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Is it Fact or is it Schmact? 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

LB had an extra day to help him prepare for the game but it did not help the big guy as this time we learn about how many people born in the 1800's are left, what is layzomania, do roosters have a penis, and where did herpes comes from?

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and on your schedule WAS. Dot com. And now they Hill Man Morning Show invites you to -- you wits against an oldies -- trap door and -- -- -- No one saliva like so effective got through them through that the French -- show America you're the best I registered it needs to claim to have facts should Max. Whether you're just tuning in you're not dreaming that as the voice of Lyndon byers flew over slept in his Powell -- is basements. It's an attitude of to the tune of 9 o'clock or so yesterday. Wish I could -- that you missed a good show yeah gone a lot of -- -- jobless Tony when of this guy and Shawn Thornton on the show you admit you missed a lot yesterday hello Kevin. Or what's going on Kevin way from. It from south bridge what -- -- -- don't work out all earned excellent -- you ready to play facts match this morning up against L -- -- And Kevin researchers. Recently determined. That human beings. Got the herpes virus. From prime -- That Porsche math and several rational fears in the eye and a lot of -- I don't know a lot of them a lot of you're gonna come back. -- weight as well -- it's Wednesday everybody's known this -- beginning at times it is a factual. Facts excellent some guy got -- Desperate hide any monkey and a storm is what goes -- world. Had to have sex with one monkey and you know -- -- happened -- -- one -- my father warned me about that -- Yes actually the one monkey you're having sex with them every other monkey that -- exactly that to anyone -- I've got -- Is that it's always number one heads up to a what was going to bridge the -- yeah you don't want to he's on the no no monkeys love to throw good you gotta wanna -- you know keep your distance you have to be careful -- Josh. Hey Josh. How are you now we're where you from Josh -- -- -- from the garden to eliminate Atlanta right now. All right Josh there are only five people left on earth. Who were born in the eighteen hundreds fact Porsche Mac. Iraq. Yeah -- did -- really all that album yeah. Thought well I'm afraid your allocation Mac bigot but for me get under -- -- not be why you don't I'm I'm I'm I'm. I'm gonna have to agree I think is one of those trick questions -- there's not five but I think. Because we I think there's one. Person still lives a 118 years old but I'm not doing. If I'm not mistaken now what he's saying factors now I'm thinking and I'm not saying I'm saying each match -- things back I'm seeing each match no not cry. Now it's the -- It is facts. Two of them here in Boston born in -- Well I don't I'll grant. The -- job you're nipping at those fields and a lot of I guess I'm I'm I'm almost at that level Angel -- hello jockey. It -- hi Jacqui. -- -- -- It this one is for LB ladies don't mania. Is defined as psychologically. As the excessive desire to lay in bed all day Jackie factors should Mac. I'm -- notion that unless. On that. Not not forgotten something I couldn't do I. If they -- still mining well I am I you know once I look I I couldn't you know doesn't sleep. You know I was lucid dreaming yeah -- it's a crazy comfort zone -- -- -- drool on the pillow am I gonna go I'm gonna -- fact dole on that. Well. It's it -- Mac edition Mac it's actually called. The the final mania final not -- in Romania it's called line Romania the excessive desire to lay in -- -- day below state of the thank. And aren't take kids the the rooster has a penis back there she -- -- I'm Ali ears and back on that originally the rooster as a pianist. You know what this is and this one's coming stone -- I gotta I gotta tell you I never ever -- -- -- about -- bean ball. I mean you know I think think that we think -- Discussions we've had about you know. Things unknowns in England and presentation. And that process that columns are called contrary to Brandon -- -- and car I think he's though I don't act you're going facts. It's that time. Is unfortunately. For the rooster there is no penis there are also has the pull late yeah and they -- -- it to pull Waco. And that it's. Time out and in the last yeah Dana in this particular case it is the -- -- too -- they can contact.