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Is it Fact or is it Schmact 6-19-14

Jun 19, 2014|

LB started a recovery effort with this edition of Facts/Schmacts. Topics included left handed Presidents, when was it legal to kill a man sleeping with your wife in Texas, and did they use chainsaws during child birth?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. -- Hill Man Morning Show invites you to test your wits against -- lead. Trap door on the long underwear means. Unbelievable. Back. No one saliva like so effective that it doesn't -- at the French are so romantic you're the best I registered us it's dying to have facts which Max. If you are a winner. During backs coach Max right now you'll get a pair of tickets for these summer land to war with ever clear Soul Asylum. So call right now 6179311. AAF that's 6179311223. Hello John. John eight. Forty come from brother. It looks very. The only United States president John. Who was a left handed. Was Bill Clinton. Back and -- you give an -- can. We can't tell you over the next three hours we need much more time backed George Mac. Done that -- -- back smacked on the I you know I I agree I -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- it's -- -- in fact since 1929. Half of the United States presidents have been left -- it so final percentage of the population is left handed but I would assume that. That someone in line there and while I know one thing and -- -- your favorite game -- Red Sox Brock pulled to the gaps are being bats left handed and throws right and throws righty ranked buffalo lake cabin. Florida what's happening to the excellent thank you where you come from. It. Natick. Until 1974. Kevin. It was legal. For a man in Texas. To kill a man if he found him in bed with his wife. Back to or -- Boy. I'm gonna go. Back. Back on now it is a well known throughout. A cowboy a -- cowboy era yeah if you messed with a man's wife yeah. And -- messed with a man's horse you -- being killed or did in this drinks and I pray for either one. Yes fat so that yes the -- yeah absolutely. And that would be a risk that you would undertake if you're hopping in bed with some guys like the good luck -- kill you legally. I think I should still be the yes it still -- -- yes I'm sure you do it and we'll look and I'd I'd give them right from border to Mexico did -- that's Daniel thinks you should be able killed that chick if she's texting your bullet like get your Bill. Belichick engine a disclaimer that. -- hello my dad. It's not well thought out do you. In my. They might an early version of the chain sock. Was used in the nineteenth century. To widen a woman's hips during childbirth. -- -- orders. Can't quite well -- -- back in -- in honor I go at all. Medical side that come along way and that's it from spot is up from the past and made it from -- it is fair and so. I'm gonna happen I think that might be fat okay. I just I wanted to -- a human race I was I. Yeah hi guys does this is a top form and I don't want it to it to be true I'm just going each match bids backed off. How that they don't block and the development -- -- I don't beat my friend story I was talking to one of my girlfriend yesterday who -- -- a petite little -- -- baby in a few weeks. And the like Hariri word I think that well. I do a very narrow hips and tell you how concerned about getting the baby kind of like me and I'm like trying to get around like that -- can get get the jaws of life. Senator -- at the series action got cares about this and there are. Hello a Richie. Yeah. -- separate today. Good -- excellent we're talking about the turnpike earlier the original Massachusetts. Turnpike logo. Had the pilgrim hat with the native American arrow through it. But that was changed in 1989. Because it was confusing drivers. Fact act Porsche math. Well I -- know who has changed true blood. I have no idea until I have to go -- I'll just say that surveys with all the teams there that were named area after the Indians since boards and every other thing. Mocking their native American Indian I would have -- as suspect as a lot. -- back it was not usually unit as he said for politically correct reasons it was not changed it was changed because drivers thought the arrow in the hopman that they were supposed to go to play. You know I have been little -- -- I hope you have people are -- people I -- I hope it was mostly tourists that are. Is my idol I don't know there's a much faith in people it was people from out of state or Canada where I'm getting confused.