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Shawn Thornton of the Boston Bruins 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

Shawn Thornton called in to discuss his meeting with Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, how fast he may find a new team, and moving to Boston after his hockey career.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. Always on the -- on your schedule at WAS. Dot com. Ellison. Is is his authority on right now okay so we're gonna have the or not the move okay adult Lloyd's price is right. Because. Clearly. We it's it's very sad. -- we've been crying all morning over here at that twenty guest street Doherty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All we can certainly give and we've got it I'm sure that did you know would be happy that's been out that we called the she does that for all the athletes that's called the special goodbye from Kenya and and well listen did this come as a shock yesterday. Well a very what you -- it here at you know official I -- we'll have more on this. What I was thinking but. -- actually on Saturday said that he was around -- that is -- to -- -- in. On don't hate don't you hate getting a -- like that from the bus right. Yes as an adult -- Driscoll I wasn't playing good to -- yet what exactly did get better. And and Australia. Like. I figured he wouldn't Bachmann is not Monday not yet. Well we're not like I don't that is in effort on actually fare well in the last month and had not yet yet but it -- well what does. About salt hop -- -- prepared or mentally. I'm still what do you do you go in the office in and then he's kind of like what did he beat around the bush is ZZQ are not at all all. How's the life -- highs. I was -- wow this weather is seven you're gonna get to decide on whether a -- is it like just flat out steal later. -- -- -- -- to sit still that -- we're talking about her at all or buy them that well be that there that is like career a well. It was a good music and let people -- in seven years ago. We all had a really good relationship of they've been nothing but amazing to be here at all and I've been -- so I respect the fact that you know I. But the -- -- a -- -- -- -- that normally doesn't get a face to face meeting in optimum factual that those. Really. Really classic epic on a bit part in your head up before free agency was our -- -- that popular in that -- It's. -- -- -- -- -- Well I I think it shows the respect that they have for you and I you know. Did did do you believe that you know went because you've talked to Peter surely about this the do you believe that they are that he. Kind of feels like there's no rule fur a for a goon. In in today's NHL. Now there. I'm not a war against the computer but the same publication with everybody here at meetings before. Yeah press conference and I think. And I could -- -- -- politician that was very similar but in our conversation we've all talked about how we don't think. At least trying to that would eventually but not gone yet and not. Do we let -- that immediate circuit -- got it up guys he's out of here. But. I thought a lot but that's because obviously that -- the conversation I was urged that one of those it could occur at different context. Let the league has he -- -- turning away from. It is these sites but that the cup. Where I. And yet Peter McGrath of the three years away the great. And you're out a couple of years and it appears well but -- perfect for the ya ya happy but it -- buildings here. I've folic. Our work really hard the last fifteen years become more than just think what an actual -- goes. Put escaped on line besides somebody sight -- and it goes back to help her succeed and I think that's. Now and I think it. Really worked hard a more complete player I can. I can bring. A pick up the table and other music is able to -- other than just people basically. That kind of overshadowed everything else that Java. I guess the -- part of it for everyone else. I'd like that I've been able to play problem -- -- better or liability the last five years. Yeah. It it interest from other teams. Too early I mean I've found out about this throughout. -- as -- -- yesterday in that chamber all the boats and 45. Pick up anniversary prep recruit -- in the past we get public. -- -- -- I thought I was pretty busy yesterday. Don't try to get back everybody that attacked -- in. I'd really bought it in Chester and I thought -- actually do it right after Peterson needed to adopt a topic that. I'm sure he'll be calling it better to cultivate these earn a paycheck. What they're. Of all political interest and we can find -- -- that. But that. Is is there I think fans do. You know we all wanna believe that you know that is that the loyalty lives on -- -- is there any team that you wouldn't play for I mean. Did I hear your and here's. That that would I've had a conversation also closely with a bat up top. Dabble in it happened and it. It really it -- it -- part. Through literally wrap around. Look a lot exceptional leader you know on I'm excited about -- I didn't like where -- gonna adopt a don't know about them open and it's somewhere you know in the like