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Hill-Mail 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

The best Hill-Mail messages wishing our pal Shawn Thornton farewell after the announcement that the Bruins will not re-sign him.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. -- always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Now each you return to talks. As the Hill Man Morning Show presents -- man. -- iron up but you know but didn't. I am the blue -- are big our affiliate there in the wheel well and and. On WNBA. Today's -- well message is rod deal by noon -- scarier residential and commercial line care provider. Visit noon turf care dot com. And mentioned WAA asked for a free flea and tick treatment from the experts at noon turf care and here are. The very best hill mail messages of the previous 24 hours. -- eight. Fourteen won't tell him. I appreciate it he blocked the -- that are very. Our order book torpedoed by a bank that. And then now I'm gonna end up -- I mean he -- that would mean. It's gonna come out of his allowance there yes whenever whenever a -- -- -- notice that -- We'll see if he pays off and it's not gonna payoff you'll do about a hits they'll be shown up today -- always volunteers did you jobs and then once the money in advance and that. And then he never does the jobs you know but I can't I used to do the same track and in. These tricks go to learn about watching -- these tricks go back to the dawn of time short meaning because I think I didn't try that with my dad these are like -- oldest and oldest tricks in the book yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Greg electronic. I mean you only get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I when I have to give in his allowance I'm like Ron Ron crying on the path the other. I mean how embarrassing was that I guess that's. I don't know deal like that an athlete. It's an athlete loses a competition. Feel like them crying like LeBron James was the other night if it to hated rival. Kind of like ideological -- impressed that I -- -- -- out now actually passion or does it move would what does that -- I'll never forget it was in middle school yeah. Basketball playoffs. And and our coach came in -- pardon me you know but you're gonna see a grown man cry but you guys gave it to raw and you know did the speech -- now by -- was you know. Appropriate. It wasn't packed full and -- it. Is it all -- Dakota was crying in middle school and and we had a good run here you know that. Sitting here as showers afterwards and -- but I made a great coach and it. I mean that. I mean the loss. Made us you know they'll find us and he's the but. The -- -- crying on the bench and I think it is from I don't know how you grow up he does the movement hello Mike. Paper and Michael -- a quick question -- adult toy prices right now I had I don't know if they -- but he guests. 25 dollar double play with one or Monday night at the gas twentieth or 99 does he get -- -- in your pocket and pick -- Ben Franklin. -- I felt like he was exciting Bob Barker has on an island in the pocket preaching and writing and maybe you'll like Harry that him. But -- hates it what -- -- -- -- -- Italian. You know the -- still in the game and he's an interview right now I haven't -- there and I tried watching awkward and what he is just might not -- on continued there makes like ten million an episode of her films the -- once yeah race though he can just get it out of the way in -- don't have that he's not a -- he's not a Bob Barker he's not -- -- dollar bills is like. You know half enthusiastic. That. Yeah people soulful celery half enthusiasm. It doesn't care he Spain and your -- -- everything I think I continent saying that the edited the talent that he does but he -- really happy about it -- may -- -- continued. But he didn't. How about them he's like -- NA president of the guy. A passionate about it for Christ in the magnate. -- he's got these people coming up there's. Jumping screaming happy to meet him they remember the Drew Carey Show it's like yeah Yahoo! is settled down he hates -- he's got to stand next of these people's it's great awkward TV. There it is. Actually like to do that recording a whole bunch of shows at once thing I -- like you do that. -- pandora like I'm like -- Real are likely forty shows and around and get ready for the the next couple months and manual clean it can -- PM. Well. Aren't open. And now. -- final 36 PM. And while we're. Glad they're. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Plus the a lot of guys in the show Shawn Gordon is just the latest I don't know I mean. They're Hernandez circumstances were beyond dire our control and we we should've seen it coming out of the should've known. -- -- Alina anything. Anything to do that. These Hill Man Morning Show which you're listening to is presented by Echostar technologies your data center solutions provider. For more information. Go to echo stored dot com. There aren't any final hit. -- -- -- -- -- -- Transport network card that they -- the Canadian. Job but he. And -- You're not afraid of the jinx now. It was good this morning he was he is great yeah. We'll racists won't make that up podcast movement right away almost asap okay -- work and so if you -- -- important on this show. Talking about how much he loves this city. Favorite memories here. Uttering today's potential quote of the day event which was its staffing water now -- that he didn't say nothing now we had to edit out. Those of you on the stream and no -- and then they -- -- it enjoyed that. On that will be a podcast for you soon at WAA -- dot com. As the Bruins bid farewell. To Shawn Thornton net text -- techsters says -- was duped. Yes it was he was he was duped by. The the the architect of the home in jinx. Monday six. 19 PM. Out of Greg not an opt out they aren't they were asked. And hey yeah. Where. You have to expect that it brought. Oh lead albeit. I am out. And then -- and I believe that. There will be some sort of an epic excuse that I wouldn't know now we don't know so. It's going to be an alarm clock are usually if it's an alarm clock it's fine now. Now it's known. One I want what. Other. Think it is yet to come up with a brings you the mean there isn't about the keep the people we think it's more real -- illusion I am excited. And alive. A -- says if you pre recorded forty show isn't how many will be -- us. Great well just very well actually depends on