their jerseys nor would they go that's not true that's century -- if -- fan of the this franchise of -- -- at the end of the team what you may not agree with everything that goes on my people that that will tell people -- people a sense of people are -- about murder. -- outlined you know -- like how well Aaron Hernandez is allegedly a murder itself I can't I'm never gonna you know IQ of the patriots had him on their squad now but I'm still gonna go to get it I think the Redskins name and -- sure it's offensive to native Americans but there's nothing I can do about it that's that that's unfortunately how people see the need. Well are doing something about it then and there'd there'd I -- it's Roger Goodell is. Decision -- that that would be the person. That would make the decision to tell Daniel Snyder. That hit his speed his franchise mascot surname is unacceptable. For our league the government -- the government. Because you know they're -- kkk. -- is the only I mean did the does the richer by the way does the kkk have retreat mark let's see I. It's it's all honesty and -- anybody selling white hoods on unauthorized. Without permission of the -- There is. Let's see this is Dan hello Dan. Wind actually -- into the as I did did not want to quit but let's face it doesn't come from the patent office just came from the presidency. They -- not produces this as politically correct. And end the problem but I would guess there's. It's such a bad precedent. OK anytime now that you don't agree with whoever's in charge whether or Democrat Republican it doesn't really make a difference if you decide across the government. Just like with the IRS cannot. Eat it boils down to -- -- target you and we're gonna make it impossible for you do business so -- -- -- -- in the direction that we want you to go. And -- confidential basis it's control it's about controls just like this are just like everything is all about control. That's why that's why I don't like it it's not the government's place to decide what he isn't isn't offensive but it appears or whatever but again. Like. -- I think it's rude no one ever uses the term. In conversation. Except when the football teams playing on Sunday. Yeah you never you know it's never it's rude it's it's racist we all know it. And and if you or someone in a position of power. Do you use that power to make if you believe something is if you believe something is racist and you hear in a position of power in accompany you trip. And you have the ability to -- it to change it. Is is and he would you do it. I'd love to see the probe of how many native American Indians. Truly find -- offense that got sort of rectifying. This is a movement doesn't because it's happening. -- happened to many. Each company in principle that people told him. As you know and Americans. Feel or do we really happening implementation -- that's how they truly. Well that's what happened there were. Ideas I ask how does that guy like guilt I have no idea that is people speaking for other people in this country as it happens now at times that I guess I just. I did did they pulled. Did they -- black people. I'm whether you are using the N word now occasionally we know us offensively I know it's racist why Netflix either either you don't care. Right you don't give two -- A vote. Disparaging. -- logos of teams that are native American Indians or historic or you don't care you do yup. Bob. Put a bomb -- art that you are true and thank you. It. Michael -- are pregnant true. I mean look that's probably going to I mean why aren't they taking -- trademark a way that they had it again -- -- definitely if this happens that's happening out -- The other thing year. All I am not an art but there -- yours or guru. OP all the merchandise sold in the Al. It's all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right it's gonna hurt yeah it's gonna hurt the NFL. Why it lets him live. Did Daniel Snyder said he's not change in the name is not the period so he's got invited to the bitter bitter the bitter -- -- there might make Roger Goodell decides. The day that he's gonna say it right -- -- -- -- if he can force it then there's an NFL decided it billion dollar contract to the most popular sport in the world -- outside outside a soccer ball with soccer. And then what benefits if it starts making -- to look bad Roger you don't have to step up what what. Does this mean. What does this mean based on information. Today from who. Or. Yours Michelle -- chieftains or forty something other. High school teams in this state. This is kind of this is really scary -- every somebody who believes that tradition. Should be something that we care about in this country this is Don. On the Hill Man Morning Show -- Don. Any carrier without it. Eight helping -- you know. Come out -- say one thing you're forgetting here what are copyright. A copyright is your. Right EU EU EU take a term and the government says that you. Use that term first created that term -- wherever and then you have the right to use it exclusively correct. Right the government gonna protect your right used. All they're doing it's saying hey. You can't -- that term back when it was acceptable. Time machine is not acceptable -- word that changed that we can't you nowadays that we could work each and you're going you know that there's -- we can you doubt it you couldn't use that yeah. And they're just saying -- We're not set so low we're protected -- you so muted but we're not gonna attack. OK listen so Don my question it's the government. That the president. -- it is there any concern anywhere. For a man who has spent his own money and and billions of dollars to develop a business. And then -- month. He's not the one who created. The term the name for the franchise he bought the franchise he spent his own money he employees people. Now he's he's just so well is that about about what it is. The funny part. You say that because. Who is gonna make the most money if they make them change the name. Because you hear yankees so you mean immediate. -- people are going to. Decided they're gonna have to buy that new Washington is our -- blob laws logo or whatever whatever. I'll let -- know I'm -- by the brand manager Doug you RT here being with whatever