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Hill-Mail 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages of the past 24 hours covering a variety of topics including the return of LB.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each -- returned to talk. As the Hill Man Morning Show acquisitions hill man out. And their real me and him. Hall. On WAA. It was sad saying divide and Shawn Thornton yesterday Barry and as it was released. -- we're gonna miss him on this program. We would still be able to column now -- -- a dead man. One of the better -- worry lands in one of the better -- that there were that we've had on a regular basis on the you know as a daisy is one of those. Guys like are we suitable -- AM and then. He's one of those guys it's a better human being Benny was an athlete -- is an incredible happily yeah no I mean and if you BE yes it. You can hear that interview if you -- the yesterday. As a podcast at WA area. All right today's hill mail messages brought to you by noon turf care your residential and commercial line care provider. Visit -- turf care dot com and mentioned WAA after a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care. And potential -- What are Canadian ordered caught helping -- public -- shortly. After -- -- started -- -- -- -- It is I mean the guy wants the game I mean that actually given to our fiscal liberals that. There's -- regular session there -- -- Palin's I would defend the like you're gonna show up before the end of the program yesterday in the I'm even illness I was up with an excellent. I always. I will I was hopeful I was hopeful and I and I have faith. -- and 21 old. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- important also connect -- So I don't ever gone out that game the other night was oh I loved watching and I like World Cup soccer I get into it. An area a -- you need to. I enjoyed it. Now here's the taxes says by one of the better guys we've had on the show do you mean authority never killed anybody yes that's about it and I mean. Can go to sun. Hernandez. The legal team for Aaron Hernandez once the medical records from the patriots. -- legal experts believe that means they're going for the insanity defense. Trailing with this yeah that's -- really he was found -- totally insane when he was on about Sierra is asking -- cents nice track below. The old in his sanity defense in trial lawyers for. Probably going like -- aids -- -- why I would I would have been -- -- -- brain you know or the Mara the marijuana. PCP years. Whatever one's state of mind make you just randomly pull up to guys and shoot them yeah -- and because they've gone to India and that theory just dislike about insanity. Either is the old insanity defense. People can can -- Q Tony -- fourteen old man. Ecstatic he should have -- -- one of those interviews with people who. Try to -- thought thought the hard court soccer fans. And then let it all -- -- we should look at this and what we should. But the captain bandwagon with the World Cup soccer fans on Sunday found out right after I kind of guy that's good. That because. But you know soccer -- there there is legit they show up to Leipzig games at the bars and stuff you know I am the right far. The there are 8 AM there are having parties for these for the World Cup games that's. Love the oil up a level beyond the report is all the people the media to try and pretend that soccer's -- relevant in America yeah you know like I like we're only warm. Soccer fans only watched the World Cup and I might. I like the of the revolution that the -- last December -- million dollar TV deal. Yeah I mean eight you don't it's not it's it's certainly I -- it's the fifth most popular sport I mean I know it's it's it's it's it's a popular sport in soccer is popular. I mean when he did the revs average like. Between eighteen and 25000 fans gave the Bruins only get. 171000 fans again and a you know in -- -- out M I'll ask don't like -- northwest in Portland and and now in California based social stadiums you know he's 70080000. Seat stadium it's like it's comical to me that people you know it's it's the people that don't watch -- trying. Convince. -- to soccer fans that we only terrible the world -- it's a joke. You just reminded me of a story I saw last night there's been naked woman. Hanging out at the hotel of the British soccer team on the balcony on Israel and England is. They weren't allowed to bring their wives -- their girlfriends Brazil there's which coach won the focus right so it was the hope now there and they're going to be moving -- Because guys can't concentrate on this thing less safe environment so unpredictable and no no pleasure in yourself before games -- -- really relaxed gentleman he had the lags. At -- we don't twelve crew to an old man. In Europe I would bet Kremlin I was disgusted. I crawled over the manager. I'd sit on -- -- -- Why didn't bat on the menu and think about. And you. Connecticut friendlies. Big issue with a woman who was breastfeeding your child the only thing that was interesting was that she advocate laid out on the -- on the tee and I don't know when was that breast feeding the kids from above would there. Were there boom. While the child was laid out on the table at -- is talent typical think she's she's not bullying and she's a little bit of a bigger bigger girl around wondering if maybe she wouldn't cut it out to both the small market was annoyed and -- -- are about breast feed. That the. -- 150 man. -- Back to work today. Dropped play it pro. All well they ignored it it sort. And met each day I mean honestly. LB said it earlier it's not in his opinion not a good move by Peter sure LE a rare miss step to let John Thornton go grab my that's my car -- -- I believe yeah the last thing I would have done to make this team better -- change a fourth line of Marleau line tomorrow and act you bet you. And well I hope it's not a whole I mean. If it's a general movement away from fighting