the day but. Today you wouldn't assault forty. -- Monday and 0:7. PM. I'm on one what true emergency. Yes I'm pretty -- Which emergency. We can't get up other stuff attendees -- indicate that you. I. I -- -- People really enjoy the JC impression yes I. It's great you know a good job with wouldn't say that impressions are my Forte in the no business none of us would think that I -- -- I seem to have nailed that one yes. A quarter of is there any delegate we call for that like in Hollywood I mean you think they're doing a movie here -- -- -- -- -- everybody's okay I'm moving down you know voice -- -- -- -- hologram of I guess I'll that's a good idea and it's American top forty dollar -- addition. He beer hologram in this guy's pinkie breaching for your ankles that our law and I think that was it now. Now Casey's body was returned to his wife. Yes -- kids -- So that's nice yeah maybe that he's worth eighty million things that -- they want to will run about Sunday. Eighty million dollars and they're going to be fighting hunger for. Older. You that. All right -- you're doing that. Anymore operate here. We got eight. Debt. From the Brady Bunch. At the top job or career here -- that. All because -- careless. Broke the outlook. Oh you go. And then plunged. First time I think Alice was ever called that -- that and the -- I think about it for a second I was like what you think you can eat what we Maureen McCormick now that time. And the final forty old man. It is here and complete your book I -- that is being able to note citing. You're pure hearted directly I have or. And now what do you think the forty meant when I asked if you would play for the Canadians sounds like it met a like maybe you wouldn't want to. I you know maybe I don't know I mean it would take you got to take your job I mean had to -- noncommittal BO pay the bills. But I don't know it sounded like maybe he might not me that's the one team that he wouldn't I -- familiar sold and welcome to -- casual sport out I mean I wouldn't I would never -- if you did that I don't think anybody would resented button ballot when Johnny Damon went running now Nieve remember that down as a -- Ellsbury exact thing Janet. Settled soon or. -- -- I -- I know -- Europe. They need. City. -- Well mature but it. Under that now a lot of people of that group -- leader. And again and you know. I I mean that's he would go to. To almost any charity event and was asked to go to FAA tech they need him in August for us dog rescue the runway event well -- obvious at this big I mean look at that really. But. There are a lot of guys who've come in and out of this city and have been good guys and have gone to events and things but not -- nobody. I don't think anybody. Other than Lenny Clarke. Has gone to as many charity events -- -- Jordan has so I commend them for that. 620. Arnold. -- yeah -- won an embargo might take some time. -- think they're really old. Yeah. Or not about the what is -- thought. And I'd like I'll get well Little Rock. Or I'm not quite corrupt from top. I don't like. It like that pot garden on fire and aren't here. And -- that it's not even be visited by bad -- with a tribute to death. The -- -- Chiming -- on the way out kinks before all. Eight period until we are a little bit more Obama attacked -- -- if you inherit. And. That. Note Tatis then again movement now that tattoo artist was I would assume set up to be here in the studio. When do you think she'll where you Brazil Iran one of chiller -- this. And he shows that totally got that tattoo opens up but right now though -- coach she should arrive not knowing that these. Not here I would assume. Looks pretty sound old. Sure I'm sort. Carpet dedicated. -- great character. Jobless and then buyers. It unreliable. Or. I don't get it. And the message from the club yeah. We make exceptions to accept repeatedly older. -- -- Are there and then you didn't know -- Yeah and it's. -- that. -- them. All Jim yeah I don't think we should they got rid of this guy yeah. Military let minded data that that it dedicated player that is and I don't want him beaten up I'll play it down for a. Well good -- this team might be a little soft going forward yes as the expressionless. But there's no room I guess. Maybe. Even the forty said it himself there's no room going forward after a goon no room in in hockey -- -- -- I never thought I'd ever say that. Grown up go to Bruins games in my grandfather had -- seats that the Darden. Anyway why not -- anymore watching some of the greats. Whether it was. Derek Sanderson and there. Yet you name it went. We did I never thought I would ever say that there's no room for a -- to fight and in the NHL but that seems to be the direction and it's having an I think it's bad for the game. I had. 41 AM. -- can't. Quite hit forty. You can order some and other movie because you're going to get fired for not signing or dumber dumber. Or twelve points eight assists that's. Peter surely it's not camp I know it's not cannot it's not easy -- -- -- -- older. Take. I am not there. Since they didn't find Doherty I thought I try to get my old job back. -- just now think the fact that. -- 0:7. AM. They're a hard -- so he. -- -- -- and they're really know what they're adorable little that this morning and it is the Bruins defended the parlor and authorities. They're divided duke is that your ability. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you have -- -- part I don't know apart because by the. Well and definitely the surface Barry is. -- and who you know cam. If anybody knows. But you know the rule over the the tough guy in the NHL -- him and you know it's probably. And that stuff for him to -- The sign off on something arsonists. You know. Visit but the game if the game is changing. You wanna be the only team that's not changing -- -- gas it's just it's it's sad. Police can you imagine going to a game at the garden. Going to several games at the garden and there's never a fight now. I'd rather see my chance to scream Clinton and an omen all right I imagine and it's not getting -- news you get to do that -- -- -- how does not into really win at where else do you get to do that Jackie she's now. And now. And in. It's. It's gonna be bad for the games in my humble opinion. There are -- darn. I've -- great. And then. I well. Shawn Thornton. On this show about 45 minutes or so goes that he will remain here after his career is over yeah. We -- during the summer so at least that is viewed news.