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Forrest Griffin of the UFC 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

UFC's Forrest Griffin stopped by the studio to talk about UFC coming to Maine, UFC in Connecticut, and concussions in sports.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Well when you look at this. Big gigantic hands I think our next guest may have LB he may have LB -- I mean but action both of you use your hands to pound the faces of others at several times in your in your life. But I think Forrest -- may have bigger bigger Mets as LB would say that he does. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In which to Europe former Anglo who hired her donating. I think I was protecting -- We did do need to -- to be a police officer do you read that yes I'm -- -- would you like to get back in that. God now I am I am actually Yemen go to Reno where we can get certified sort teach teach cops defensive tactics really yes Coca. You're very cool -- cops yeah I want to consider not going to be. I believe that it can be. It does is it Jon Claude van -- was a top now know which -- things that go well yeah I'm going to be just nothing like that -- -- I don't I don't like -- -- don't -- no point in our life I don't way to put on 250 pounds. Actually yeah either feast at the that's the big political level. I mean -- go to zoos and you're shooting glasses and -- Paramount and yeah it did it and I got to protect -- guys I -- your authority -- So listen. The very except we are always everytime dean is on rallies late can you please get a UFC event back here in Boston and then. And you've had a bond from Boston yeah you went straight angle -- -- -- -- got Bangalore Bangor Maine I'm I've just known as the polite in -- yes yes yeah that's what the world knows it yes yes. Our viewers were Stephen teammates and stuff -- life yet are you were reader. I used to being yeah hire. A group reading we are used to realize. Too tough facing its worst kind of takes a lot of time it got to sit around. It's totally got -- -- the labor chords and you can base we'll watch -- -- every time. Yeah I forgot all about reviewer forgot about creating yet LB he's not a reader either heat and idea. But Syrian anonymously. Yeah that's in four hours to days gone. Yeah I could have been using that to chaired options produce nuclear here you hold on you could have been watching TV I made him destroying yourself -- -- important is drunk yeah. Oh I don't have goals is well noted saying yeah. -- coach -- -- our out of every minute that's what I -- So does that mean. And there's really fascinating. It's exceeding out of. So USC fight night first time ever in Maine on Saturday August 16 at the cross insurance center in Bangalore. So. And that's I mean you read them much better than I could well read our current forest don't I mean I don't sell yourself short said don't you what our third he -- has a special per -- -- how does have to grow your business it could radio business. Are you what do you think it's gonna happen. To the USC. With the concussion thing that's going I DD can you see that sport ever being. -- -- tournaments did you did you see the little you know as an hour clip parts ten minutes of it again and ours is people. Whether Cleveland clinic about. Did you see the thing you received on the news of big grant through money to a Cleveland clinic research now Brent how. Well basically what they're looking for -- to test -- determine whether or not. You're prone to huge concussion at this point you know -- the worst thing you can do. Is that the secondary concussions yeah -- for this sort. I mean I've you know he starts in with a couple kids we get a concussion. And you do not quite right for a couple of weeks or months even after -- -- yet another on the -- -- -- looking for tests to find that out. Do you think I mean you've had a man and -- in how many do you think -- yeah well -- The -- -- while fighting or -- -- I didn't -- I remember the second can customize that clearly. As a friend of mine died that -- and I have no recollection of that it was senior skip day. And my friend was driver in NASCAR's ten miles an hour and I thought would be funny if I ran and jumped and ran over his car. Right back swallows movement I did that da -- did you hit the race card was on the roof was because he panicked and I -- -- time Felix street's view on the back my head and I went. -- -- via a went like the river with them but I have no recollection of that there are no memory remember I was like -- -- this card this is a great -- the man I don't ever remember in Kuala. Well so I did they did like an estimate of it is there's no way if you don't have a baseline and that's another thing it would do for you see writers. Is developing a baseline and man -- we have they have not been engaged -- -- Port Orchard. You know thirty whatever man might Wear -- tomorrow and I'm like thirteen -- below -- wherever it should be thirty concussions below the about thirty you've. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't think that's slower than us I mean I guidelines by which they measure a concussion these days I mean I I -- I had three -- a hockey game if yeah I mean you know they say if you go blank. In your mind knowing that I mean you can hit you know when you get hit and you're wide awake inside your head but your mom blacked out that's who you're mocking yourself -- like I -- come back. My thing would be I would just keep asking them questions or damage damage like back unlocked from one. What happened and urban -- my corners bush he just doesn't stood disorderly restaurant we're gonna have to -- I -- -- over -- and tomorrow -- buried without that yeah well it's really I mean we're talking and we're talking about Cheney's who's the the one guard throughout the show on the go to the he used to make him for a person ever for having impressions back in the Jim -- -- -- -- the yeah yeah Jamal Muslim call him Chrissie Everett and everything and that that made him famous -- -- -- -- this guy does he was scared about giving concussion. He had no offensive line I think we got -- -- familiar product that at all now obese so on PC now our core value on five I don't know now it's completely it's completely changed and we are talking about it. You come back don't