the brand new millionaires site as. So so why why is he not just immediately capitulating and saying OK you don't like and I'm gonna change and immediately make millions and millions of dollars I mean the thing that bothers me. Is that this guy. Barack Obama. Wants to stick his finger. In everybody else does business everybody else's business and by the way he's never owned one. He's never even worked in the private sector he wants to run around and tell you. Exactly how you have to operate your business that you spent your money on debt debt debt debt you. The -- worked hard to create. And he wants to tell you how you can do it it's -- to -- and. I think I I disagree with -- yeah not bad but it happens all the time now groups of people turn pressured government officials to make changes. All day every day well not yet give it -- -- another example but it's a way to win a million person march to the capital. Temperature like you know I'm we're gonna -- good that they -- -- -- -- government heads cut it's the government's job of enough people. Our our our. Are upset with something. And they and and they believe in the why those people are upset it's their job to help those people. Get what they want that's a government's job very enter their parents to work for it there it's it's not that this isn't just some -- -- this. Then it's just Barack Obama -- not put away I don't think I think government should be allowed. To make you. If you have a business that did dictate how you do your business and good name of your business that it but it if enough people are pressuring a government. Person maybe this it's got to the president then it's his job to do what the people want him to do it well. The that the president has indeed commented on as has hairy Reid and others who so it's clearly. And it meant in my opinion it's clearly something that's very important to them. And so on your telling me that you believe if something is considered to be offensive. But people. There are enough people. They make if they've been been wanna change and we've decided that enough people have decided that this term is offensive and -- I'm not I'm and I'm -- -- we forget that out we just. Poll wise otherwise and having you do you think that -- just -- cabinet is going to American Indian it sets down at the white might be Jerry might be there might be a 100% of all they run americans' right not everybody in the United States about enough people that are I don't want a government officials solitude so any time they want them to do so at any time enough people find something offensive. Then they can just have the government. Stick their fingers and somebody else's mother that's happened yet doing their best that's what got to tell you elect government officials because you know they're supposed to work for you when your constituents. Alison. I'll tell you what might might bother you item based on what LB is saying I don't think it will bother him up but. There's an organization. Called the New England anti mascot coalition. You know you put the term coalition on the end of everything I had -- AMC NFL players sounded like everybody's now. And they are now because of this decision. Going to ratchet up the efforts. To have. The 43 high schools in Massachusetts. With native American Indian mascots stripped of their opportunities that -- 4343. A little. Well because that's it it's it's our tradition -- and I know our. What could they ended it was it was Kerry Reid I mean I thought what he said it was pretty point which one. Whoa what what's the tradition of Redman. Redskins. Well you -- and -- you never used the never used that terminology yank. And and and if you do homework on it it's racists. It's an area and and it's been completely. Racist in and it's -- because it was sort -- -- four -- bigotry. Is right. -- and regional high school the tomahawks that offensive because they're trying to change that. Is I don't know what about Barnes the ball high school the red raiders I wanna get rid of that I think anything with red. Brooklyn and I Brookline Brookline the warriors they wanna get rid of that. They would quit the carriers and warriors and I want to area. Is the -- and yeah this is this is rob hello rob lord what's up rob. The couple points -- is right to a point that government shot these people but only with the outside the hours -- -- -- the government a big. It all that -- you know the second thing is. People they have a right to not keep -- -- they have a right to not that it ever -- Jobs keep people from you ended the bigger like you said it every little beat up -- that. There's so much more respect for the black community in the inward than the native American community and the Redskins and Redman. But I you know people don't -- And so now we're not there -- like enough people. You know enough people. Eat you know having been in your face and we don't use that -- that term except when it's sports. You don't you don't you don't block of to a native American person and use that word referring to him because you know it's races for. So so we'll -- so why you know like I guess we're just bit desensitized to were not offended enough yet. Should take it seriously. Doug you're -- their what is the federal government's job I -- eight. Just make that change. I believe I don't really I believe when when. Millions of people. In America are offended. Then I think it it it's the government's job to listen to those people on that. -- if they feel the same way that those people do in there. And in the end in their state or if it's a Governor Perry -- it says you know did a legislator. Then that's their job to do. Work for those people. Are those people other that made people offended or are their people that it would -- it. The argument is that LB -- same millions of people are offended I mean those people are still watching the NFL is still gonna games there. I don't know I don't I I don't know I -- it to be honest I'm you know I I don't go and watch NFL Sunday. On a reserve. With a bunch of native American Indians and an effort to find out if there offended but obviously. Because we're talking about it. There are. -- announced there there are millions I mean if they're running you know if they -- effective enough that they wanna run a commercial to. A national commercial time to get their point out there there's a movement. Mean -- that tester made the point earlier that you know of woods and I don't know where -- -- statistically it's like ten or 12% of Indians that are offended. When it's 51% and we can talk about why that have to be the majority. When it comes to being offended well because people are affected -- Are all kinds of things. After three random I guess all is only every line model if I would -- but again we're not in the habit. If we are it's going to be -- will be nobody's gonna be able to do any secret -- it would not in the habit of running around. Every we haven't been in this country running around every time somebody is offended and changing it. But if I wanted to make him laugh if I want to endear restaurant -- and -- -- and I know you could label analogies but Obama has something to do that. The EU -- not one -- person on the planet can watch Indian AA into a room. And walked up to -- -- native American people. And caught -- -- Redman IJU Douglas a native Americans a weed -- and I and I mean your restaurant and I will hit Redman hit redskin give me a running Coke. You're gonna you're gonna throw me. Well because I bet that the president's don't know why I saw it it again if somebody was used if it's in the first of all do you think that when they named the team. They didn't and why don't -- why Iraq why why have we -- out why I question why we change referring to homosexual people with all the slang words we used used why isn't why don't we use them anymore. Because people are offended by it. It's okay. Why is a good thing -- so why the holiday why it's okay for the Washington. Redskins like. -- it was -- I still just saying I don't see the inward because I just because. It's it's offensive it's rude right you'd be embarrassed to use the word in public but I'm what I'm saying is. No one uses the word red scare and to any native American because it's racist in its roots why shouldn't it change. Because a man has invested. Millions of dollars in it right and and the guy -- his show and I enjoy it like -- Yeah did millions of dollars to protect the named the Washington in this and not. More than 50% of African Americans were offended by that them then that it should then it should be OK yes I'm sorry that it bothers your sensitivities. But there are things that are offensive to people. There are lots of things that bother people there are we we -- an MLB racial slurs there -- important. To help -- point you run around their changing Christmas carols because the word. -- I was ten years is not. Yeah yeah yeah I'm Suzanne but there's this guy goes and I'll believe it got it if if if you promise me flight the next thirty days every time your into an African I don't think I -- of America are native American and Indian. That you -- Redskins. It OK I guess I mean I'm not really involved in the and now I'm not personally. Advocating that people would run around to a native American and put it -- shot wrestler and their -- -- -- Yeah it's it's -- yeah. Well. I don't I hear you're outrage is is gonna help you win the argument we're not -- -- -- I don't I don't you're not giving them about how -- being hypocrites but his huge instead it's if people are offended by seeing everything people say chancellor. We are. Just like you know he's an analogy is that it's a senior counselor I'm not a native American neither are you Elizabeth Warren. I -- they're running so -- I'm not either but I'm pretty sure I -- -- on interracial slow and you don't have the right to speak for the -- the problem with this country -- -- -- your right -- no I'm not running around I'm not. I'm agreeing -- -- -- -- -- -- telling what note how many they have nobody is there's not people making that there's enough people that believe. There the term is a racial -- it. There's enough that people reach the president up at the what would go about going to -- good good so. You -- to know what to -- I'll put my ass on the line right now tell you there's ten million. American. Indians that are best and think it's racist and having the people in America. I don't know how do you know it's not. I don't OK I don't visit -- I know people tens and one for bribery by the there's enough people that they've added I don't that's beat you for them. I don't believe -- I don't care Daniel Snyder you wanna keep the team the Redskins have about it but I don't care you're gonna have to do. The -- I don't that's I don't that's all -- I -- -- and I also asking for -- -- allowed all we're asking for is he is allowed to deal with the fallout. Of his business without somebody telling him in a position of power what he has to -- -- look at it. Prior that there -- order franchise owner I know those are my green every ten years the only people make you change things. Is that franchise door. I don't two franchises I'm currently preparing their franchise Michael private business so that's the first thing I want -- only want that allowed as the French circuits in the what they called you pockets universal franchise offering circular yes. The government's job outside of the in this country. Is to adhere to grievances in the workplace which means that it is something employment. Is something economical. Your job is to in the workplace -- -- -- -- six I didn't job under the constitution as commander in chief of the military that is it. Right now let's look at the send young men to stop for civil war in Iraq. And he would try to divert to a situation. Over something that you -- what we -- supply and demand. It's the supply and demand could as well the United States we -- the economy and other words of if no one wants the five questions tickets are well familiar from the wreckage. They don't have to -- -- is I agree actually changed her name I agree on how the free market works. We don't understand how much you get hurt OK we don't lose. Again yeah what do you know about that but I eczema. You can you can you can eat it you can talk about that all you want I get it up. I really Daniels well listen I granted I don't want to keep the team that Redskins out that it you can just telling you know what I'm telling