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Inside the Warped Female Brain with Danielle 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

This time we help answer the question from a man who's girlfriend just got a job at Hooters and he is not happy about it.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always I'm. Pin on your schedule at WAS. Dot com all right. Are you ready to go inside the -- female brain sure. And help out a man who listens to this show. At this email on Monday. From this guy. I will not mention his name -- My girlfriend Tonya and I. Are in a huge argument. And I really need your help Daniel OK she got laid off in December. And it just started working weekends at hooters. I asked -- to work anywhere else. Because I think it's sick that there's a bunch of herbs who go to that place to stare at my girls. The unemployment problem. She's is that you she says. She says she needs a job and I should appreciate the fact that she's working. Can you please tell her how disrespectful. It is that she is working at a place like that. When someone who loves her objects. And also. Can you explain why. When her boyfriend asked her not to do it. She continues to flaunt her stuff for these Seiko. Not only now LB he's that I -- -- we're. It's a out of NASA is our family restaurant -- -- she can. Get away with flaunting her stuff looks good now probably make and some good cooling young relative thing if -- been unemployed for -- you wanna get back out there and may make some money you know I think in the grand scheme of things. Corners pretty Vanilla. Yeah and he just said the -- -- you mean it could be like it though the worst case scenario could be that she's lurking somewhere else on route one is a good day -- and rather I actually don't have a he's guard the or cage known him. Well I guess if it's really -- sensitivity issues she could try to find an alternate thing I am I don't know I. I have -- it's hard for me sometimes to put myself in the minds of people who think like this because I don't. I think -- is a great spot during I don't have a problem and I don't think it's you know what -- its objective vying with only to keep thirteen year old -- they're -- picture with the ladies like a bit frigate deal you know it's like if you fewer pit stop that she was doing like private sex shows. I concede that looks -- the guys that don't go to any restaurant and trying wield their waitress. I mean if she if you could have been any better he gets up to fly at. I'm gonna try picking her up if if she's working -- they don't I can't pass but he'll pay and -- got sample right. But it's not. You know his objection appears to be that that restaurant is about showing off his girls assets is not comfortable and he's not comfortable that -- should have enough perspective. Regardless court here read countless as it turns out -- You know I just. I don't now so who cares she's bringing home -- Cavuto OK he's a smoke show you don't wanna make you parent comfortable you know and I aren't going to play. -- -- -- -- -- She's you know she went into this field at all -- option -- I go to hooters it's in the title and I can tell you say it's not object line women now. Like they didn't call it wings and being in the summer happens you know taken off in the silicon doubted doesn't like listless. Our wing than I did the hooters girl. The rule that out yesterday OK I don't even want it is. Where it doesn't bother you that every dude like LB said is going to be given Aaron numbers that would on that would bother or they'll tap on the bottom nice hostile thing that would bother you that -- He didn't touch my girl. Don't like out of track -- or mutilate I -- have it and it goes on between the bartenders and away -- pissed about this guy and have to go there every night but I thought out and beat this guy who is there. Every night while his girlfriend is working it that way making sure like -- united -- if a guy -- out of line would you go over and top gun salute. My conversations. Which it treats its system like that -- A where she. Well but the kid that's coming from the guy who causes is you know whatever he and his girlfriend my -- around as though it says it's it is with the property so little -- rob hey I didn't. And -- him. Hello -- -- -- what's up Matt. And outside our government -- say about -- that's hard and we -- and I've learned on the cargo. Bwic I'd go to -- -- could call them can't. Get anything and it can't all alumnae Playboy golf and growing around. Who -- is the last place you gonna go out a couple -- -- you know that guy doubly sure all afternoon in my car by two are computed a week bringing in that kind of money. You know I've got up -- you weren't the only thing. -- nine. Ignorant you know what I find interesting about this call is a speaks a lot this guy's relationship because I don't think anywhere and that email like every city is concerned about her cheating he doesn't like our organ donors and those guys like -- my girls cheap and I may have paradigms and violence that was. Here -- situations are thought to be about the cheating it won't just be about the her getting object defied every damn war and nudged. We have been like a corporate -- -- here's the text that says I 100%. Agree with the deacon. People need to be respectful of each other in a relationship. And that -- and this girlish figure -- why don't serve you food naked donors tee ball. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- etc. and -- -- you walk around -- people the owners. I. And Dow and I doubt I doubt there deacon down in south. Like yours when he's like oil which is enough to go soon of the bunch of people were there boobs hanging I guess oldest showing my girlfriend to go come home -- it was a mojo was work today Obama -- club heroes and I guess older gentleman that hand print for the next week -- he could not. Hello hello Daryn. Good morning when. There -- surprised everybody called -- -- -- your mom what. Larry you're sitting peak in the what are you gonna ask this aren't you don't know America and -- -- -- the throw it up right right. I'm from the plan pal. Equipment and -- talked to Baghdad -- on and I wanted to get the approval he'll leave you reeling drool from my father is an old fashioned view -- -- gearing up on them wonderful some people do go through I don't mean it's a nice process. Some people do before they have kids. Because he -- the how the hell did you really through that went right up there can't -- out there hello -- shape and love but option and. Hey -- marine corporal allowed down North Carolina and then it spread out but -- that it worked in it. And be an all simmering with bella alive that they got their wedding and make more money up the money who did that article and I'll let it drop off. -- -- -- -- out of the money on their way out care I don't know either man are there any women listening who. Feel like this woman what was her name Tonya the audience that she's out of line like any women who. They're guy doesn't want them working at a place where. They could be objective -- I mean I guess like. The last several techsters are saying this happens it happens in any workplace if you look if you're wearing a -- that looks -- It'd be easy to -- I need to be -- done anywhere it's more subtle and out of sight out of mind for the guy like if he was being you know -- you know strict and -- I'm not gonna let you work there that's kind of one thing that. If he's really genuinely comfortable and it's making an upset that's probably their relationship yeah I mean the -- well yeah. -- do you do you -- respectfully your partner you think she's doing it because he said. He doesn't wanted to do maybe not how he's made into really big money are you finding it it's not accept I think. Oh sure you can go under the patriot games of your buddies -- -- I don't know what I. Hello Zack. Hey -- a couple things first of all of this guy's still weird about it girlfriends we're gonna looters to me that so that you got some insecurities. So on they used. Repressing and being like not a wants to work orders could. There's smokes so blessed and security is all I ordered in the sales response we're accompanying. And there is crisscrossing the smoke show and she goes out of the way every day the last. You know letter -- -- all over the -- to -- everybody pay attention and the value. Numbers are down. Nobody is all over about it because I mean she knows how to work to balance our original working at all. What you're saying is that when our numbers are down so is -- top that's right the power that that's about it. I -- -- and that's that's our LB and that is that is inside. And he symbol. RC TV warped you know -- and complicated female bring you think she she should make -- make amends and quit the job. And I asked to Baghdad -- teacher's convention may have -- a.