which is kind of what forty indicated on the show yesterday. It's gonna wrecked again if there I just I get it there's some they wanna attract casual fans and so -- there's people who tune in and -- These guys are allowed to fight -- in game. That's why she's an Iowa and only thing we -- get rid of -- us you know Shawn Thornton on the show yesterday was talking about his favored by eight was when he. But -- cook. -- of what Mac cook did. Two. Savvy now wrap my children and Tom and his dinner you need to have a guy like Shawn Thornton around so that a guy like Matt Cooke isn't going after your goals scores constantly would cheap shots and knocking him out of it. A knock him out of the game. Thanks 32 told him. Our secure -- How are a bit -- -- Err we will work and then I have got I'm order don't you -- Eric don't open purse here would dorm a really good. Well some people are suspicious. Date they say you now. The news has not been great lately for the president yet whether it's the economy or. Releasing some terrorists from Guantanamo Bay yeah. -- bird doll and and they say isn't it interesting that just when things are going bad. We suddenly arrest the guy who is the terrorists responsible for the bad -- the embassy attack and it is an interesting time. And that bit. That mean reporters have been able to interview this guy. Like thirty times last year so everybody knew where he was wide and we just. Why do we just the rest of right now that's that's what Somerset some who are critical some like to be negative are saying that. -- -- -- -- Highlight what's -- I think -- I'm actually yeah. So you win lit and that the contact via -- steady at three -- which is my birthday. The number one song on the day that I was born and which -- August 30 86 was seen Glenwood -- -- is currently -- That's not correct. The number one sock on a day in which you were born was Billy don't be a hero by bill Donaldson and they -- it's not a five notches from -- herself. Sorry about that America might not Steve when would bring Ireland. -- spark a high heeled boys. When does I don't I don't know the Harlem when you don't know -- the bucket you don't know what I'm sorry. The starter yeah you'll. What about. Gimme some woman yeah hazards Spencer Davis -- classic rock star absolute classic. Think precinct. Told him. A great you go to really appreciate -- and dedication to the root organization and yeah. He's willing to rear suspension and a possible termination. Are inadequate to fatigue two. Every vote for the record oil that is so and so and. Stressed out this. -- Tuesday. One more one more chance for -- Tuesday June that'll be next Tuesday -- we'll see -- that happened and I was gonna bang them out next Tuesday pass -- -- -- now. Page a Leo what about dear mr. fantasy another great traffic so yeah. Being and I song song. You know I want -- probably don't know all the tropics I don't know I'm not clear I plead no not a bad was named after I just -- we did. The picture of the mysterious nude hotel woman in Brazil. Who's trying to distract the English soccer team how how does not as a head coach -- and -- -- really the top -- that no one realized that's on my eight Twitter feed Greg held WAA -- to see that. Six -- for all. I get more. -- Viewer -- Who do you look. At that news. Stinks and little old. The cab company that picking a bigger -- Cooper -- left. That was okay we're not there -- a game didn't shutdown the moment are we don't believe what they have been a lot better job. And -- -- and the issue is what we are more let's -- Cambridge. -- these cities make a lot of money. From the Modano and Brad so they don't like the fact. -- -- Doesn't have to pay him 300 -- whatever it is Ramadan and that's why they're trying to put them out of business in under subpoena the free markets -- the like if somebody like -- can come along. And create. A system whereby it costs you forty boxer thirty bucks whatever costs over or whatever it cost the travel. And you don't have the you don't have to wait for a cab to show up behind a guy who's like -- in. You know. The Middle Eastern show tunes. And the Japanese and the phone has not yet it's like trying to. Honestly. It's a better system. But the government -- shut it down so interesting point now because a lot of people texted about this earlier -- this -- looks like the limos they're assembled their private cars -- think thank. You know -- delivery plates and a driver rest have a class three drivers stuff like they they're still say it's not like a private car is now skirting any regulations like they they're still subject to. It you know restrictions -- 19 Barack and well we'll see what happens. 701. AM. We wouldn't go to -- had -- there. An -- over quarter recruitment into Manhattan's. That the thing that 705. AM. -- -- Today. Well probably equity outlet that they act and outlawed. Yeah. Out one on outrage you know not what you're. And Atlanta loves her he's not that it's a welter Wednesday evening but it will be attacked Tuesday next next week. -- -- -- -- correct. And I. -- -- kinda act I don't I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And yeah. And at that LB impressions sounds like -- them are shot you know ask for your own and the fact that. The frequency Mathieu waiter was not worth knowing would make it to work. To me -- And again. The natural living boob and I have -- -- -- -- -- we didn't agree. Into a tough spot. Cute to me cute 30 Karl PM. Well good news for president Shawn Thornton he's taken his particular set of skills and put them to a new news. He has decided to become -- pro golfer and joining -- pro golfing circuit. Put -- -- and the support that really played through an. Well the -- expensive battle and -- -- and other. -- authorities are pretty good golfer and he'll be at the WAS celebrity golf tournament next week is like -- not a volume and that the planet Calgary and interviewed for a job so. All right guys from participate today during -- mail.