you that it's the government's job when enough people get involved and you know what the white community has no respect for the native American community and because because it worked for whatever reason it hasn't reached. The volatile situation where you know people are are are are fighting each other because. The name name name hasn't changed if you don't you don't -- I don't know chronicle native American people. Gretzky and so and so -- it's a racist term you know racist we all know it's a racist. And and -- the American made the native American community if they're starting to rise up because they don't want these names and nicknames anymore so when people get up and make noise the government house to listen and that the government -- -- that people -- government believed in what the people are rising up against them it's their job because they were elected by these people to it to work for them in government. And 30% of the population is enough people that's what that's when you discernment when 3% of the population is offended by something then we immediately change. Let's just John it's a racist term I have no problem whatever you know it would but whatever happens change and a -- Rhonda. Hi what's up Rhonda. Hi I -- what let me explain something my husband and 100%. Of America yes and I feel they got. You have so much concern older being out and said over teen is ridiculous. My husband and I would both laugh at this they're more concerned this country. And whether or not calls a wit and or are I actually be dweller or anything could that affect. My dad and I agree completely with -- Is it not like and you don't by the exit Iraq I debt. Actually the go to war that their children are hungry in the fifth so petty it's absolutely ridiculous. And I would agree. You view and you and I and your husband we would agree whole Oceana. I. And first time on the show -- thankful. It's exciting for us to. I'm from thought at Massachusetts and I had closed the -- -- HM. And I happen to be 50% native American and my mom and my dad as well. And a couple of years ago way back when I was in high school HI get a -- get back together and try to. Say they want to change the mascot for our school. Because it is they can than they thought that that was offensive yes and I don't completely confused because I'd like all that means -- -- like it's just another record achieved. And I was like if we -- is that it's not an inoffensive way if we wanted to offend someone without mascot would be the thought that al-Qaeda. That's the fifth. You know an -- it. I probably at an Obama as Mike and are proud of what cannot yet. But now Sony's moms and Cadillac to their own terrorists -- personally I think and recommend it I don't want to. I mean -- did this I mean I see in the schober regional high school chieftains logo right here in the Boston Herald today. Under soon to be under attack and once achieved and always achieve it what would happen to the -- give. What would happen in the legacy of double zero if they change that hello Glenn. Yeah native Americans they're getting money -- this it would be expensive anymore. It kind of hypocritical you know you don't get rid of all the mascots with that name -- -- we just once again eliminating the Indians. I mean it's making them irrelevant. Well. -- -- and I'll be like spam -- well I mean I never really is the greatest feeling back to what Hillman said when he talked about tradition you know because they're called The Chieftains or the Redskins to -- bad. Is -- a tribute to do native American college because they were. They were there word. An awesome community. I believe I chose again I don't think they chose the Redskins I don't think they chose to name an NFL franchise. After it was you know in a negative way I think they weren't talking about fighting spirit in this team is if it was it was an homage I don't believe that it was. Created. To beat up offensive it's not like they were naming a team the Washington and -- my boyfriend -- 132 native American he says he's. Not offended I was tired and -- later called and I don't think you walk around the house calling her husband -- Redskins are rented a -- well. And you don't air -- -- guy writes it's silly and I don't think you any native American Indians that are in the military going to fight in Iraq. I don't think you there that are. The warriors beside them call them call the risky -- Kevin. Hey guys I LB -- an ethical questions comments you think redskin and so on that everybody and so I'm. But to pat or what he liked seeing red skins dollar because because what the word coming out like you -- not work. IIIII. Just said I said the exact same thing. You know -- word because. Because I am you know I don't know because in other SEC regulation in regard to that yeah. Yeah society. Not enough people believe that the camera and news racist or offensive but. If they tell me you never you never use determined conversation. Hello and. They ordered everybody what's up in just wanna kind of bring -- -- point right at the United States government is so concerned about appeasing a mass group who is. -- -- offended by this why are quick so quick to step up and legalize gay marriage. A big jump the gun is OK order now we're now gonna say that. The term redskin is offensive. Spent a lot of people marriage is that a problem in the country per year and it bothers. Our. Larger number of people and -- just brushed off the side like it's no big deal. Well people are bothered by -- because of their religion many times. And you're correct I mean -- we're not pulling the country on whether that whether or not. Same sex marriage should be legal and then reacting based on how many people are offended or aren't offended it's not it's not the way. It's just not the way it's supposed to go especially when it's somebody's business but. You know. At seems to be either way in my opinion the way -- with the way this particular government operates is. We know better than you about how you should run your life and about how you -- to operate your business and we know better and you're gonna do it our way. And that's that is my opinion and I need a box of frenzy and an aspirin are really as soon. -- yeah. Well it's. 813 here.