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Inside the Simple Male Mind with LB 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Every Monday we go inside the simple male mind with relationship guru Lydon Byers, this week we find out about an ex-wife joining a couple on vacation, why men turn down sexual advances only to try and get action later, and what to do about a man who changed his sleeping attire completely.

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-- they Hill Man Morning Show on demand. I'm always online and -- -- WAS. Dot com. All right here we go inside the civil male mind you ready -- -- yeah all right here we -- irony here ago. If indeed you have a question about how the male brain works but -- you can text that 97107. Right now. And LB lancer with -- honesty here we go. LV and -- my husband and I have been married for a year. Good Mario it's his second my first. Warriors he just told me this morning that his -- is coming on our vacation to Maine this summer. Because he feels bad for her. I think I like -- like ridiculous or reject I don't know what I've. Can you imagine -- at what what would what would it take Daniel light guy halfway through the second bottle wine and be like. Brawls and -- so what she says she wants to tell him that. -- we -- is not hiding. But she doesn't wanna seem like that you're jealous but what what's this -- about time I can't even imagine now I can't imagine him. Today rate monitor it yeah it is that the current on their depression Arnold original -- you gotta be honest we're going straight up is. It cut -- this -- like a common thing where men want to involve veterans day and understand feeling bad but. Like not up you're done I got another. Enough I cannot -- to be a point where it's ridiculous for nothing I've paid I paid my taxes so much -- -- better by immediate trip to a robot right. The truck they must coach -- month. Why does my -- text me a year and a half after we broke up he can get checks. Why would he bother to tax -- -- -- -- Specter and other that's what it is section every twelve. Yeah you get over the person in -- over the sex and so Regis and and you know it's been a year and a half you know -- thinking maybe you don't it is gaps anymore then and now. Any strive for a booty call and a hate sex is so fun and nuclear guerrilla camp again it's -- it's very very blue eco. We're going inside the simple -- mind. I checked my husband's phone bill every month that recently going out to lunch at expensive restaurants out of state during the night. This is gathering enough is having an affair finish your -- -- sympathetic -- -- -- here and and amazing land devastated -- same town different restaurants are what does surprise. Apparently a bunch of steak houses bought on when I was. Don't just untoward happen and that's what you got to -- -- -- stakeouts and bodies family entertainment it is if it's multiple cities of structure it's been. -- is saying the same city it's. These cuts are part. Some nights my boyfriend doesn't seem to pick up on my hints to fool around. But then -- -- -- -- but then as soon as I follow sleepy starts to perform acts on me and wake me up. Why is he turned it down at first and then try after iPhone -- -- you just wanna do it yet. He doesn't want the full personality -- -- I mean that's what that is wants to get his business -- you know when you're you're all fired up its it's a 45 minute event talked about a you're not you're not not to -- three minute event to. There have been. My boyfriend Kevin can't keep his hands up -- public. Normally I think that was a good thing but it's really inappropriate. We went to a fund raisers that my boss was -- on Saturday and Kevin. Cruised by me while I was talking -- some executives in gave me a beat louder as part of a snack on the but ever. Why this is marking it's territory and that what the rising concerns of territory. Yet you're still -- with you know is a CFO CEO and as he CEO and in in their end and he's got to go back to work here in the construction site and straighten -- market has -- -- -- -- got -- I got my husband clothes for Father's Day and he was best told me he didn't want boring stuff for gifts anymore. Said that I never think about him and what he really warrants. And I meanwhile. I got him things that he needs to lots of -- are. It is exactly that's what -- parents -- four we don't need you to buy underwear starched jeans shirts and stuff you and how about the public good tickets to Fenway Park public. Publicly a weekend -- passed down McKay public you know being told something realistic nice little nice little hole so tell action on the ocean down in -- for Friday Saturday night. Go enjoy. It takes a couple of buddies in a terror and a public that weren't public some tickets to the Bruins. Topped even the payment on a new car. About that between I 95 so I can go get that they're convertible our bar is -- it does. -- went when we got we got a cough up -- -- Christmas you don't you'll with a diamond Christmas your jock yes and yeah. If there if you're gonna get underwear socks or something like that you can get yourself and and honestly don't need it that that. Underwear the last five to ten years that's a -- that hasn't actually in new underwear means. Switch the old warehouse even if the -- in the ass out of -- again yeah many knowingly you know get a summer -- I'd sit down alarm more what's at fourteen -- -- bingo how we're dropping for five -- Christmas on blue jewelry. -- that Texas says can you please read these in case easily says -- after -- Maybe -- -- the next. I -- case of my fiance refuses to give me any poor play. I'm a woman who takes awhile to get started. I've asked him many times to take his time but he doesn't seem to care. How to like get him to do more for -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hasn't been locked away and then -- -- Blocking up -- -- probably disease or anybody. Well you know an opera is my interest showered before -- -- and I got. Why do you assume that's the issue that. Summers we've been brutal Summers -- -- -- our real answer before Marie do you consider -- freshmen now. -- -- You know look -- Ocean breeze yeah showered rocks and before you can interact burden tastes like -- -- none of them well. Worsens or average in eleven of them. The oh my husband recently put me on a budget. He says I spend too much. I told him I make my own money and I want to spend it how I want to spend it it I think that we should get. Individual bank accounts what is your opinion on that it's. Are confident -- -- -- the payment for the house have to payment for the current house payments for the electricity in home no single problem Benton mom mom you wanna spend your money that's mine decide. Pony up the other half of the Dali Lama deals right -- not the way or exit that that gets dropped in your lap noon on a problem. Just by the way your share of the mortgages. 