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Adult Toy Price is Right 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

Another round of adult toy price is right where we learn the prices of the Lea Love Balls, and the Penis Like Thing.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. There Hill Man Morning Show presents. Under. Contract. Come on down. And Dave you're the first contested. Adult toy prices rise -- Dave. Dave where you from. Were you crying when John -- was on the show earlier. If what are -- you crying when authority was on earlier this morning I edit yeah I mean how can you not have a little Peerman. Somebody a -- a beloved beloved hero in this town. Is saying goodbye right this is nick who is up against you this morning Nicol felt. More and more are how are you neck. Try to track order and is that is that it's it's in many ways where where you from neck. Are you here or an excellent. You guys know how the game works assert our right thing now is going to describe. The first. Today's adult toys T two during adult toy -- price is right. That's for tonight's game and I fully am not but what. Now -- loved. Low Leo low balls glass. Forget this quaint. We are illegal -- round eagle. A with every so you take these -- love bus. Wreck near night and giving you an amazing inner mast flags. You get incentive to me did golf string together because -- -- knowledge did snowplow and so does he understood. And the concept here. A woman would walk around with the Leo love balls. Into inside out within those ladies let's the 45 pound plate with a chain it's -- yeah and and so. You could conceivably be working next to somebody and accused the mayor doing there is there to eagle exercises. With the -- balls. While you're working right Rex is exactly and I'm wondering why there where is so if you wondering why the woman excuse working up sweat. That -- that five could either I think could be Julio lob ball -- what are they made the only a level well I'll tell you are happy feet and. -- come in and flip pretty silicone with a stress she silicone rich people court -- you worried they can't time. This cone has heart she can't answer removal of -- yeah it's important to keep your -- Collins. You a cash and and and I'll just say this -- in the nicest way possible. If they get -- that you need that they need to be doing you need to be doing more he can get. It right Dave what do you think that actual retail price of the Leo -- balls as. Hard to say -- -- -- and how much fourteen and nine and a 1499. Nick what do you think. -- short order 525. Nine -- and I thought that I have he demands that -- can. And belongings. I -- and. Actually no price actually went old Brad unfortunately I don't know so retail prices to foreign -- There aren't. -- -- view are the first winners during don't do -- price is right. Nice work -- you I sat down have balls. I mean do that we actually do that that yeah. I don't then you know until you course you don't have it freaks me out that anything with a retrieval cord yeah I know why you end up toll that comes with the retrieval cord. Basket that's concerning to me that's what section of the gym I. Kentucky the women's Ryan -- again and and I don't I don't know if they're working with those -- Canada and a and let them. Way let's get that I next contestant on adult -- price is right it's Jeff hello Jeff -- good morning how are you jet age where you from an all this Alston night and Jim is here can against -- -- Aaron intestinal jam. It ought to -- public you gym where do you come from a lot of all right you guys ready to play adult toy prices right -- yeah it. Here we go with -- and next the -- The next night at the current gas malicious Jack the well actually the genocide but I -- Let her become an event that I definitely not on the ice cream truck I was not a what's this thing about check out this six finding vibrant or gas and nasty -- She ate into eighth I realistic meaning it may even matter with grieving and in -- -- like the pros stares men begin this comment and asked not to plus Jelena serial. -- sneaky thinking of volunteer favorite celebrities spank bank stab -- -- -- opponents tech now you can -- we did get the job done. Just like HTT. Eel Pete. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Dry beans though it would what is it what does it do what it's like a big Indy to. -- the bull. You know I think that they -- those soft jelly coated he would slip in -- Gaza is not quite a full penis kind of a full speed okay and you can kind of know some guys -- let some go right run going out that they're -- degrees to the sides seeking kind of bend it twist and you weaken your own house -- your own area and I. -- looking thing is you discuss yes. Yeah -- looking thing. All right Jeff what do you think the actual retail price of the penis looking thing -- -- shot 2995. And Jim what do you think the actual retail price of the penis looking thing it. I've been -- one O Connell yeah. It is only one on the price is right there is that they actually -- prize and so retail price is too -- to learning the news now. So just the lattice. Excellent -- by you Jeffrey. And thank you offered playing today that is adult -- price is right here. On the Hill Man Morning Show.