really like. Like Montreal. And it so now if let's say you go to let's not say Montreal let's go to Calgary -- where wherever you go. Yeah and ye -- come back. Kuo who would you not want to fight and steal -- At the fault but I don't -- get beat up any. It doesn't -- Well like humid here. They came. Very -- Milosevic years. Thought about it I figured out -- yeah he's -- in the face it it's a completely opposite of you know it'll get your -- be about. -- be it will be different it's not going to be easy but. The other part of the business we we but at least we -- -- -- -- on the job without so that was. Another terrible part of that you have a lot of -- -- -- -- but you know we shall sign up for. John Horton is our guest than the Bruins have decided to. To part ways with him and he becomes. I'm restricted restricted free agent on July 1 in any mentioned. You know this city what is in your experience. Different if anything about Boston about playing for the Boston Bruins. All -- -- -- -- called me. On July 1 2007. You know I had a few scenes that were actually backed down and you try to make a decision I've never been the law that they kicked in and equitable want -- afternoon and then hit the train back -- to the -- Added no one person on the team here you know camp and it does look in the cities. Sort of built for a guy like -- and I think -- -- -- excuse. Percent along those lines of state he could have been any more understated it. It's amazing. How well people -- me here all college. People. Appreciate hockey at the kind of appreciate how guys -- in that town is so. Eight I could out of that are that last seven years it was -- -- -- very -- about beyond it in. Apocalyptic and economical pitcher to win like that that is what we're quite cup I get to do. It all. There's. A lot of a lot of things that happen around here that I just you know you can't put. Price he can't if it was an amazing amazing experience very very fortunate that they gave him the chance to do those off here. Do you think there were some text messages this morning asking so I'll -- this authority. -- we don't doubt about -- yes you're right it's after liner the online music really you -- -- listening to those -- -- listening to the stream appreciate -- -- -- water and had nothing to do -- cracked. Yes. Lovie authority well I think people want and they wanna find a reason they're like I can't there's you know I mean it's like -- Gibbs -- their girlfriend Brooke you're. There there's -- girlfriend walked out and they're trying to. They're searching batters to. Yeah that one and only sees what -- she's hammering on the side know they wanna go. Geez I wonder what was that Tom I didn't get -- good birthday present and -- -- six months ago. Now why you know so none of. Except now I hear -- What they they got guidance artists that are ready to play they gotta -- for the or else they're probably gonna. He examined. And I just again brought a better question for Peter but I don't look like I got the book has a knock on the -- there ready -- it might not be the same. Flawlessly it. They're ready to play they -- make rose noticeable when parents you know they had. Kruger and art and everybody loved and yet he's still unbelievable -- NATO defense and if -- good spread -- this year and a great leader but. And what's quality got to make room for some guys coming up let the business so -- I think that our. What about from a leadership perspective because that to me that's -- really bothers me about this is that I think. And and I sent you a kiss ass -- yesterday so you know that I think this but I think that you know from the veteran leadership perspective. That was a big part of what you did here -- do you feel like there are guys that can step into that role. Yeah there's. At least they have a lot few years. I guess growing to do that losing crouched in the big -- -- -- -- -- -- Your version -- very tight last seven years. Obviously do the same double oracle tables. And don't go on vacation together as Amber's got a long everything. Great that he. He's really -- the last you know seven years that I -- air I think that. He's a tremendous leader in -- from a lot of guys that. Did hear. He -- the machine ignited. The -- disease you know myself a little bit. At any kind of oh a lot of that he's -- Unbelievable thanks so Eric excuse their last six here that they got different personalities but those as. It was a pretty good. Crack of artwork big hurdle that they're actually hurt you know -- -- the voice in the back of it cost. He kept up. John Thorne is our guest here on the Hill Man Morning Show. You plan on retiring here living here in the off season. Yeah right now. Change. I -- -- -- got locked you know. Hours or whatever it is not even. You don't know where we're gonna be what's happening but we're keeping our place. All right -- anyone on the older guys have -- water. Bill out of boot back into the summer solicit. This is still holed it. -- we would love it here. And collected snap she could go trick in the you know theory others they. -- Beckett -- we had vertigo like big. So we love it here we -- you know somebody friends -- People help -- all