I happen I was all right this rise. The bad personal -- -- but I got hit not a government audit and it is offered the White -- yes. And remember a movie called blind side for reasons that. I looked I think you know you look at the way the country's going. Win whether it's fighting in the NH down lower lower or football there. The you don't you watch US CQ do you watch somebody's. Leg get broken you actually you know it's an unusual -- the bonds are -- yeah bones just -- I'm wrong is sort of play who have parliament now did you -- and address. Lululemon brand some movements don't know ligaments and -- if -- are young are you surprised bill he donated computers and as you know. Yeah is there a physical is there an injury that you've seen USC wise that has really. Gross fuel or real like you know what this is just to it too much even for me I -- -- first started and you would through people's shoulders go wrong the wrong way yeah I don't know that I used to gross -- -- watched it and watched it marched. This like 2000 browser warm. And Terry -- find out if somebody's just -- him or buddhists were. Jeter popped out on what angle and a damning him torrent you want to open amused to -- Not really amount sort and now dislike you know better than than her cataract I'm literally like yeah stuck it out that -- -- exactly -- -- went -- -- left -- -- exactly. Are right so let's not talk a little bit about this event in Maine and you know summertime you might as well drive up to Bangalore it is awesome that. It's beautiful up there because I don't know when. When Dana we'll be back with the USC here mosques and I'm I'm I'm hoping that you'll -- your partner opportunities and our children to a yes so what's going on out there who we got here. -- we've got Ryan bear -- everybody want to pay per active listener. And yeah OS VOK. I'm saying or are you just you just turn them off of big -- You did this maybe he had Ryan Jim that was maybe the next big thing there's -- -- two guys to spot. There were maybe an expert but I am. -- -- OS if you -- in the first round he's officially the next week not to be confused as GS not to be confused you know we -- abbreviation especially dollar -- partner I think biathlon and I that he got them votes are bigger firm arm -- our Susan Warren. So these are part of a one man and I'm just from -- John Jordan Jack mayor -- everywhere. John Jordan. He played college football maybe pro football well now. He's as -- real good athlete. Are worked out with someone -- very new in the sport and he loses. You know physically gifted ban them now Brad whose murder three years ago about this deal with our dog that is sorted out. Same thing with this. -- -- securities. He's walking Wal-Mart who was last -- -- on the birth report that. And only far -- lost -- who you've known bill is. Sort of like that I have great athletic. Because we'll go again now you're. I'm of the gamut Achille right now who wrote in what -- now. Is it easy certain now that your in -- and participating in regular life is it easier for you. To get things done because people are afraid of you and you know you can kill himself -- I get in on dynamo like pull booths and thing I can you just go through at all I mean I don't know. About life in. He is not good if anything I'm -- like them I started you know would really -- used to people I think the more and apps to to test new want to take advantage. Like I bars and say they'll never really heard embodied in -- hour early like chuck the dollars are marked young cocky and that poor start -- on and let's not. I'm glad he's talked -- -- spread out through our amendment because don't we always says you know I'll be always has a lot of guys in bars to -- I wanna do -- then I want to -- the Bruins have now and January. Don't realize like you know because I looked like more like thirty. And I actually didn't want to style and beyond -- young box you know the six Packers want China to be and I might do -- I'm really most -- you're mature wrong. Like my stereo and so I don't know what they're doing -- the only thing I'm just understand it's all the rage now the -- on the construction -- I'm not going to are you managing genre and I'm in Europe drug -- -- -- this I don't like George has got your -- these are covering the program here now I'll tell you -- the shorts would be gigantic and this and that man that's why I'm not. Yeah I'd doesn't listen they're there on their way to live big is is that we're we're over branding live big you've got an element I had. She did George they're gonna come all colors of them come in this television islands and aren't colored tournaments -- to come in blue. You're not cheating us about getting your ass kicked. Military yeah I want to our people bars -- won't happen. Does that make him uncomfortable. As I walked into room and the school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They've been through good looking guy yeah -- -- -- -- -- -- really I am a credible that wrap it -- confident that the rapids. The one and it is probably right back in his confidence that he's got some central Iraq on this subject on the. But if I listened. President operation I'll pass -- some parts as oh yeah this flights in -- that I not -- prepared not by -- I don't do USC first live event in Maine Saturday August 16 and you should make it a weekend up there. And Forrest Griffin great to have you here and great to have you back in Boston and now we we didn't event together with Dana. At that Mario and he's -- John -- diagnosed -- -- just your ordinary yeah yeah and it's great to have you back years are you hanging around for awhile you off somewhere else. Tomorrow I'm here numerous hours just out of the hour. Our. I don't know Bangor I'll go to Rangel and I we'll get up there quick look to Bangalore and and let us on -- deserted on our way -- sufficient. Yeah very efficient yeah. -- yeah I'm not sure. You don't get any answer did you enjoy it's nearly every American couple in the office who are Obama America I've -- Thanks but very do. Where is Griffin and you can get tickets tickets go on sale tomorrow. -- that UFC event so that is tomorrow. Thank you ladies are -- for us as a whole entourage of beautiful ladies around does I don't zero this is one of the new life. Now now now now OK -- that could be later on.