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Hill-Mail 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours covering the Redskins controversy.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WAS. Now each unit during do talk as the Hill Man Morning Show Brazilians feel may help. And that will be -- And I have directed these levees within this country. On WA. Well today brought to you by noon turf care your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit new turf care dot com and mentioned WAA. Alpha for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. 7:21. PM. There are bought and rock and my -- -- couldn't put content. And one more thing I hit the and there's been here they should get back into the. Brown the -- bias that normally bad if not make him enough he's not putting off. -- I don't think it's pretty bad I don't think you are only a charity -- Correctly actually when I went to went to like at tech school for college -- had -- speaking class for all via one that. I felt it goes off and you literally had to get up and read I forget what. Dialogue was but it. Made pronunciation. Of the and -- -- -- all the girls from Revere like Tyler who in what was -- cult like mass hole what a -- quite. We're gonna teach -- how to pronounce the Mac. That man sold out one book is -- But yet the word is -- -- No not ID your. There's no are on the end that. -- -- -- -- -- -- They would -- Tom Petty song is like trying to find the best and enter. She can look -- pileup that you don't like -- I'm not a fan not a fan what's wrong with -- man. You and I different guys and go and strong for decades really is at the -- -- and the pride of Gainesville Florida -- Tom Petty. Don't come around here no more hash tag Gainesville like restaurants and -- I can't believe you don't like. I mean just. Like refugee. Unbelievable you know from day in the torpedoes from I'm gonna go to -- at -- And don't treat me this picture here -- Yeah that PC police so battered again. Carol -- -- Washington Redskins. While Iraq that I have a problem that the ruling they pretty. I would have got a petition that -- -- truth because it's not a single parent didn't who have been there and it. And and the fact that the that the -- the at a. And -- -- 43 PM. But her radio and I'll be doing our you -- commercial. -- really really -- all -- part -- the -- let me under aren't. Aren't. -- -- isolated India Britain glory in trip where. And then I. Started making myself better and I'm certain the second half my life. Knocking it out of the party you're starting the third period -- that's awesome now. He's like one of those guys who signs up for all the medical -- click we can make the money yeah. Funny my testicles anywhere unless I don't think I would I thought I don't think you get up my luck to you and you're capable of my notes pertaining grants that. -- -- -- About. All of our help at all. I regarding your that would -- now -- -- eight bit. And then yeah himself a new phone because his alarm didn't go Lothian -- over my head he really had to go yes. Full well full effort to not an excuse but look a lot by get a home info I want update Baghdad in America Verizon yeah. A little Dan youngsters what the hell out of there there are -- now it's going to be KK with this latest release of IOS and -- -- set to -- via. They've you know we alarm my fat fingers how I ended up by accident I was on IOS four and that's why I was the amendment rights and Richie has set up my phone -- match was earlier I'm -- and a three G that was the problem man and have a I think how the power. About six. 34. -- can't -- here yet. Outside in advance correctly I don't have the item called it then I ended. Alpha put -- shortcut to the net by an -- pilot program that has he shortcut is we're gonna put them on every major broad you know there. -- -- -- -- -- -- Off what are the kind of vehicles that the candidates in the week -- he prepared to pay a three dollar. After the end now. Smile Hamad Adobe tools on every -- yeah we got a periods as a mystery on the 30000300. Million for trees they remain dead dog somehow we need. It straight London I thought that's what -- excise tax was -- now known -- yes those. If you're somebody who cheats you take the West Newton exit and get on the pike you're now going to be -- you're gonna pay tolls from. Some kind of automatic cold camera and the sky higher or whatever exactly drones are gonna follow you and determine how many miles you drive and how much you -- the government. Thanks 440. Man. Food I want. -- this -- drive like a popular spot. But that's all right voice that I like that I have a guy secular law. The lower right -- goes below my voice and it broke a diplomatic power because the market sound so similar it's okay well. Cooking and the message desperate journalists aren't at those that say you know I've I've -- -- Clinton. Horton -- one. The red content into red -- because the game and that's problematic people. Well I'm pretty sure I'm not a world where at the Democratic Party its -- thing to do nothing democratic about it can't. -- -- -- -- And 720 rural older. -- when you walk around wearing neon green and -- Aren't spent all -- -- that oh it's bank look at that -- part of its veto that -- there -- is that. And that cannot you can't -- return and use that word. That's it. That what is being here and he's bad Massachusetts. 7:29. AM. I think they could get -- it get through it like it because the rig it against what he. What wait a minute and whatever it gaga promoting what people are much bigger black kids. Our typical let's go -- -- asked -- what is what you rate but they're promoting black people. -- -- And that then -- You know it spacious it's you just feel like Washington. Yeah today it past the Washington team today it's Washington vs New England back and tomorrow it'll be Kansas City vs San Francisco yeah. That's that that that's it that's the way that's probably how it should go. -- he had. Go one million watts but it has barring that it hundred people are that all independent you know. Now it's. LB said it was news -- -- and millions. And millions of 101000003%. And 103% of the population depended change. Thanks duty even. So it should I might Wear it like that what Africa. And I -- I don't act. The bunker and it turned 29 cyber you know we're we're we're so -- -- bunker where we got stockpiles assault -- when the when and you know when the ban on salt comes we're gonna have some stockpiled salt ready to sell on the black market. That is the dark colored how would you what would you say that. The market -- illegally creature is illegal underground for I can't sit anywhere and I was worried about everything I say now -- -- the Washington force kids. -- -- awesome and they I don't wanna match that that they wouldn't have to change you know that other half of the jerseys. Maybe they could send out for fans. Who blew that 150 -- from bigots and out just a little covering patch. With whatever the new namely anything so he crafts well right gets an iron on patched. Like the iron on patches I used to get from my -- gives him one when they -- I'm forty land. Well ordered where there are -- -- -- great and come on there -- the chicken and better. And that's what -- did they have to -- -- Pretty -- the -- I like their links and I'll read it says he'll be like to make I think yeah I don't like red wings you know I love of Reading you know I mean -- could totally -- -- to him. 37 AM. I spirit that brought some important -- Michael pop rivals are. -- technically get street. I thought I can't do it. And yeah drive those cars now Google has announced that over the summer they will finalize the driver less car and put a program in the place by fall a test program and now that's crazy man. Where people will be driving around and sitting in the passenger seat I'd probably lounge in the back I -- a standalone -- Yet taken map on the way in. In my driver this vehicle but I mean it's a pretty cool under their Zito did what they're still be front and back -- who would have basically just being.