the way -- you know we we'd be foolish not about it. Yeah I mean and I think Boston -- -- I think this the city you know embraces guys that afterwards the united didn't I think it's a great place -- dances for athletes to live after. I can hear your job so well -- -- you know it's it's kind of convenient that we have one -- and we don't we don't know where our sports guys today. But I don't. I don't know if you see if LB you're hearing the banking authority I. I can you are not from malcontents and already BA and I hit it in and it -- -- -- -- that we will -- that -- chair warm for -- about it. I have the pulpit whenever you -- you can call a lot better deal. You know I'd be remiss if I didn't mentioned. All the work you've done with your foundation and this month actually. -- store is donating fifty dollars for every Red Sox hit. Or eight. Appear Julian yes well there. B a all or why I would -- was what are the very very tired of that yet but very excited that. Yeah operations people here -- We sent there. But we're. That's a good idea. It's still going to be but out of Boston still get back we're actually got -- them. All of this hopefully later this week it early next week -- the -- You know this city debaters collateral about every top you know. I'm very very -- and I'm not gonna continue on air for a lot of people walk ball. Well I think people do and I in on I think Hague based on the text messages and there's a lot of respect for you here so. I appreciate -- thank him for what. For what that's worth -- a lot of people that are upset today so. If you had to if you had the picked 11 favorite moment well right IE you know I assume it's Vancouver when they get to pick one other favorite moment here what would that be. He had talked. A -- -- and my mind there. -- just took him to really hurt was the 1 o'clock that. -- look back off so the -- But I know walking out of the I've ever walking out of the dugout you know Bobby orchard street guys rape and sodomy. What leading up that I look -- C 36000. People with freezing cold. What does market here Hillary as. Of the -- real experience and I'll never forget that there's a million of that happened the last seven years that. That I really enjoy it. Are all looking back on this as all of us sitting here. Favored by. Lou here site. Well I guess -- look better it would be qualities. Do myself and coach say. That the blog that what the people. I hear about the bull is alright you know back up and the savvy. Yup and that -- -- -- -- also have to remember at all. And a couple Republican member they got date pretty art but. Take the attack that aggregate right. Who now how do you divide the -- up if you're in different cities. All of the doctor bowers. The mostly well here it -- -- covenant not. -- -- -- -- got a chat about where the -- goes. -- All right well as some Mosul we'll see you next week at the golf tournaments yeah. As that -- as I don't know -- they'll pick up could be is that this create big you know it Al off you'd like that look there it seems to be ready and I'm not playing well. If I have to go to one -- open -- but not the other -- -- as far as right now I am. Why did not Bob Billy on the play acceptable here outside thirtieth well. Was some kind of attribute down there to. Completely. Off and I'm gonna video the video tribute but it's so hard to say goodbye to playing in the background like aside and -- or -- or aren't so they're quick and we'll we'll tell you -- we'll play simply the best you know millions out of that that Tina Turner's song and they do it I didn't know if Robert -- -- all. Yeah. Now did they make you clean out your your locker yet to take values that would get fired from a regular job yet that like get a cardboard box and it -- stuff out when -- Asia. But they did take your flight -- -- here and. Let it about two weeks ago -- had to -- like about guard for Oregon and stuff like that like I -- public and Ellen all the that -- -- Walker just in case -- get through this and don't now. They have to. If it -- got -- I got -- for the -- around about it Teixeira popped yet but you know what people that get our dear president. Our culture if the traders very well in the the year -- -- -- the senate and there are ought. This well listen there's there's a long list the guys that live -- been regulars on this show whether it's now later Ted Johnson are there Welker. I won't bring up the other guy. Yet incarcerated but -- come. But listen I -- one of the best and we we absolutely. Loved having on the show and and we admire everything you did with -- for the team and for the city and sell yield you'll be -- you know you should you should know that that everybody's gonna miss you authority. I appreciate it well at all well all back -- -- I had an aura gold could talk about. The next step. All right sounds good and I hope I hope we will see you next week yes -- all right so. I'm this is not. This is not good -- it's just so you'll see -- later. That. Night. But yet they quote of the day is that it's nothing water -- -- is what are pilots are already up onto the quote of the day and I'd let. I. There is there's John Thornton of the Boston Bruins.