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Brooke Burke 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

The lovely Brooke Burke called in to talk about taking the whole family on vacation this summer and how to do it right with the help of Embassy Suites.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always on the -- on your schedule -- WA AF. We're going to get to helmet on a second. But but rob had to set up an interview with the lovely Brooke Burke who we've had on the show many many times I believe Brooke is now though very busy being a mommy. Is that correct Brooke. I got at the time -- anomaly that -- being a mom and then -- Yeah yeah you're always get my account I have and again -- got a preview yeah. I have 44 of them are definitely up tight call are you done. And found out that. -- is it ever uncomfortable is it is the high schoolers -- a son or daughter. Okay because it now what about like it when her friends her male friends are like who going UN and -- like if they know who you are anyway of course I was just wondering if there's ever an uncomfortable circumstance. They're probably not telling her and she certainly not telling me I hope not. That's a legitimate question. We are we -- -- I wanted to get your mom opinion. I'm on this on this topic that we retirement yesterday on because it's it's it's really in the news all the time now. An and you don't have the answer personally but from a from a mom's perspective when it comes to breastfeeding in public. Are you somebody who thinks that. You know the -- perhaps the concern of other guests about their children seeing this process. Should trump. The woman's right to -- be to to to a -- wherever she wants. You know I -- Atlantic the natural I think a woman -- the responsibility to be this. -- I mean is certainly how women aren't old enough to do it anywhere any way but. I actually think it. And that's how he and it's now all that life and personally that they're the discreetly and doing it so I mean you know that the woman's right. Yeah. I mean yes and I don't go watch you know yeah. Blank -- and I -- I think I don't know I don't know I don't know it makes you feel uncomfortable with I'd I'd I'd admit I'm checking -- -- -- parents are yeah. I would try to be -- widest list -- I think we just need to know I don't know. What. Did you breast feed. -- you did yeah yeah. Now see that means when it's a celebrity breastfeeding in public I'm sure it's even more of I -- up -- and I -- in Canada. Well it's an interesting thing that was of friendlies where I -- I think beer pizza and breast -- at the tender our. -- now about well yeah. That. And I -- there we go here to narrow beer pizza and and dress that's that we would actually specializes. As we specialist it. Now. -- I know you wanted to talk a little bit about summertime in and some if you're planning like a big vacation for a parents and kids right. Am I won't can be complicated can -- -- -- -- airlines and can be you know an indication that requires a vacation I I just part of it and that these athletes we're during the campaign and sharing tips and tricks about. How to make it more enjoyable and I I really think it's doable I love summer I love traveling with the kids but I also. Fully understand the need to have a little alone time with my man and let the kids. Be able to China and that they wanted to that we created a whole list of -- -- -- with honor. That FaceBook page but I could not the Stanley brainstorming session and give everybody a voice and let them. She is a date certain designers a day and I have four kids so it's exciting for them to be able to do some research figure out what they wanted bill. And an honor out of the family that way everybody's happy it or not complaining the whole time and there's just so many things that you can do to make it fun for every one family. Well I we -- a -- brainstorm session about vacation and we decided you should come on vacation with my family. I'm. Not that we decided. It is an embassy at -- penthouse and. Well -- I mean. What you know what we could pop over there yeah should definitely that would be fine -- Now it's I mean it's hard because you got a UF four kids of all different ages so I'm sure they'll where do you guys like to -- when you. It is hard and you know everybody has their own idea or actually I am moving this summer but the -- -- going to be out getting settled but. I don't know about my hometown and Arizona into the my sister -- we're also gonna take a little. I'm Kelly vacation on a cruise that we haven't done for a really long time but we like to be adventure -- -- world governing destinations and try things they haven't done this far and and it really can be exhausting because. There's so many different personalities and my family but that's I think choosing the right hotel as crucial. I love the -- better. Sweep them but he has because it cannot privacy that the connecting -- you can shot you can leave it open. My kids can do their own saying it's just it's important to find the right play at and they're really set it up up for 6000 -- memorable vacation. No no way your sister is as hot as you -- issued. She's she's been a question differently on -- and let them they're very very different kind of look alike and they all have different personality isn't. I'm different looks. Now -- Brooke Burke is our guest and and Daniel -- and -- that -- -- married to a plastic surgeon cracked. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes and he's from here yeah us. And -- thinking well who's the guy can't put the guy from Plymouth those good guide to get a big -- position Joseph -- okay that's not that's fun. That's different a different guy on East Asia and other hot. That's the thing that I thought that the Atlantic. I. You bring like five -- guys on your vacation that's -- that's -- -- up within the brains the -- Atlantic and could put it that it's all right well so if people wanna find out more iron that would here's the plug where where they go broke. I'm that little bit about conquest of the things they've put houses on -- -- and -- their ideas for making a great family vacation. The details about the hotel they've got -- made to order breakfast. Spacious 2 -- sleep evening reception blocked the -- -- easy fund family vacation. And can you pay extra and get EU I'm one of them wanted to suites there -- And I'm aware aware -- Yeah. Yeah I just I just took this. I just took this I just at this interview up to create global twelve I hope I hope that's. I hope that's okay with you but you're. -- like a complete -- so why did you guys that I I thought it at this trying to act epilepsy you know I know what's coming -- I. I can actually out creep Greg for a change on this because I remember the first time I ever saw Brooke. Was on the cover of muscle media magazine back in like 1997. Yeah. And I was like oh my god this woman is the most gorgeous thing and I is looking beautiful person on the planet enough channels I welcome it. It's been fun I've got to land and then you're coming and they have it but I was -- can't. OK Brooke and I can't giant good luck breastfeeding. I don't think that's gonna lovely lovely woman. Lovely woman. I weigh in in that that particular and whatever vision that magazine series that photo shoot that she did -- she's like covered in protein powder. At -- -- -- it was fair fantastic she's beautiful artery enemy is beauty yeah popped off for kids don't object maintained their beauty. Apparently. Apparently he can -- didn't know when he when you -- booked her. She was get a well just some sketchy territory there talking about sex -- think it's against the baby's family and I know that everything is definitely -- talk family stuff oddly okay you talk family stuff but I let you edit a resident brought -- -- Let's thank you for -- as broad a now here's. Taxpayer who'd just to India and instead. I'm not sure but is Brooke Burke and embassy suites spokesperson I don't know did you mention that I didn't hear any part and -- out of Lebanon. Could somebody please close -- -- down over there well your fellow I honestly don't get our partner on here couple times -- shots very very attractive. Never -- when lamented in a horse. Not here's a 508 text notice these speedy exit when things started to get creepy -- did you notice that I have another -- I mean you have got. Again and yet like that was relevant. -- I the the nine now too bad they didn't know that covered in protein thing I would've yes I would have jumped on now.