12100 bucks is a. That it. It's 848 we're going inside. The simple mail mind. With the help of I played -- What would I don't come by you're you're you're you -- you wanna spend your -- okay great your half of the vacation is about what is about an hour. I'm here now for dinner a year now dad Larry Page -- -- -- -- level of our half of the gas I don't Wear them. If you are a woman who listens to this show and you have a question you don't understand why. The man in your life has a brain that works in the way in which it does you can text that question now to 97107. That's 97107. We have room for a few more. I have been dating a guy for three months named Josh nodded in a relationship. He keeps telling me that he knows he has a small penis and he wants to know why I won't tell him that small. I am not sure whether it is or not I'm not bad experience. But I want to know why you would like me to say I have. What does he says even -- not experience completely. Agassi who like I'm pretty lucky Josh is he insecure or were and who is that -- -- Well I don't judge you never tell a dude that knows he has a small penis city as a small -- on yes well hang that over the -- your -- the rest room. Yeah our afterward -- nine. Very interesting. Mary interest I'm lucky I have so much and it speaks to a brighter -- -- -- trust issue and a relationship I think. Here's a woman who says. My husband went away with -- friends on a golf trip in April. Before that. He always slept naked. Now he sleeps in pajamas. Is there's something suspicious going god. Well well. Got -- my buddies. I don't there might have been agreement that well. But I mean -- -- in -- opinion if he did via our two guys to a room two doubles or maybe that -- you know they can only get two doubles in the one room and then they have to go with decaying. Yeah they had a -- -- -- -- -- back don't they had to do shares he's in the garden. Got -- forward wow I just I'm just thinking you know you guys you know your bodies have been a dream murals on reality. He's thinking about it quite naked you have to believe parent involvement yet of. -- -- -- -- -- -- What is the two who would you would. What do you make of that Danielle you're good at figuring things out of their -- think this is based physical error and he breeds a different way and I want to talk about it. -- I mean you know -- -- -- back home isn't revert back to his normal. That seems a little odd to me just I'm a lifelong pattern and that it doesn't let me just get humiliated. Just found out that my boyfriend of three years. Has been on a sex site -- -- profile and his real info. He says that he got to -- before we started dating rang last hole what's going to -- Tony -- -- idea yeah yet again why. Why is. Duty why is he taking it down -- -- already -- -- again you know not enough for not and that's just insecure you know EE eight guys don't -- their black Mercury but wait for reasoned Smart march of the site W British government. He's got to go start it all up again with a new password -- news new name is -- instance what once a big deal. I love Adobe has this is still has an actual black but not -- localized tactile as it does. Course thousands a little numbers and now you can read after the -- and there is anybody can elated and not remembering -- what we're we're we're -- Mean it's just happened -- -- wife went down and -- yeah. What I was where was I know we're gonna travel what happens travelled somewhere. Couple weekends ago yeah sure not -- it's -- Believe that I went out yeah brought up the black book now what do you call the number ended she still have a rotary phone. There's no possible way entities that how -- went -- about how -- I was going to any sign yet. But -- you know the world I've been a opponent extra burden now and I was actually a boy and a little my -- my show. My boyfriend of over a year since FaceBook messages to other chicks while I'm at work. But only sends one to me if I'm online. Why does he continued to message other women just in case it's a black book here. Maybe now maybe he's been -- It's gotta keep your country just went to six. In case you would turn into a raging Bihac this weekend in one inning -- and we breaker when you're wearing the blue grass. Why -- my man sometimes get fully erect and sometimes not is it me. I know it's just starts. Today in are you again women want it all the time that's the kind of compressors are zodiac but sometimes we just can't be bothered her warily and right. You know the US -- design you know what I think you see that as a joke but there are arming united in Europe that good from the -- -- no problem Waltz and buying naked in the middle of a football game around. That that higher rates but I can't make it fast. That's. Reverse cowgirl. People watch the game. Let's see so funny how none of LB's women have unrealistic means. That's true I I dated a Brenda and it was huge and crash and a what was that the -- -- -- issues awesome names that you've keep you've probably dated an apple I -- nine years at Gifford and apple. I haven't given enough but what fashion Ethel what about a Mimi. Yes O -- the topic at that -- I didn't mean from Portland one about a Margaret Reardon the -- data Margaret. Marred what about a prudence to grant out of for an Oscar was rude -- Amanda -- -- -- at 3% and now I'm. Now Mercedes Lily Allen and rail line in Italy Spain in the Lilly. And Jocelyn writes. Well does it that's it -- British LB thank you that the it's my pleasure winners that is inside the simple male mind and that happens on Mondays on the show.